Five minutes with Shayne Nienaber

Swellnet Dispatch

In January this year Swellnet is hosting a surf camp at Macaronis Resort, Indonesia. Aside from the usual resort mod cons, plus relatively empty waves, the package includes the services of the versatile Nienaber brothers, Shayne and Clayton.

Clayton is a certified pro level surf coach who'll cast his keen eye on your surfing, offering tips to improve technique, even holding tutorials between sessions if you're that keen.

Meanwhile, Shayne will be pointing the lens your way. Whether it be from the water, land, or boat, he'll capture your sessions to both assist with Clayton's coaching and adorn your loungeroom wall.

There are two one week camps and each have some space available. Click here for more info.

Clayton is the talker while Shayne lets his photos speak for himself, however we recently coaxed a few words out of him in between some of his fave photos.

Swellnet: Where are you originally from?
Shayne Nienaber: I'm originally from Durban, South Africa, but now living on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Mick tearing the roof off D'bah

How long have you been shooting?
I’ve been shooting for nine years now.

Close to home

Favourite places to travel?
Indonesia, Philippines and Fiji.

Jamie O lancing perfect HTs

Favourite waves to shoot?
Tough question. South Straddie, Cloudbreak, and Kirra, are all favorites waves but Greenbush in Indonesia stands out for me as my favorite wave to shoot. The backdrop, the rawness and perfection of the barrel makes it such an amazing wave to shoot.

Hooking up with Clayton in the Mentawais

Which do you prefer, water shots or land shots?
Definitely water shots. The perspective you get in the water is insane. Also it keeps you fit!

Keen for a mid-summer holiday to Maccas? Click for dates and prices.


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RichardGoldnerimages commented Saturday, 18 Nov 2017 at 2:23pm

Great article. Shayne's work is awesome.
Would love to shoot in some of these locations myself.

Richard Goldner Images