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This is the second consecutive lay day at the Pipe Masters, plus those afternoon hours following the postponement on Sunday that Jamie O called "the best Pipeline of the season."

Rather than leave the beach and scarf shave ice, Matt Dunbar, ever the consumate professional, has kept the camera mounted, his finger on the trigger, and asked his assistant to fetch the refreshments.

Here's what he's captured.

He missed the main event at Pipe, but Jamie O'Brien has barely missed a moment since.

The conditions haven't been everyone's idea of perfect.

Second Reef roll ins make Pipe look oh-so-easy.

...and then you see something like this.

Danilo Couto unlocking the combination.

Leonardo Fioravanti a long way from Italy.

Julian Wilson in black and white.

Nat Young has been putting in the time and reaping the rewards.


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davetherave's picture
davetherave Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014 at 9:47pm

gee thats awesome stuff, great shots matt, hey that little italian bloke looks like he is a real goer? got email from Keirron Perrow today, alot of the swell nutter suggestions have been noted, especially womens event overlap . so may be we will see 2015 a better show for all, surfers and spectators. thanks for the vision, that first photo scary, imagine being on beach, board under arm and seeing that coming at ya??????