Watch: Ned Hart // Uncharted

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Stu Nettle (stunet)

Over the last two years, 17-year old Ned Hart has been turning heads during surf trips to Hawaii (scored big Waimea), Tahiti, and of course Shipsterns, where he recently scored two incredible waves, one a low-probability make, the other notable for its sheer size.

This week he released a short clip, all of it filmed off the southern end of his home state, and all of it in heavy water. Hear as he describes his first taste of a two-wave hold down.

Like Russell Bierke before him, Ned is eyeing a future as a big wave freesurfer. Also like Russ, he has a calm demeanour, which is a prerequisite in the XXL slab era, when two-wave hold downs are an increasingly common occurrence - gotta save that breath.

Expect to see and hear much more from Ned in the coming years.


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scrotina Thursday, 26 Oct 2023 at 2:31pm

what a trip out. met this kid in sumatra in august. humble fella, surfed well over a shallow reef we were at

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mikehunt207 Friday, 27 Oct 2023 at 10:37am

Get famous or die trying... Zac haze surf school 101

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mike oxhard Friday, 27 Oct 2023 at 12:23pm

good kid and a charger go ned!