Sydney lockdown June 2021

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thermalben started the topic in Saturday, 26 Jun 2021 at 2:24pm

Just announced... two weeks from tonight.

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GuySmiley Wednesday, 28 Jul 2021 at 6:07pm


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GuySmiley Thursday, 5 Aug 2021 at 7:10pm


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Blowin Thursday, 5 Aug 2021 at 9:10pm

Is someone from Sydney allowed to relocate to their holiday home in regional NSW? Asking for a friend!

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Supafreak Thursday, 5 Aug 2021 at 9:32pm

Only if you’re a politician

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Blowin Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 3:21am

It’s a serious question.

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Blowin Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 8:03am

Anyone got an answer?

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indo-dreaming Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 8:43am
Blowin wrote:

Is someone from Sydney allowed to relocate to their holiday home in regional NSW? Asking for a friend!

I don't know NSW exact restrictions, but in Victoria when we have lockdowns.

If they are at their holiday house before the lockdown starts they can stay there, so we do get a mad rush of holiday home owners come straight down as would rather be in lockdown near the beach than in the city.

Technically they can also get exemptions to travel to their holiday homes for various reasons like maintenance etc

Reality is though many travel between their permeant homes and holiday homes splitting lockdown time, we see a lot of debate in our community about peoples right to do this, on one hand they risk bring Covid to the area, on the other hand many claim they pay rates etc and its their right to use their home.

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yeti Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 9:36am
Blowin wrote:

Is someone from Sydney allowed to relocate to their holiday home in regional NSW? Asking for a friend!

Not allowed. There have been many instances of people being dobbed in, fined etc. NSW Police Force also said they are using plate recognition to check on people doing this, not sure how true or successful they are at this.

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Craig Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 9:40am
They can if they change their address on their license. That's the only way they'll get away with it.
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mikehunt207 Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 10:07am

It happens here in the southwest. Every lockdown (particularly the ones with a days notice or the like) and every holiday house in Margs fills up with rich Perthys in their 200 series landcruisers and BMW,s waving their exemption forms (property maintenance etc)
it seems like one rule for the rich and one rule for the rest of us. No consideration of the fact they are "escaping" from a high risk area to country towns that would otherwise be much safer from covid without them which have tiny hospitals that dont need the extra business / risk or have the facilities in place for a covid outbreak, goes on to the panic buying / shortages etc also.

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Blowin Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 12:01pm

Cheers for the replies , gents. I’m not a narc, so there’ll be no dobbing, it just seems like a selfish dog act. Wondering about the legalities of it.

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GuySmiley Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 12:19pm

@blowin, it should be clearly stated somewhere on the relevant NSW Covid website.

From statements other State Premiers have made, inc Andrews, it would seem if your principle place of residence is not in whatever the NSW Premier calls / considers “lockdown” LGA you are free to travel throughout NSW. Perhaps someone can confirm +/- by providing the link.

As info said above in Vicco it wasn’t allowed but there was plenty of leakage from Melbourne to the coast.

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GuySmiley Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 1:29pm


Murdoch a cancer on democracy .... today’s papers


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Craig Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 1:37pm

That's absolutely disgraceful, as expected from Murdoch though...

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velocityjohnno Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 2:39pm

And the winner is.... Seeedeny!

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velocityjohnno Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 2:55pm

Swellnet forums posters could do a better national newspaper than that crap.

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GuySmiley Friday, 6 Aug 2021 at 7:10pm

Gold Gold Gold standard for giving up ....

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ilikelamb Sunday, 8 Aug 2021 at 1:40pm

@Blown....Yes you are allowed to
"move to a new place of residence, or between your different places of residence"
Its about halfway down this page under the heading 'Other reasonable excuses'

It reads as if you can go to between your holiday house and your main house and vice versa.
Not the best way to control spread in my opinion.
It does say you must follow the stay at home rules for 14 days, but you know you can still go to the shops, exercise etcetc.

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GuySmiley Tuesday, 10 Aug 2021 at 11:59am

FMD just watched the NSW presser, FFS when are the nation’s journalists are going to get off their well fed arses and start asking the Premier the hard questions. Sydney and NSW will be in indefinite lockdown at this rate.

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velocityjohnno Tuesday, 10 Aug 2021 at 4:31pm

Not sure if should be in this thread or the real estate thread.

Good luck regional NSW.

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san Guine Tuesday, 10 Aug 2021 at 11:22pm
udo wrote:

Very droll. But I'd love that HT, just near mine... in the Bud,
cheap @ $123K

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GuySmiley Thursday, 12 Aug 2021 at 6:48pm

Dr Norman Swan on The Drum tonight clearly stating that Sydney will have 500+ cases a day in September unless the NSW Gov’t changes direction and lockdowns harder Sydney wide. He added one or two super spreader events in NSW will see it get totally out of control.

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Westofthelake Thursday, 12 Aug 2021 at 7:14pm

Yea GS it's looking that way. There's just too many cases that can't be traced, are of an 'unknown origin', and there's just a few too many selfish people roaming the streets denying its existence. Not to mention the 'loopholes' that the NSW government have allowed.
From someone who lives in an area (the Hunter) which locally went from no cases for 365 days to local cases up around 24 new today, and now in lock-down, it's a bit of a jab to the guts.
Vicco's, now I am only just beginning to understand what you have been through (many times).
Found out yesterday that a girl from my daughter's school tested positive, and therefore she is classed as a close contact. So now we're all in home quarantine for 14 days awaiting our own test results.

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Robwilliams Thursday, 12 Aug 2021 at 7:35pm

brad hazard has been a hazard

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GuySmiley Thursday, 12 Aug 2021 at 7:38pm

All the best westofthelake, familiar story in my family last year.

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Vic Local Thursday, 12 Aug 2021 at 8:18pm

Good luck westofthehlake.
It's a shit situation brought to you by Gladys.
Her lack of lockdown has spread this virus far and wide: Melbourne, Regional Vic, Queensland, SA, Regional NSW, and Canberra. At least you get to vote her shitty government out.

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Westofthelake Thursday, 12 Aug 2021 at 9:42pm

Cheers fellas. We can only hope VL.

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yeti Thursday, 12 Aug 2021 at 10:13pm
Westofthelake wrote:

Found out yesterday that a girl from my daughter's school tested positive, and therefore she is classed as a close contact. So now we're all in home quarantine for 14 days awaiting our own test results.

Same situation here, fuck Gladys, it was obvious that she should have locked down straight away when known it was delta.
Now she plays the card lockdowns don't work with Delta. Yeah piss weak lockdowns don't work. Gladys you are a bitch.

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saltyone Friday, 13 Aug 2021 at 3:41am

I heard a phone call of a lady ringing up one of the pathology testing clinics who asked outright if the pcr test differentiates between the original covid strain and the delta and she was told that it didn’t - it was just the one test and doesn’t differentiate.

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philosurphizing... Friday, 13 Aug 2021 at 8:55am
Robwilliams wrote:

brad hazard has been a hazard

Yep he needs a middle name such as Brad (what a fucking ) Hazard.

This the the caring loving human being who wanted to 'Frack the Fuck' out of the Northern Rivers.

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Distracted Friday, 13 Aug 2021 at 11:30am

Craig, that Gergyl guy’s graphs you posted before are on the money now that infection has reached a critical mass in Sydney. As you said, 500/day here we come.

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Craig Friday, 13 Aug 2021 at 11:44am

Yep, he's the guru!

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RippinSurfa Saturday, 14 Aug 2021 at 9:09pm

For more information to make sense of lockdowns check out alternative media sites like or A lot of rubbish to filter out but there is good info to take in. the mainstream media can be a bit of a brainwash. Lockdowns are for convicts.

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bonza Saturday, 14 Aug 2021 at 9:35pm
RippinSurfa wrote:

For more information to make sense of lockdowns check out alternative media sites like or A lot of rubbish to filter out but there is good info to take in. the mainstream media can be a bit of a brainwash. Lockdowns are for convicts.

Still shocked but not surprised at how dumb we have become. If anything the COVID thing may help address such stupidity.

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shoredump Saturday, 14 Aug 2021 at 10:03pm

Note the use of the word “or” instead of “and”

Greater Sydney’s rules outside of those LGA’s of concern allow eg Craig to run a marathon for exercise up and down the length of his Northern Beaches.
Me, I’ve got nearly 80km of coastline to explore.
The 5km rule is for people on the edge of LGA’s crossing into another LGA

that’s what says

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truebluebasher Sunday, 29 Aug 2021 at 1:11pm

Metal fatigue rears it's ugly face behind The Iron Lady's Curtain Rings of Steel.

How the NSW Rollout carreered off the rails...
Alt Title ...cannot give ye anymore Vax...Captain! She's breaking Up!

21st Feb - Scomo witholds first 2 months of Vax Data
(re: UK censor Phase 1 Daily Vax reads from 8 Dec-10 Jan) Failsafe for Vaxspike inheritance grabs.
Recall : "How many Age Care deaths, Vaxed or anything!" re: 1. Withhold 2. Wills 3. Corrupt Stats.
8th April- Scomo dips out on Age Care Bucket list so again dumps geriatric bodybags onto Pop Chart.

15th July NSW Vax Hubs are infectious & pulled from Top 40 Expo' Charts (Vaxerz walk into Hot traps)
Hospitals go off Grid to hide infectious breakthru Vax 1 dose staff dominating NSW Health
July - Glady's Vax Ramp side FX infestation of Covid fuels NSW Chemist Outbreaks
15th July Premier / CHO > {WARNING} "Please Avoid #1 evil infectious GP/ Chemist Hot Spots"
27th July Premier / CHO > { Alert } " Everyone (2million Vaxerz) Crowd out yer Hommie Hot Chemist!"
6th Aug - Pharmacy Boss wants Chem Vax off the Hottie List to Combat the Hesitant basket cases.
13th Aug Chem Warehouse exposed for Hot Housing NSW Vax Ramped Mutants.
14th Aug Wkly Surveillance Report (Wot/Where!) on account of Breakthru Data ( see: CDC cover-up)
22nd Aug - Gladys spins Gold Standard Vax turnstyle...don't dwell upon WR Covid cases'n'body bags.
Just Keep Clicking on NSW Vax Shop Cart...passes away more time during Vax side FX Lockdown.

Smashing thru 50% Breakthru Vax Era....All Vax Data is henceforth banned can all Fuck OFF!
(See US Prez 98% of US Breakthru Data is forbidden by Law) Vax won't superspread... Trust Us!

28th Aug - The Iron lady tugs on her Covid Curtain Rings of Steel...The Peep Show is over...
Welcome to NSW Police State Comrades...

Vax Ramped Covid become so Voluminous...
(Premier's New Platinum Standard ) : "Data is not a meaningful representation of case investigations!"
No longer Daily Reports of linked & unlinked cases...Hesitants are now backpedaling Hesitants.
Updates will be published in NSW 'Weekly' Surveillance Reports...( Monthly Delays for WR Cut'n'Paste!)

Premier: "But the number we need to focus on is the Vax Rate!" (She rudely keeps tellin' herself that!)

WHO NSW Lab Coat Mary-Louise " Hiding Data under Stress is for Communists not our Democracy!"
"This will only feed the Pandemic spread!"
Deakin Uni Lab Coat Catherine : "Incomplete Data is not helpful!"

Gladys prefers we concentrate on her WR Vax Rollout...lets slip behind her Iron Curtain for a peep show!
NSW avg cases pre Rollout 12.65/day after a Touch of Gold Standard Vax Rollout = 144.29/day
NSW Covid death was once a Weekly affair until Vax Rollout...this week it's daily
Glady's Covid Killing Machine is infecting 11x more & faster + kills 6x more & faster.
NSW Vax Rollout has infected 19,624 people with a deadly virus...Horrific Oz Crime in our modern era.
As all News reports inform...The Govt hides infection sites & hide from day 1- Case info to fight the virus.
Govt hide'n'spread the virus & as such cannot be trusted...they are are the enemy of the people!

Gladys now lawfully decrees her WR superspreaderz win a Gold Pass to infect the Planet...
Who the fuck is stupid enough to rubber stamp #1 infectious herd ...the neighbouring state...Qld...doh!
Qldurrz select only the most potent infectious 80% of NSW 1 Doserz to infect our Frontline.
Hats off to the ladies...for a new brand of Batshit Crazy Legalized VIP Covid Super spreading...
You wouldn't read about it...Oops! Mean't to say it's now illegal to read about it!

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san Guine Monday, 30 Aug 2021 at 8:53am

Intubated and sedated patients are always nursed 1:1, no ifs no buts, the patient must be visualised at all times. So f***ing dangerous! Inadvertant extubation is a huge risk, among others.
Furthermore, if you sedate patients to RASS -5/GCS=3 (ie. unresponsive to painful stimuli), weaning becomes problematic (thus a much longer ventilatory wean) and the patient does not 'breath up' for themselves. If you don't use the muscles, you lose the muscles (this includes those used in ventilation).

"They report this is occurring when they have two or three patients they need to monitor including one on ventilation – above the desired ratio of 1:1".

NSW Health has had 1 1/2 years to prepare for this surge and what have they done...nada.

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021 at 4:49pm

Vaccine has doubled World covid > NSW 15x cases + Vax doubled world deaths > NSW 6x deaths

Can't blame Vax or Delta as most of Oz reduced their daily Covid Cases on their pre Vax daily case rate.
This is more about charting a course & holding yer shit together when the Tsunami stokes up.

Here's what 2 leaders were focused on as the Tsunami rose up...
{ An Egg'n'Spoon Race it surely is! }
Gladys robs an extra 340,000 doses from her Vax Vault & kick flips a one off World Top 10 Spike [2.27]
Like Millions die in the Carnage & aftermath as seen from Mars...but our fair Lady wins her Trophy.
A few days on...Dan wants a crack at Glady's Pinnie Top Score but comes up short [1:90]
Steam comes from his ears...That bitch stole our 5th Pinball. (Note he has 2x vax that Qld gets!)
Dan: "I just want it on the record...that High Score was ours...Bitch!" > ( See: Real important Stuff! )

Every single Top 25 Delta Nation all ramped Vax Peak at VOC Peak which stoked their Covid Tsunami.
No! Not just saying's as plain as day for any to click & if any Expert would bother!
All had to be heroes & fight the beast off with an arsenal of Vax & all got their arses kicked...
All were too late for their own War & tried to drown the beast, but instead fuelled it...Lesson Learnt!

Again! Can point to a few worldly nations that avoided this trap, by being smarter much sooner.
Only wealthy Vax leaders were so greedy & stupid to get swamped by a delta wave...Kooks ordered it!

Anyhow! 20% Less Bossy Bitch > 20% Less Vax >20% Less Delta > 20% less Covid cases.
Salute NSW ~Welcome Home! Your Monumental Breakthru can be our New Australia Day... Lock it in!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 15 Sep 2021 at 9:30pm

NSW Covid Cases Review

The Frontline Hospital / Healthcare
16th June - 28th August > 351 [+] Cases > 52% were Vaxed.

Full Vax [+] 95 (27%) + One Dose [+] 86 (25%) (Total Vax 52%) + see below
No Vax + Others not stated or Yet Classified [+] 48%
NSW Weekly Data long confirms Vaccinated Health with highest Covid week after week.
(Opposite to Health Data reads) NSW mandated Vax in Hospitals which results in more frontline Covid.

NSW Aged Care Covid Cases
16th June - 28th Aug > 112 [+] Cases 76% were vaxed
Full Vax [+] 17 (15%) + One Dose [+] 59 (53%)
No Vax + Others not stated or Yet Classified [+] 24%
(Opposite to weeks of Care Data reads ) NSW mandated Vax in State Aged Care to ramp more Covid

In both cases the Vax Mandate has ramped Covid in former Low Vax / Low Covid Health Practice.
Ask! Who is so stupid to risk Best Frontline Health model in a Pandemic...NSW paid the price!
More Vaxer testing results in more misreads > results in more Covid Risk > More covid cases! Ask WHO!

Community + o/s ( Covid / Vax Efficacy Rates )
16th June - 28th Aug 2021
Full Vax Cases 484 > Hospital 98 (20%) > ICU 5 (5.1%) > Deaths 10 (10.2%)
1 Dose Cases 2,858 > Hospital 402 (14%) > ICU 55 (13.7%) > Deaths 20 (5%)
No Vax Cases 13,455 > Hospital 1,842 (13.7%) > ICU 253 (13.7%) > Deaths 57(3%)
Undeclared -Cases 2931 > Hospital 364 > ICU 47 > Deaths 4

NSW Health Notes : (Efficacy)
20% of Full Vax Cases required Hospitalization & 10% died.
14% of One Dose cases required Hospitalization & 5% died.
13.7% of No Vax cases required Hospitalization & 3% died.

NSW Vaccinated are almost twice as likely to need Hospitalization resulting in 3x higher death rates
Vaxed cases are currently rising 5% / week > 24% of cases
Unvaxed Covid cases continue to drop 10% / week > 47.8% of cases

NSW Plan: Frontline Nurses were sent to Rollout which fuelled more cases for Hospital Frontline.
By way of NSW defaulting Peak Strength Delta then Ramping their deadly Rollout Mascot...Carnage!
No! It's not a joke as NSW stats sadly reveal this...Nurses pleaded for Rollout relief & return Frontline!

Perfect Timing of Rollout Vax Cut off & NSW Premier's Walk Out.
NSW Stats show that Unvaccinated would by now (soon)...likely feature lower than Vaccinated in Cases.
Vaccinated as #1 NSW Covid Cases...Gladys pulls out the Vax Rollout plug & Storms out!

NSW Rollout
Early Feb = No Vax > No Covid
End June = 40,000 Vax/day > 10 cases/day
Aug/Sept = 150,000 Vax/day > 1,500 cases/day
........................Deaths will likely rise for a few weeks from record Vax Cases
15th Sept = 110,000 Vax/day > 1,200 cases/day
NSW Rollout > 15 x more cases + 6 x more deaths than pre Rollout daily averages.
Vaxerz now represent highest % in Hospital / Deaths & soon also cases if Gladys ramps a baby bump.

Recap: tbb is again pointing to the piss poor Vax efficacy being less than no Vax...( Vax spreads more!)
These are real life here & now efficacy reads... not some Mad Professor's mouldy Trial hack memoirs!
Speaks for itself > Unvaxed dropping 10%/week Vaxerz are spreading 5% more each week...(#1 risk)

tbb's extra Data...
Fed seat Vax Hubs...(Note Gladys was only Premier to secret infected Vax Hubs from Exposure sites)
Here's Why : 28 Vax Hubs in Fed alp seats
3/5 Fed lib seat Vax Hubs were pushed up really tight against alp seat borders.
8 nat Vax hubs nested in fewest possible seats.
It can be argued with Timeline Mapping that soon after Vax Hubs were installed the Covid flowed.
This needs more Localized read-outs to be certain...& tbb is not going there to reward these Mobsterz!
Given everything else Gladys has done...The NSW Rollout is heavily politicized

NSW had every right to bury this horror! > tbb will proudly Salute NSW Health for sharing Data *****

PS: Ignore MSM bullshit about Unvaxed are most likely to spread or end up in Hospital / ICU / Grave.
[ Factcheck ]
#1 NSW Vax site! Clearly shows Vaxerz are most likely to spread & end up in Hospital / ICU / Grave.
That's why Vaxerz get the Free 2 spread more Covid Pass.
No! tbb is least happy eitherway...just simply sharing the best current NSW Vax Health Advice.
Anyone reading can see it takes some doing...Qldurrz are happy to help out our Neighbour...that's all!

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Supafreak Thursday, 16 Sep 2021 at 11:40am

Lismore shire goes into 7 day lockdown from 6pm tonight .

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Craig Thursday, 16 Sep 2021 at 11:55am

TBB what are you on about, I'm on the Northern Beaches with over 80% first vaccinated, and guess what. hardly any cases at all. You've got to pull yourself out of what ever rabbit hole you're going down for your own mental health. Stay well.

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suchas Thursday, 16 Sep 2021 at 12:33pm

Jon thought he knew the numbers- they don’t quite stack up in his favour now-

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 25 Sep 2021 at 12:07am

11th September 2021 NSW Health Surveillance
Delta Peak Cases to 11th Sept 2021
28th Aug - No Vax 4,220 Vaxed 1670
4th Sept - No Vax 3,694 Vaxed 2,823
11 Sept - No Vax 1,948 Vaxed 3,486
( 2 week old Data is short by 40% ) See below review.

Menacing Delta Peak is over for Non Vaxerz as their cases are plummeting 116%

Sydney City is by far the least Vaxed > same dragnet as all low vaxed UK Cities.
Full Vaxerz will storm least vaxed Albo's & Tanya's seats (Note Tanya has most Hubs least Vax) Cough!

Below figures seem odd to above but are delayed Delta Peak data.
Hospital No Vax Up 71% Vaxed up 189%
ICU- No Vax Up 17.7% Vaxed up 33%
Deaths No Vax up 101% Vaxed up 87% (Delayed 'No Vax' Delta Peak Deaths rise above Vaxed)
One month from 11th Sept Vaxer deaths will again peak as highest & then continue as default high.

Frontline & Care (Vax Mandate corrupts new Health Data)
Unsure of any NSW Health unvaxed trials? Govt seems to care least about Vax efficacy. Just do it!
Vax breakthru data must surely assist in Vaxed frontline danger.
16th June - 11th Sept Vaxed Frontline [+] 54% up (107%) / In Community [+] 75% up (39%)
4th Sept - 11th Sept 89% Frontline (Down) / In Community 100% (up)

16th June- 11th Sept Vaxed Care [+] 74% up (47%) / In Community [+] 72% up (64%)
4th Sept -11th Sept 79% / 77% ( significant rise in Care Vax breakthrus ) reflects current case rises.
NSW Aged care weekly/current cases > 18/43 homes > 23/172 cases > 13/86 Staff

Mostly shows that Frontline are stretched to capacity...Salute!
The argument for Frontline Un/vaxed Mandate is peaking at same time.

Delta unvaxed cases have backed down.
Vaxers are new biggest spreaderz therefore cases must be driven by other > Vax Rollout.
NSW Vax Rollout....
16th Sept 158,000 vax = 1,340 cases
20th Sept 46,000 vax = 900 cases
24th Sept 130,000 vax = 1,040 cases

What's missing from here is 9,000 cases + 2,500 Hospital Cases +200 ICU cases + 30 deaths
Clearly shows NSW Premier is in no fit state to call any open day...without her house in order!
Vaxerz are clearly spreading as #1 problem > Way higher than Unvaxed Peak Delta.
Whatever freedom the public is given further sets back the growing unresolved cases.
We're talking months behind...main backlog traces back to last week of July...then goes off the rails.
18th July NSW openly ask other states for assist...Vic said No! ACT / Qld offered help if approached.
Feds / SA / WA signed up...and started as of then.

tbb again must salute NSW for sharing whatever up front & detailed reliable data.
Tip! NSW Data...Start from latest page > backtracking thru Archive.
You'll notice each week corrects the previous week as it formats...deduct any difference for recent cases.
Just saying it's a dead end reading via Calendar Timeline...been there, done that...learnt the hard way!

When outbreaks are on, we must live with Data that re-corrects each week...
tbb stresses that these Reviews can be 20% incorrect by next season...highly detailed rolling guide.
examples include above...Vaxers present higher this week > 1/2/3 weeks time - may or not present less!
tbb further calculates data % to detect any anomaly or shift...

eg:(Fastest recorded NSW infection rates) Using either side of Delta peak
1 dose fastest infection rate is 93.5% (Post Delta peak) Currently Skyrocketing
1/2 doses fastest infection rate is 108% (Post Delta peak) Currently Skyrocketing
Unvaxed fastest infection rate is 116% (Delta peak -default) 3 weeks ago > now plummeting at 116%
Full Vax (Gold Pass) fastest infection rate is 258% (Post Delta peak) Currently Skyrocketing

Whats odd is > Fully Vaxed are currently twice as infectious (#1 Superspreaderz)
If post apocalyptic WR unvaxed Delta is dying off in the morgue...wot faster virus are Vaxerz spreading?
If Vax can't spread covid faster or more than than unvaxed, then this must be a new faster strain.
A faster strain that only targets Fully Vaxed...sounds odd!
Stats show vaxers hitting mid October at 4-5x infection rate of Delta...unleash the superspreading Herd!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 25 Sep 2021 at 5:54pm

NSW Rollout now has 2 quarters to review despite media's lack of any real concern.

Mid Term NSW Vax Rollout Review.

1st Quarter (25% Full vax > 7th Aug stats)
Type........Cases-[ H ]-ICU-Deaths
No Vax...1,259...669....9....38
1 dose........163.....74....9.......9
Full Vax........52.....16....0.......5 (Note ICU is often withheld on comorbid elderly)

2nd Quarter (50% Full Vax - 11th Sept stats)
Type ......Cases---[ H ]---ICU--Deaths
No vax..19,623...3,163...298...115
1 Dose....8,253...1,223......71......35
Full Vax..1,410......222.........9.......21 ( ICU withheld on comorbid Seniors)

As rollout progresses we see (Vax combo) gaining fast on no vax (default) infections.
NSW Rollout hit 50% at Delta Peak. (2 things of note happened on the switch)
(1) Unvaxed cases are plummeting 116%
(2) Vax 1/2 cases are skyrocketing 108%

Rollout Future (Back end)
Ramp to end before Xmas Outbreak + 5 month waning boost shots pre Easter Outbreak

Along the way...Oz must be prepared for a 1 year Rollout anniversary rude awakening.
It seems most likely that NSW Rollout will infect more with Covid than the Hesitant's Hidey Hole.
Can Pollies run a Racey Rollout Election Campaign that sells more Vax Covid than Unvaxed?

Current Covid Hospital admissions are same across all > No / 1/2 Vax ...all clock in at 15 -16%
Huge 50% NSW study- Covid infects all equally...Shh! Pollies wouldn't want that getting out!

ICU...(Note!) Most 2 Dose cases are Comorbid so bypass ICU.
1/2 Dose - 0.8 -5.5% (vs) No Vax 4.2 - 7.8%...( Here is where Pollies rightly ram the Vax Ad home!)
This stat is mostly affected by Staff Mandate / Availability / Seniors / Better Drug Therapy
Without the Pollie Plug & Rock Solid Stats...Ok! tbb > Wotz the inside run on the ICU...
5 weeks to now > all groups share ICU % in perfect unison during Delta...That's the truth!
Looks likely that Unvaxed may soon peak ICU ....depends with latest Rollout Ramp.

Full ICU weekly count is available from 14th Aug - 11th Sept
No Vax - 98 > 127 > 189 > 253 > 284 > 298 (Delta stats plummeting > No vax ICU should soon drop)
1 dose - 9 > 20 > 35 > 55 > 70 > 71 (Cases are skyrocketing > ICU may soon ramp)
Full Vax - 0 > 0 > 2 > 5 > 8 > 9 ( Younger Full Vax ICU, will slot into former No Vax Ward/s
Rollout 50% VOC post peak should slowly flip unvaxed ICU onto a rare downward trend.
Pollies will need to reshape their hesitant Grim Reaper campaign.

NSW Pollies spin Oldie's broken record then wake to the fact : 70 NSW Vaxerz have died from Covid.
These stats are derived from above case percentage of each group.
(1st Quarter Patient death rates) No Vax 3.0% > 1 Dose 3.68% > Full Vax 9.6%
These eerily similar Full Vax 3x deaths current weeks.
(2nd Quarter Patient death rates) 1 Dose 0.42% > No Vax 0.58% > 1/2 Vax 0.58% > Full Vax 1.48%
Mid Rollout > Fully Vaxed are 3x more likely to die than non vaxed! (Choose - Waning / Age / whatever!)
Back half of the Rollout becomes more youthful & should claw back Full Vax 3x deaths. (Maybe!)

Not even MSM & crooked Pollies would claim Vax saves lives ... err tbb! Ok... must've missed that call!
NSW no vax / 1 dose flip + Full Vax should flip back to neutral for same as equal infection < > Death
tbb did read the same recently of a Scientist pulling someone up on Vax = Less Death (It's a beat up!)
Point here is to note Death rates above the Neutral VOC R0 (Just so happens that Vax Deaths rise fast!)

NSW mustn't pin hopes on Covid Vaccine to reduce Infection > Cases > Hospital > Deaths.
Half way point sees Rollout sloshing Covid & if this keeps up, it will infect more vaxerz than non vaxed!
Gotta hope that doesn't happen....Coz! It means that Vax is more of a threat to Humanity than Covid!
Fully expect Experts to trip over each other to claim that's the magical healing power of Vax infection.
World sees most Vax Rollouts infect more, rarely less...Don't sweat! All spreaderz get a Free Pass.
tbb has a heart & sees how Vax lends hope & as such wishes for the Rollout Magic Wand to set us free!

Reminder that NSW needs to secure 10% (Vax free) Trial Participants for 10 year Covid Vax investment.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 1 Oct 2021 at 9:42pm

Premier resigns as Rollout Covid ramp is exposed.
28th Aug Full Vax 168 + 1 dose+3wks 283 + 1 dose to 3wks 1,157 = Vax 1,608 (vs) None 3,212
4th Sept Full Vax 629 + 1 dose+ 3wks 492 + 1 dose to 3wks 1,843 = Vax 2,964 (vs) None 2,474
Game is Up as Gladys walks out on Covid...
11th Sept Full Vax 573 +1 dose+3wks 762 + 1 dose to 3wks 2,151= Vax 3,486 (vs) None 1,941
Full Vax up 269% + 1 dose+3wks up 102% +1 dose to 3wks up 86% (vs) None is down by 39%
Gladys Gold Standard Rollout is now 80% more infectious as WR Delta....

Record Scary super spreading unvaxer Delta is retreating by 86%
NSW Rollout is spreading Covid at 117% wk now 3,486 cases (1,545) more than unvaxed Delta
Total Vaxed cases are rising weekly > Hospital 22% > ICU 20% > Deaths 5% { Vax is Public Enemy #1 }

Gladys surrenders & goes on leave (Permanently!)...the next week...things only gets worse...
18th Sept (Full Dose case rises) - Full dose Hospital 24.7% > ICU 55.5% > Deaths 33.3%
What's clear is that NSW Health know that incubating Vaxerz are highly infectious. (They must isolate!)
It is clear that NSW Hospitals were built to heal WR vaxerz...from whatever virus they got...

This is Gladys Swansong to the people....(She must come clean on Vax to save lives!) No option!
Cometh the Hour Cometh the Coward...instead of saving lives the truth is buried deeper than ever!
tbb thinks the timing shows this equally brought upon the Premier's downfall...
Note this document release date to the public is 28th September 2021.
18th Sept Full Vax 620 + 1 Dose to 2wks 952 = Vax 1572 (vs) No Effective Dose 3,641
So now Gladys waves her wand & NSW is less than half as infectious as No Vax Delta. WTF.
We now know this is NSW #1 Problem that needed a major Cut'n'Paste do over...

Here's how Gladys cooked the Books...hoping it would get her off the hook.
NSW Health :
"Cases reported as No Effective Dose received their first of a 2 dose Vax course less than 21 days (increase of 7 days) prior to known exposure to Covid 19 (or) arrival in Australia (or) Have not received any Vax...(Using the Phrase) "No Effective Dose" indicates that an "Insufficient Period of Time" has elapsed to allow for "Maximal Immune Response" provided by the Vax ."
{ "It does Not indicate that Vaccines are Ineffective!" }
NSW Mandate #1 Oz Covid infection...knowing it spreads more Covid > Very reason NSW dumped it!

Wait! There's more...
For the remaining people...Vax could not be determined, suggests they were 'unlikely' vaxed in Oz?
28th Aug NSW deleted o/s Case Panel > How many exactly = Hospital 22.5% + ICU 27% + Deaths 4%
NSW are importing VIP Covid Cases & Privatizing 25% of Hospitals ( Unaccounted...see % shown)

Wait there's more!
NSW Health
( Vax cases) = Partially Vax +21 days + Full Vax 2 dose +2 weeks
(No Vax) = No Vax + Not Counted + 1 dose to 3wks + o/s (Vaxed infection)+ Post 5 mths Vax

Fresh rollout Hotties 1 dose to 3 weeks are infecting NSW @ 3,000 wk now Oz #1 Covid spreaderz.
They were presenting as a problem...Gladys booted them to Non Vax camp...get out & stay out!
Gladys mandates Frontline 1 dose compliance but if you get infected you're one of "THEM"

NSW Rollout is #1 Covid making machine and 1st Dose incubators are #1 infectious.
How much more infectious are vaxerz?
Pfizer = 10% wk1 (20% +Flu) > 57% wk2 > 28% wk3 > 22% wk4
AZ = 16% wk3 > 1% wk7 > 2nd Shot + (Flu) Isolate
Vaxers immunity drops 50% each month > 5 months {Go Card} is Auto wiped! One of "THEM"

All Premiers / Pollies / Experts know of Vax super spreading...but prescribe to saving Vax over life!

9th Sept 2021 Qld Prof Paul Griffin...[BRAINZ]
" Vaccination Rates are what have put pressure on the Virus to evolve faster into new Variants to begin with, and that is true, strictly speaking!"
Wake Up Oz...(Covid was too slow) Rollout is #1 Covid ramping tool for Govt's to reopen faster.
Nope! TV Land are not gonna run this episode...hardly think they'll bite the hand that feeds them.

Rollout reduced Covid incubation by half then sneezed it airborne to spread it twice as fast and afar.
Vaxing & spreading Covid over unvaxed is the only game in town! Always was & always will be!

This is why Govts are screaming at hesitants to get Vaxed, because Rollout is rolling virus over them.
Govts feel more guilty each day...that's why they scream this end of world with evil 90% Vax spread.
Be like worst ever Delta x 4...because Govt orchestrated it that way! They know their own strength.
Orchestrate yer Rollout to reduce Covid or Ramp it > see NSW / Vic (Horror Show!)
Greed & impatience is fuelling the Rollout Lockdowns & mass infections...
Most vaxed > Most Spreading > Most Covid > Most wanna open > Most want Cards > $2 Fake Tests
Least Vaxed > Least Spreading > Least Covid > Least wanna open > Least want Cards > Fuck yer Tests.
(You can't rush freedom!) Good Luck to Vic / NSW & Premier.

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Supafreak Wednesday, 6 Oct 2021 at 9:13pm

Confusion rules the day . 3188-AEDA-936-B-4-B37-871-E-8-F2687484-A44

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Distracted Thursday, 7 Oct 2021 at 6:49am

That’s crazy Supa. How are small businesses or anyone meant to keep up with the daily changes and announcements. Looks like it is all about reopening now.

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Distracted's picture
Distracted Thursday, 7 Oct 2021 at 7:47am

Supa, do you know which regional workers are being referred to in that post? Is it health, supermarket, small businesses, council, public servants… everyone?!

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Supafreak Thursday, 7 Oct 2021 at 7:57am

@distracted , I’m as confused as everyone else , you would hope they have some clarification before next week. The goal posts seem to be moving again .