The WSL launches yet another tour

Stu Nettle
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Two weeks after announcing a three-stop Longboard World Tour: Noosa, Galicia, and New York, the World Surf League has today announced the three-stop Airborne Series.

The Red Bull Airborne Series follows on from Airborne Hossegor, a one-off specialty event that ran in conjunction with the Quilsilver Pro France last year.

The WSL has taken that model and rolled out a tour with each of the Airborne events: Gold Coast, Keramas, Hossegor, couched within an existing CT event.

Last year, CT surfers could surf in the Hossegor Airborne event and we assume that'll still be the case, although the press release doesn't mention it. Josh Kerr will be the Competition Director, as he was at Hossegor.

At a business level, it's the first time Red Bull has partnered with the WSL. In the past the two companies have clashed over sponsorship rights, however they'll now co-operate on this series, with Red Bull locked in until 2021.

Unlike Red Bull Airborne, the recently confirmed Longboard Tour doesn't yet have an umbrella sponsor, and so far the only sponsors for each contest are government departments: Tourism and Events Queensland for the Noosa event, Discover Long Island and the New York State Division of Tourism for New York.


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Blowin commented Friday, 1 Mar 2019 at 9:51am

The WSL is just realising it’s potential as the umbrella owner of the entire activity of riding waves.

It’s only a matter of time before they’re hitting me up to secure exclusive broadcast rights to my next shorebreak flounder . It’ll probably turn into a bidding war with Red Bull. My agent is drawing up a contract that’ll cover shaving the victors logo into my back hair.

Whoops .....that’s the phone ringing now !

For sure it’ll be either the WSL or Red Bull. It better not be the local ranger with another warning about drinking beer naked facing the street through the picture window again. I’m not forcing anyone to look.

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truebluebasher commented Friday, 1 Mar 2019 at 11:27pm

You mean like the WSL Air Asia Big Air announced March/2018 (Quicky/Bells/Margs)

{Flights of Fancy}
Original Beachside Freestyle Aerialists engage with spirits of other realms

Saltwater crew would leap at speed from canoes to wrestle prey never a problem.
Their kids were seemingly pioneer skim boarders rotating shorebreaks.

Fire Dancers


Bodysurfing + Cliff Divers + Beach Acrobatic troupes (1930's went wild)


Tall Ships High Seas trapeze act flew about from planks to rope caught by Jib Netting.

Springboarding a tree to surfing logs down rapids or Rafts at sea.(Footloose & free)
[20:15]Pop freesurfs raft into a log-spins the deck/kick flips a 360* all in 10secs!

[Freescale]: All limbs free-100% / 3 limbs-75% / 2 limbs-50% / 1 limb-25%

100% Free Air/sea Sports...(with craft)re: Olde our logger mate.
1920-60's- Surfers were jumping from decks/tandem/spinners/headstands
1970's Legropes brought Surfers down to Earth...Only 60's crew remain 100% free.
1970's Skateboards stole oldschool board jump deal & now soar the stratosphere
1983 Skateboarders First Kick flip (Raised the bar for all other aircraft to follow)
1980's Flowboardz soon to follow Kick Flips
2000's BodyBoarderz frisbee the lid for return ride granting 100% bodysurf freedom.
2005 Bodysurfing Barrel Rolls & (2012) Air rotations (2017) Forward rolls
2009 Surfboards kickflip with legrope...
2010 Skim Boarders Kick Flip

75% Free Air/Sea sports
2000 Kitesurfing Red Bull king of the Air soon after flips with one arm hang.
2005 Sups freestyle mostly with one hand balancing weight off oar.
2015 Wake Boarders Kick Flip with 'One arm Tow'.
2015 Windsurfers feet free back loops with "One only arm om Mast.

50% Free Air/Sea sports
1970's Surfski 'Eskimo Rolls' using upper body freedom (2008`)Kayak kickflips
1980-2009 Ocean Surfing with legropes forgoes 50% feet freedom
2011 Jetski backflip (Without boardrider-jump offs)
2012 Flyboarders loop the loop with 2 feet welded to gizmo.

0- 25% Free Air/Sea Sports (Last but no least)Going along for the ride & then some!
1976 Kneeboard -tow Aerial Flips kneeling with one/two arm Tow

Oz Surfboard Air Events (tbb approx file)
W.A(Cottesloe< >Triggs)1999-2004
Qld (Surfers Paradise)2006-07

Note Airs need bigger Tide & Swell = Less Beach for bigger Crowd in more Danger
75-100% free sports easily pass the much scrutinized athlete Test in Stadiums.
0-50% free sports can't hide their athletic shortcomings in enclosed Arenas.
No one looses as the lesser half can always hide in the quality Wave Pool barrels.

Boardriders always have the option of cutting the chord to return to top of the heap!

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redmondo's picture
redmondo commented Saturday, 2 Mar 2019 at 6:04am

I'm sold on the fire dancers. And I would like to see a long board air show!

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eat-your-vegies's picture
eat-your-vegies commented Saturday, 2 Mar 2019 at 7:54am

The chop hop pro

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Vic Local's picture
Vic Local commented Saturday, 2 Mar 2019 at 8:50am

At Bondi, Fistral, and pretty much anywhere in Brazil.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher commented Saturday, 2 Mar 2019 at 8:57am

redmondo fires up another aerial display...
Firedancers were often on beaches but also consider this.
Fire always started on shore then often surfed on/in surfcraft (Woman surfers also...)
The reason being the fish needed to be smoked whilst it was freshly caught.
So yes! Aerial or surf events could reignite traditional fire surfing displays.

Here's an odd surfing fact worth noting that defies all surf logic.
Every day surfing & skiing are being closely compared but the reverse is true.

(Skier strips off his gear to be as free as a bird)
1800 Ski Jump 0% free Jumper needed Poles &Skis
1965 Snurfer 25% free ski/jumper was roped to one Ski (1 or 2 handed)
1981 Winterstick/Snowboard 50% free (Airs became instant from down hill face)
2018 Snowboard 'freestyle' 100% free (Snowboard kickflip allows rider to sail free)

Surfing in a sea of surf product imprisons freebird surfers.
1800's Surfers 100% free to explore athletic tandems on their deck or swap others.
1980' Surfers 50% free Legropes losing half freedom from waist down (more or less)
1995 Surfers now score unimaginable double 00% freedom... How they fuck that up?
Tow in surfing requires 2 surfers.
One surfer 0% free... sits both feet firmly planted & 2 hands on handle bars of Jetski
2nd surfer 0% free...has both feet fixed to board & 2 hands on Towline (Double zeros)

WSL keeps filling their trolley up as the rest of the world dumps theirs in the creek!

[factcheck] 10 y/o Gymnast performs more aerial maneuvers than Redbull Stunt Pilot.
Compare the cost ( free v $ Gazillion ) There is NO contest here ladies & gentlemen.

re:WSL deal with Blowin's Shorebreak Flounder is a turn for the better. Looking Good!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher commented Saturday, 2 Mar 2019 at 6:35pm

HellowWorld Check-In Counter will direct swellnetonians to Air Traffic Control.

2018 (Oz Air spectaculars that you may have slept through.)
WSL staged not 1 but 3 Aerial Contests...2 events were held in Oz + 1 in France
Surfing Australia also staged Aerial events at each State Titles in each Round.

Quicksilver Pro closing ceremony WSL surfers intro Air Asia Big Air series.
The promo as stated featured all Oz WSL events + Surfing Australia (State Titles)
During the Oz Big Air Leg ...Your pet surfboard gets to travel for free...

[Prepare for Take Off] tbb tour of Air Asia Big Air
Air Asia Big Air -Oz biggest + first Air series > open equally to all sexes (Local > Pro)
Although I can't find any Stately female winners of "Air of the Day"
Some of the Stately Chix easily claimed Air Asia "Wave of the Day"

Air Asia Big Air > Awards best Air from all 54 male & female WSL comp' entrants.
Air Asia Big Air Winner [Bells] Congratulations to Griffin Colapinto (Brasil)
Air Asia Big Air Winner [Margs] Congratulations to Filipe Toledo (Brasil)

Oct'(Stopover) in France for a private function @ (Gentlemens Club of 16 Airheads)
Spare tickets for two were on offer for best Air Vidz as judged by all male panel.
Wild card "Men won an invite to 100% Men's invitational contest judged by men.
Red Bull Airborne for men was won buy a man.Congratulations to Yago Dora (Brasil)

2018 ...all 3 WSL Air comps were won by men from... (Brasil) (Brasil) (Brasil)

(Return Flight) to Cooly Airport & sign off on Air Asia Big Air Quicky Pro. (re: above)
Red Bull Airborne hijacks Air Asia Big Air [FASTEN SEAT BELT SIGN]
It's fine as Air Asia Big Airs is still signing Huge cheques at Qld Surfing titles

WSL parachutes Surfing Australia passengers onto rogue Airborne flight.
Red Bull Airborne Quicky Pro is a Gentlemen's Club learJet (No Chix)
Invitation is restricted to Qld club members only!
"Mate! Gotta a XXXX!"
'Sure thing Sir...Here's your {Entree}'
'(Main Course Menu) is still in the printers!' 'Enjoy your Red Bull Sir!'
"WTF is this shit? ...Hey strewth mate! That's not Beer!"

frog's picture
frog's picture
frog commented Saturday, 2 Mar 2019 at 10:02pm

Too brief TBB. Please expand on your thoughts a bit....


truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher commented Sunday, 3 Mar 2019 at 2:29am

Just as Frog jumped I thought the very same thing!

Timeline / 2018 Big Air Comp Results / Qld Comp Link are all exclusive to Swellnet.
Even WSL fail to provide Air results.( I used photo I.D. to track down winner's names)
I simply thought the double overhead Airs needed I backtracked.
If not for swellnetonians it goes unreported? Treasure trove for surf historians or not!