The United States(!) of A

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factotum started the topic in Thursday, 27 Aug 2020 at 11:12am

Septic Tanks are going to Septic Tank

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basesix Sunday, 2 Apr 2023 at 3:37pm

reckon the big fella knows his mates drew a swastika on his gut? #nazihighjinks

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 5 Apr 2023 at 3:06am

Much ado 'bout Nuffin'
Trump is lighting up the Internet...all are going ga ga!

However here in Qld or afar no Political Party Jury can be chosen without corruption.
Old Joh stacked the Jury with a undisclosed Young National Party nerd to corrupt proceedings.

Young Libs B (vs) B Trial was recently thrown out.
Take yer Pick...TV Trial or when that Juror accidentally tripped over a secret stash.

GOP Trump trial Trumps all Oz political Hogwash...
Most big VIP trials hide away Juries for months before the Trial. (We don't see this here?)
Selection of Jury is already well corrupted.
Any already record level tainted corrupted Jurors caught lying or not disclosing TV / www sites.
More importantly hiding their'll end up being jettisoned outta court for that!
Not Trial by the Jury but an ongoing Trail of Trump's by one are cross examined & escorted out!
Each branded traitors & lose any hope of an afterlife.
Q: Did you watch the Trump Motorcade Rally on TV last Week! ... Bye Bye.
Q: Have you trolled Trump online anytime in 2023 or last 5 minutes! ... Bye Bye!
Q: Have you ever watched Porn...have you got a thing for "World Famous Porn Stars"

Your Honour & News of the World
Exhibit A : This Pervy Young Male Juror's Porn Star Collection has a few red hot XXX Stormy Vidz!
Judge: "I'll have to confiscate those!"

Show is over before it begins...A Mistrial!

Channel 9 is gonna do Time!

Deep Fakes...

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 5 Apr 2023 at 11:05am

Day 1...already gonna need to select another "Random" Judge.

Judge Merchan has already found Trump Entities "Weisselberg" Guilty / jailed on related Hush Monies...
Ok! So, not suss...only a minor corruptible coincidence...

Porn Star (vs) Prez Trial Judge Juan Merchan's daughter Loren...also heads up Team Biden/Harris.

Daughter Loren's consulting firm also led the First attempt to impeach Trump...(Can't make this shit up!)
Kill Trump Judge's daughter is a "Rising Star" setting new benchmarks and winning elections...

Dad/Daughter Duo > Just Jail Trump mistrial will no doubt win every next US election for Republicans.

Team USA is eating itself more honest for Dems to select front runner Putin as Candidate!
Putin will take a shot to enter US to rerun his Prez race ...Trump quits GOP to join Team Putin...Over!

[Other breaking News Trial]
US Trial of all previous & next Centuries hit a speed bump today...Go Smithy! Go Team Oz ... ROAR!!! (Oops!) Meow!
Albo is releasing Julian to offshore another 100 Aussie renters...drool!

(Timing!) Reckon US > Oz defector Obama just dropped off the $20b rent bill for Julian.
US Defence returns the dumping of more of their noisy moulting leaching cracked up US Nuke Subs.

Albo said yes please very much to both...our hero The afraid Team USA.
Albo frees Julian > Julian thanx the Voice for anything...Albo Reffo Polls collapse in a heap over the line!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 5 Apr 2023 at 3:49pm

Here's how the Chinese Balloon evaded detection over US Nuke Bases.
tbb previously alerted to the fact that Chinese timed Canada's Bush Fire off season relaxed lantern laws.
Also recapping that China flew over states compliant with "Fire Lantern" (Balloon) Laws...
Meaning it's hard to judge how high or large any balloon is with naked eye amongst other Balloons.

Us has no need for Northern Air Defence so China simply steered their balloon as per laws of each state.
Story goes that Airline passengers not US Defence were first to Clock it...well durr!

Balloon was remotely steered as a dirigible with Propeller/s + Rudders.
Yes! Flying "Directly" over every Missile Base & near enough to eavesdrop on Major Defence Base Briefs.
eg: 3-5th Feb > Annual Reviews, Ukraine Stocktake, Aukus, Nato Nation's massive GDP Arms Boost.
All Global Meetings of highest regard & future planing detail...all being listened to in real time!
Chinese Balloon wipes info then Self Destructs!

Right now! Here's the guts of it!
US Defence state verbatim that they had this covered with counter measures over each Installation!
Q: How & Why could Nuke Missile Bases not notice this Balloon flying figure 8's overhead?
tbb thought this was an excellent question...why indeed at all #1 Weapons Sites...(Makes no sense!)
Either US Defence are lying or Chinese won Lotto.

A: No one actually defends these bases...they are remotely monitored with cams & Air / Heat samples
That's right...just the off site Booth no one dares enter closer due to mass Nuke contamination.

tbb checked on some reports...
Mostly as US are to leave Disused Missiles open in pits with Codes facing upward for inspection.
Yes! Each nation has access to check Nuke Treaties are compliant...sounds weird, but yes!
Basically once other Nations clock it...US can only then dispose of it! All by the Book!
So tbb thought that these facilities are unsafe...that they are! Not advisable for onsite inspections!
Example: Chinese Sat' was down so flies Balloon over Nuke Dump sites to Tag used Missiles! Sorted!

IAEA get sick of being contaminated touring Nuke Sites + plant workers walk off...
US Defence > Perfect result > Install heat-cams & none dare inspections, hide wot ya like!
China could read own air samples or hack into each site samples to gauge the paylode at each site.
Most likely sample what number Missiles of each description, given the time that they lounged!

Sounds a bit rich...think tbb is joking...

2020 : 1,425 Cams overseeing 261 Nuke Sites in 37 States
140 Completely Unmanned Nuke Sites in 30 states...Many more to follow > The Future! (Wow!)
Crew are smart enough to suss that these are the most heavily Nuke contaminated armed sites...

Exactly like the ones where Chinese Balloon was doing Figure 8's...Why the hell not - No one home!
Roughly 5 unmanned Nuke sites / State...that's exactly what Chinese were exploiting each day!
Could've shot paint dye at each sensitive spot or powder coated each Nuke Base Red.
Chinese tried extra hard to not make GI Joe look the fool...just the wake up call + Happy ending please!

To think IAEA just rubber stamped Oz / US Pact deal for endless unmanned vulnerable Nuke Plants.
That's the mad mad world coming to our shore...Oz must assume unmanned IT corrupted Nuke sites!
Tik Tok old Man! Kaboom!

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frog Wednesday, 5 Apr 2023 at 6:36pm

Phewww. The US can't win a trick these days.

But they still have the exploding surfboard option up their sleeve.

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etarip Thursday, 6 Apr 2023 at 12:02am

But y’all were sure it was a weather balloon, right?

This is very confusing.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 6 Apr 2023 at 4:40pm

Death of AUKUS gives rise to UKANZUS + State of Emergencies Expiry Dates.
(March/April/May Timeline)

30th Jan 2023 WHO Covid-19 Public Health Emergency (Marks' Year 4 ~ Quarter 1)
30th April 2023 (End of Year 4 ~ 1st Quarter ~ Next Call.)

Ok! So the fun starts here... but it's all highly secret of course!

US / Oz Covid Emergency (Entry-Exit) Clarifications + Updates

1st Feb 2023 (US Covid Emergency Debate)
Prez Biden announces extensions to Emergencies...
Reasons : *Too Soon *Chaos *Uncertainty *Medicaid + *Everything is nowhere near ready!
Borders : (Biden ever pushed to end T 42) Now Biden alone extends the Border closure!
2m+ have been locked out!

'Prez Trump' Original Admin Health Emergency Expiry Dates
1st March 2023 ~ (Expires) US Covid-19 Public Health Emergency
11th April 2023 ~ (Expires) US Covid Emergency
{Important} US has been closed under Trump's orders until March / April 2023.
Now few would believe that...but that's the truth!

Majority House of Reps Republicans planned to vote on measures to end Emergency as given.
Forcing Biden to get his shit together & End Emergency Mandates on former Prez Trump's Deadlines!

11th May 2023 ~ Republicans reluctantly extended Joe's (New Expiry Date Sticker)
tbb credits this here no fuss insightful partisan review...rare example of how US Prez news should be!
Just this one small report gave enough info to forge a decent Prez timeline...Salute!

Q: Does this allow Unvaxed Entry to US?
A: Yes & No...Just as Oz, each State can adopt or stall Fed Health Expiry at will.
Pretty much expect lagging States or Frontline or even Venues to hold out as with Oz.
Also reckon they'll ban "Amber Status" Nations...(Oz would be nudging Amber @ Easter!)

How does this relate to Oz?
Q: Can unvaxed Aussies now depart Oz for Flights to US or even board an Oz Ship?
A: Well! (There is no National Mandate) Again it depends on each State.
tbb noticed Wiki added new NSW premier to Natcab
23rd April 2023 (Shh!) "New Oz Red Star Chamber" meet for the First Time...
Cruise industry reckon that the Premiers are debating Ocean / Border Vax Mandate.
No! The PM is not sharing that date or News is he now...All top secret ALP Quorum!
Why should a Dictatorship need to inform any...coz they don't > get used to the New Order!

Here's the Clincher!
Prez Biden is still alive in the Quaddie
De Prez Down Under Quaddie when is that?
Easy! That's next month about a week after Oz Budget.(No date Given?) Huh!
Nevermind...with endless off grid searching one can squeeze out a date! (Below!)

That's Right! First US Prez visit for 1m Yonks and none know what week next month or after!
No one is talking about the Oz Quaddie...absolutely 100% secret mission!

Quaddie Warm Up
March / April
28th March ~ Obama sets the agenda > Julian / Aukus / NZ + Michelle 4 Prez routine!
NZ warns Cuz & Bully Big Bro to steer clear of their fading No Nukes Stickers.
(UKANZUS) New Pacific friendly {Pillar 2} Aukus ...NZ promises not to inhale any Fog of War!
Watch this space...War mongers are grooming their new playboy bunny...Peace is out Man!
Former PM Clark warned the NZ playboy to come back from the darkside (Aukus = Evil)
Looks like Joe is enjoying rotating our Cuz (World clearly sees why NZ had to dump their frigid chick)
UKANZUS is no place for a Little Woman...We'll take it from here Lady...Yeah! Like wot could go wrong!
3rd April ~ Oz proudly announce they export 250 World Class Killing devices but still no family sedan!
4th April ~ Japan Navy Admiral hopes to flush his contaminated US Nuke Sub Base thru WA Desal Port.
Japanese look forward to fresh clean drinking water as a remote possibility.
6th April (Today's Hot Read!) US postures Oz Defence Strategic Review (Big Release in May...soon)

Basically all this flows from Oz Budget Convention...
*Budget is handed down on 2nd Tuesday of May each Year! (US Prez visit is one week after?)
(1) 6th May ~ Albo > Kings Coronation
(2) Before Budget : Release of "Unclassified Oz Defence Strategic Review" (re: Nuke / Desal Port Cities?)
(3) 9/10th May ~ Oz Budget / Reply
(4) 11th May 2023 ~ Prez Joe announces end of US Emergency

* 15th May ~ Tabling of Voice Inquiry
* 20-21st May ~ G7 Japan ( India : "Our PM Modi's May Tour starts here!")
* 22nd May ~ India-Pacific Summit (14 Pacific nations > Not Oz)
* 23-24th May ~ Sydney Quad Summit + De Prez or Shaq get's Knighted by Oz Parliament
* June ~ Oz Quaddie Warmongers then order {Pillar 2} to man up & clean the Hulls of GI Joe's Bath Toys!

Q: US drafts our Defence Review / Ocean Vax Mandate / Sydney Quaddie Summit / NZ Nukes / Natcab
All in April/May...Why has MSM gone cold on biggest Oz Frontline security deals ever!
Do US own all our arses already...coz no one here is prepared to say one word outta turn, on any.

What's even more suss is there are no dates or few gigs shared openly for any of these power modules!
As if the whole Power structure now orbits above us little people...Wake Up & Speak Up & SHOUT!
What the crew read here is exhaustive searches of this that & the longer open Public Forum!
We the people are being silenced by War Machine Propaganda...Wake up...Rise Up & Shout it out loud!

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truebluebasher Thursday, 6 Apr 2023 at 9:22pm

AUKUS architects...CSIS (PONI) Project on Nuclear Issues
PONI : "Nukes were dying > So we Advance new Militarized Nukes on World Stage!" That's Us!
You know...Mad Professors & Dr No have many more hungry mouths to feed & that's just at work!

1st Pillar SRFW...(Rotational Forces)
* Stop contaminating US / Pacific Water supply & flush Nuke Waste out Oz desal Ports.
* Divert US Targets & Nuke Waste Dumps to new Downunder contaminated Targets.
"To especially develop Sub / Ship Building in the Nuke Realm."
"Oz Engineers will operate their own Nuclear Power Plant"
"Oz will 'upgrade' to a Nuke Power Workforce"
"Oz is to 'posture' alongside US to defend Taiwan"

2nd Pillar
* Flog off Cracked Up Moulting V Class Subs to Oz
* Get Oz to Strip & Patch up Sub Skins + Bulk up Metal Alloy Plates for Missile Launches.
* US steel is shit > Aussie got High tensile Armour Plate Alloy to withstand Sub Missile Launches.
* Oz also got superior US needs to refit their cracked up shit heaps with our cheap labour.
Save the World from laughing any further at their cannibalized Virginia class clangers!
Think tbb is joking! V class are the Sea idiot buys these fluttering noisy shit heaps!
Note : Collins Class don't moult...US wants OZ to patch up their lemon peels with superior Sub Skin.
Also note each Sub (Whatever) needs Food after 3 months otherwise ya starve...go figure!
Plenty of US Top Brass wish to rid the ever ticking Nuke signal > Can't play dead like Oz subs! Correct!
"Oz can pride on Sovereignty by Flying Oz flags off their very own flaky US Nuke Attack Subs!"
Marles : "Warns we gotta 'find' 20,000 workers!"
Oz currently imports 80% Engineering / Tech labour!
Oz Nuke Industry will likely ship in 90% Sub workforce to meet WR Migration Targets.
Aussie School kids will snort up the Nuke Waste for the neighbouring Energy Drink Plant.

3rd Pillar : Bypass ITAR (International Trade Traffic in Arms Regulations)
"AUKUS is about Hypersonics / we have to go after & get thru - ITAR!"
"Full realization of Australia's own Nuclear Powered Industry!"
"Australia is to set the precedent for other future Nuke Partners!" Yes! Oz are stooges for Saudi Nukes!
Noting that the IAEA director is present during forum & complimentary about AUKUS!
IAEA : Just Nuke the Bastards!

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velocityjohnno Thursday, 6 Apr 2023 at 9:56pm

Of interest, we have a Chinese carrier group outside the first island chain in the Western Pacific:

No doubt all sorts of noise signature games are in play.

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velocityjohnno Thursday, 6 Apr 2023 at 10:22pm

Here's a cool story of parking your nuclear submarine for a few hours underneath a rival's aircraft carrier - without them even knowing! You gather important intelligence, like er pictures of the propellers and the fact that they never knew you were there!

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zenagain Friday, 7 Apr 2023 at 10:07am

It is a cool story VJ but can't help but think the Russians have more than likely done the same.

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AlfredWallace Friday, 7 Apr 2023 at 11:17am
andy-mac wrote:
Supafreak wrote:

Don’t worry Donny , we’ve got your back in this , just say the word and we are ready, locked & loaded. 52700-E2-B-7-B9-C-43-B1-94-AD-4-C6-E000-B9839

Crikey those Nazis really are an elite bunch....

Andy-mac. Hi mate. Through dirty reading glasses i thought that picture was the current Liberal/National Party gathering to cast their ‘no’ vote for the referendum. I see one young lady wants to lend her cat to Donald to keep him company in jail. AW

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velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Friday, 7 Apr 2023 at 12:54pm
zenagain wrote:

It is a cool story VJ but can't help but think the Russians have more than likely done the same.

For sure Zen, I reckon they all would have. Have heard of the Aussie sub penetrating the carrier's protective screen during those RIMPAC exercises too.

Submarines are capital ships now - probably why in the USN and RN they've taken the names traditionally given to the battleships/first rate ships, and get names of States (eg Virginia) or famous historic names (eg Dreadnought, Vanguard, Conqueror).

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andy-mac's picture
andy-mac Friday, 7 Apr 2023 at 1:17pm
AlfredWallace wrote:
andy-mac wrote:
Supafreak wrote:

Don’t worry Donny , we’ve got your back in this , just say the word and we are ready, locked & loaded. 52700-E2-B-7-B9-C-43-B1-94-AD-4-C6-E000-B9839

Crikey those Nazis really are an elite bunch....

Andy-mac. Hi mate. Through dirty reading glasses i thought that picture was the current Liberal/National Party gathering to cast their ‘no’ vote for the referendum. I see one young lady wants to lend her cat to Donald to keep him company in jail. AW

Haha, yeah the Loony right are quite a handsome group...

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zenagain's picture
zenagain Friday, 7 Apr 2023 at 1:30pm

Yeah VJ, Vanguard sounds much cooler than Subbie McSubmarine-face.

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velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Friday, 7 Apr 2023 at 2:33pm

It could be worse, Zen.

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zenagain's picture
zenagain Friday, 7 Apr 2023 at 2:37pm

And here I was thinking it was a motorbike...

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blackers Friday, 7 Apr 2023 at 3:07pm
velocityjohnno wrote:

It could be worse, Zen.

Who would have thought, Navy brass with a sense of humour.

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tubeshooter Friday, 7 Apr 2023 at 5:05pm

Haha. The HMS fleet have had some classics.
HMS Pansy, HMS Fairy, HMS Spanker, HMS Teazer, HMS Tickler, HMS Torrid, HMS Virile, HMS Thruster and HMS Thrasher to name but a few.

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seeds Saturday, 8 Apr 2023 at 7:00pm

There are some good ones. These guys crack me up

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truebluebasher Saturday, 8 Apr 2023 at 8:15pm

Trump Timeline chooses it's own path to merge common themes...this is them!
tbb has no desire to make something outta nuthin'...this is simply the way it presents.
It differs to the many Legal timelines that convolute & muddy the bigger picture.
Here we go thru the intro & how it plays out each Election as it does now & always!
These are the Power Plays lacking or hiding in other timelines!

Interesting that Trump's court case stems from The Apprentice...(See : Few know this!)
tbb swears he's never watched an episode of The Apprentice! (No Idea!)
Point or why should tbb see this & all others dance around it...Huh!
Many Pornstars saw The Apprentice as their crossover launch pad to TV fame.

Intro to Woman 1 (Not tbb's doing...that's her title in the Court Case!)
Again...tbb has no idea who she is or wot she does...nor Stormy this or that?


Mid 2006 Hugh invites Trump to Playboy Mansion + intro to Rep' Playmate Karen McDougal.
Meaning Trump was vetting his fav rep' Playmate for The Celeb' Apprentice!
Pretty sure the aim was to elevate "Playmates" as mainstream Trump Celebrities

Hence why we got a Playmate + Porn Star in the Trump Court Case! + (Others similar!)
Coz both Career Women's pursuits of Trump share the exact same TV quest & timeline.
Pretty much mid 2006-mid 2007 Trump was offering up some ultimate Playmate TV gig!
But not to ordinary centrefolds...this was a likely a business venture ~ possibly Soft Porn Cable TV.

Playboy's Playmate (vs) Hustler's Porn Star > Trump's Apprentice Temptress

Now! This next Hustler Porn Star heard about The Apprentice Playboy gig & stalked Trump.
Meaning the Democratic Hustler Team hooked up a party at Trump's Nevada Golf Gig!
Likely not as high end as The Playboy Mansion but a Penthouse suite is sweet enough!

Stormy Daniels (What's in a name!)
This Porn Star don't come cheap > Gotta shout the lady a whiskey for Wild Sex!
Mid 2006 : (40 yr old Virgin) Stormy's perfect vehicle for Aging Porn Queen to Tidy up Tinsel Town.

2006 At Golf Day Stormy says > gifted him a Porn Vid to win an audition at Trump's Penthouse.
Trump Partied with Stormy + Jessica + Alana (Not one but 3 girls)

This article numbers Jessica as 14 of 100 Women paid off by Trump?

Stormy says she signed Vid & spanked Trump with his front cover shot-Golf Mag...
He said / She said, she was promised a bit part on The Celeb' Apprentice.

2007 Stormy visits Trump more times in Hotels in bid to win The Celeb Apprentice gig.
Says she never put out ... never got the Gig.

2009 Hustler Magnate Flint's Porn Pets > scoop dirty laundry on Rep' Senators' brothel visits.
Dems help Porn Industry to flourish with less restrictive Vice laws than Republicans.
Hustler Porn Boss Flint was to Draft Stormy Daniels for 2010 Democrat Louisiana Senate Campaign

Recapping : As payback for Prez Clinton's affair.
Democrat Porn Bosses / Porn Stars lure in Big Ticket Randy Republicans in order to Blackmail them.
Sure: Democrat Stormy follows the Party game plan with Republican Trump.

2011 Prez Election ~ Dem Pornstar Stormy extorts Rep' Trump
Agent urges bitter Stormy to exploit Prez Electoral Affair to enact revenge!
Signing a $15,000 deal with Tell all Mag...
Trump's Aide threatened to sue...subsequently pulling Trump out of Prez Race

2016 Prez Election ~ Rep' Trump buys victory over Dem' Pornstar Stormy
Agent urges Trump stalker serial electoral extortionist Dem Stormy to sell tired story to Press.
None took the bait...until...Mysterious infamous 2005 "Access Hollywood Tape".
This 2005 Vid now bookends Trump's Wife's Pregnancy timeline ends with Stormy's 2006 tryst.
Stormy's Agent declaring the Prez in waiting is now Vulnerable & Stormy's story is now Valuable.
Backroom deals equate this Presidential Election Extortion Value to being worth $130,000.

2020 Election ~ Dem' Pornstar Stormy's Dem partner appeals > subpoenas Rep' Trump
3rd Aug 2020 Pre Election Hush Money Witch Hunt by Manhattan Dem Prosecutor Vance.
Seemingly after visits & perspective deals for Jail bird Cohen's Tip offs!
11 Sept 2020 Cohen proffers a deal with Manhattan Prosecutor to reveal all.
Trump is nervous & on the back foot as Dems comb over his finances mid Campaign...loses Election.

2023 Prez Election ~ Dem' Pornstar Stormy has foot on Rep' Trump's throat (Says : He can't breathe!)
Yet another Prez Election & bang on cue, yet another Stormy extortion bid. (Jail time on offer!)
Democratic Electoral Extortion Hush Money has not been paid for 3/4 of past Presidential elections!
Crime of the Century...Prez has to go to Jail for that!
Pays to note the obvious crime...Extortion of US Presidential Elections (Strike 4)

Pornstar has now extorted all 4 past US elections thru 2011-2024 > (How many more?) > 2100.
Abuse of power in pre booking Court dates to stall & muddy rival Candidate's Campaigns
Bully Extortionist drip feeds their back pocket media never ending exclusive mud pies.

In just a few days > Trump Polls soared 20% over closest rival + Bank account up $15m...
World #1 Fame seeking Celeb Stormy is likely the only VIP Candidate Dems have to defeat Trump
We see US Democracy jump the shark into Court Room Dramas by both sides until 2025!
What point of Voting if Court Judge or "Trump hating" Dem Daughter override yer democratic right!

Dems are timetabling a MSM Mud Slinging machine thru for their own failings.
Trump is the perfect target & his womanising offers Dems easy access to Republican accounts
Trump is also prolonging his Trial to maintain innocence & play the Victim to load up campaign funds.

Anyone not watch porn & not hate Trump! Not one US innocent can be found for Trump Jury...A Mistrial!

Trump : "This is Political Persecution & Electoral Interference at the Highest Level in History!"

Yep it is...4x over & Dems are addicted to it...why have policy or purpose when ya can feed off Trump!
Each & every Election Trump vs The Porn Star + every other day living a Pornstar's courtroom drama.

5th April ~ Stormy loses [P] court case & pays out Trump Team
$293,000 in Legal Fees
$245,000 for appeal
$120,000 to Trump's Attorneys

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Jelly Flater Sunday, 9 Apr 2023 at 10:51pm

Censor. Intervene. Affect.


Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater Tuesday, 11 Apr 2023 at 8:32pm

All is quiet on the western front ;)


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frog's picture
frog Tuesday, 11 Apr 2023 at 9:08pm

A potted history of a few decades of US misadventures and possible alternate paths never taken.

Strategic geniuses or a clumsy banana obsessed gorilla in a fruit shop?

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velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Tuesday, 11 Apr 2023 at 9:15pm

Exceptionally good thread on shipbuilding over the last decade or so:

and VLS cells (ie where they launch missiles from, ie how much 'ammo' you take into a fight)

Hats off to China, they've out-built the US and allies over this time by a decent margin. The build up is gargantuan, to be honest.

If we go back to the 1930's, the naval build up of the IJN was large (22% of GDP at times!) but the Washington Treaty constrained it at a 5:3 ratio to the USN... The lightning speed at which the IJN tore down the SCS after Pearl Harbour was remarkable, and done in force.

velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Tuesday, 11 Apr 2023 at 9:48pm

Airbases - expansions and building of hardened aircraft shelters within range of Taiwan:


Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater Wednesday, 12 Apr 2023 at 8:24am

US spokesman:

‘We must continue the arms sales to Taiwan and make sure such sales reach Taiwan on a very timely basis’…

And then this:

…‘as authoritarian leaders seek to use violence and fear to provoke needless conflict’.


It’s a strange game of trying to accuse others of using violence and fear to provoke needless conflict - all the while insisting and assuring the continued sale and supply of arms ?

- Is this how the US plans to ‘continue to promote our shared values on the world stage’… ?

Are those ‘shared values’ the authoritarian leaders or the seeking to use violence and fear to provoke needless conflict… ;)

What a fantastic representation and display of peace, security, freedom and stability ;);)

Our kids must be very proud of the efforts at diplomacy ;)

- USA all the way.


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Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater Friday, 14 Apr 2023 at 11:33am

to Soundgarden…
then Afghanistan.


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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 17 Apr 2023 at 10:33am

GI Joe loses band aid mandate patching over his looming border crisis.
Says he needs more time to prepare for re-election campaign...don't rush hurry!
Each unaccounted Covid test draws another migrant closer to the land of the free RAT tests.

11 May 2023 Political Fix Vax Mandate Ends & US Borders will be Stormed.
Expert Covid Rollout is orchestrating a crescendo Mass migration of 40,000 coughs!
US are expecting a F.U./T42 Exodus of 14,000/day

Background + 2022 figures + Scale of Migration.
Stats...SW Border (Years run Sept > thru to Next Oct)
2020 = 458k > 2021 = 1.7m > 2022 = 2.4m > 2023 (4mths) = 1m (Est > 3m)

What is fuelling the Hope for these Migrants...(This!) CBP One app!

Wot else but a goddamn smartphone app [ CBP One ] increases yuppie intake from 740 >1,000/day
Joe is contracted to treat neighbourly US Telco customers more humanely & with a Modem of respect!
Poor Migrants will still Queue at Main Gates but Glam app Yuppies get 3 day accom with VIP Agent.

Check CBP process in a frontline example

Make T8 Great Again!
T8 can March them migrants back out the Gate

Breaking News : Wallmart has run outta No Brand 1,000 mile rolls of barbed wire!
Good News : Wallmart have ordered in a Ton more of them XXXL Wall Patch Up repair kits...
Just been a few hiccups at the border...Prez said it should clear soon!

US / CUBA Migration Talks...
2022 : (220,000 Cubans were caught breaching US Border)

Dangerous US Migration Routes

o/s News : Finland trips over a bargain 1,000 miles of Wallmart Barbed Wire Curtain.
New NATO 2,000km Barbed Wire Curtain extends upon their 3,500km / 5.5m high Iron Curtain..
NATO Iron Curtain should extend half way round the world by years end...give the Lads a Toot!
Greetings from The Poland Wall {NATO approved Postcard} Wish You Were in NATO.

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flollo's picture
flollo Monday, 17 Apr 2023 at 12:45pm

I thinks the time has come

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 17 Apr 2023 at 2:50pm

1945 = 7 walls [ End of WWII ]
1989 =15 walls [ End of Berlin Wall ]
2019 =77 walls
2022 =79 walls & more to come...

Humans have successfully walled around World's circumference of 40,075kms
Now already well into our 2nd lap to kill off any remaining species...Go Team Humans!

Millions of Kms of Fencing = Easily 10x all Roads.
Total length of Fencing is said to bridge from Earth to the Sun many times over.

Oz Trophic Cascade (Dingo Fence) example...
(Past-Present) Dingoes / Canines take out Top Herbivores the Kangaroos.
This in turn prevents > over grazing > depleted soils with lower phosphorus, nitrogen & carbon.
Kangaroo > Depleted Landscape on one side (vs) Lush vegetation on Dingo side of the Fence

Walls / Fences are designed to specifically isolate or destroy neighbour's resources.
Geo political Walls that divert or flood water (vs) Wind transference of Weed/GM Seed over borders.
One way corridors to rejuvenate seasonal stock or devastate off season neighbour's lands!
Poorer Neighbouring Peoples with Farming or seasonal hunting backgrounds are instantly devastated.
Walls that deprive crops to Ports or Women / Children to Hospitals

During Covid the Qld Wall deprived neighbouring NSW access to Qld hospitals...Lives were put at risk!
Us (vs) Them...Qldurr tbb apologized then & again now for walling out neighbours in hour of need!

tbb can make up for sharing a simply perfect 1983 New Wave Track.
Slips under the Radar it does...Yes! So cool ... it's that song!
The Call : The Walls Came Down

Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater Monday, 17 Apr 2023 at 3:54pm

Sleepy joe got everything under control ;)

Soon they’ll even have purely electric tanks and patriot missile systems too ! The ‘experts’ know exactly what they are doing …they on top of all the stats and figures ;)

Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023 at 3:59pm

The US of A…

They might have out of control gun violence and a bloke in charge that can’t ride a bike OR walk up stairs ;)

- There might even be a spiralling opioid crisis, unimaginable amounts of debt and an insatiable appetite for obesity and war.

But still… there is enough archival evidence to show that winners are grinners ;);)


truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 20 Apr 2023 at 11:02pm

Shanghai 5 has come alive > [SCO]
Members / *Observers / = Dialogue Partners
1996 China / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan / Russia / Tajikistan
2001 SCO with Uzbekistan
2004 * Mongolia
2005 - US Application Rejected + Requested US Timetable to withdraw US troops / Bases
2010 = Sri Lanka
2012 * Afghanistan / * East Timor
2013 = Turkey (2022 Member Application)
2015 = Cambodia
2016 = Azerbaijan / Armenia = Nepal
2017 India / Pakistan (*2005)
2022 Solomon Islands = Egypt = Qatar = Saudi Arabia
2023 Iran (*2005)
2024 Belarus! ( = 2010 > *2015)

Current Member Applications
Turkey / Saudi Arabia / Bahrain / Qatar

Upcoming Dialogue Partner Status
* Egypt * UAE * Israel * Ukraine * Maldives

Interested Partners
* Iraq * Syria *Vietnam *Bangladesh

UN / ASEAN / CIS + Turkmenistan

Keep watch for non aligned rough cut Jewel in the Crown
2009 Serbia strategic pact > China has replaced Russia as lead ally with Serbia.
Note Serbia was 1st & then only EU nation to soak up Chinese Mass Vax!
They even signed off on building a Chinese Vax Plant...(Count Serbia in for sure!)

(Close to 40 nations is also now a formidable UN voting Block)
Growing influence on partner trading nations of fast growing Pact.
May 2023 Next Summit Host is India
Reckon this time around the World will pay attention to China's middle earth posse!
Watch this space as Migrants Storm US gates... SCO will look the goods!

Notes : Wiki can't keep up with the rush of new members...
Sourced 2 different Reviews to get up to speed...

Crew may notice UN / India / Israel / Ukraine / Turkey / Saudis / Qatar / UAE
Also : Strategic > East Timor / Maldives / Solomon Islands
Map shows NATO = SCO but SCO is pushing into Africa > Sth America?
More & more keep racing in to join SCO (India hosting Ukraine / Israel) That's a kick in the guts to US!

Website News is looking busy...
Quality Links to National Sites
Links to Dates on Pacts with UN / ASEAN & more
Quality (English) Archives go back to 2001
Clever crew can scroll enough to dig out SCO (English) Reviews on Chinese / Bloc Covid Data

velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Monday, 24 Apr 2023 at 10:30pm

"French President Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic efforts to enlist China’s help to intervene in Russia’s war in Ukraine suffered another blow.

The Chinese ambassador to France, Lu Shaye, told the French network LCI on Friday that the ex-Soviet states don’t have sovereign status as independent nations, a statement that ignores the internationally recognized borders in Eastern and Central Europe."

That's a pretty good gaffe!

Methinks peeps are dreaming of iron curtains once again

etarip's picture
etarip's picture
etarip Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 5:26am

Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News?

thermalben's picture
thermalben's picture
thermalben Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 5:59am

Seems to be the case. A quick recap, from two years ago:

adam12's picture
adam12's picture
adam12 Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 6:31am

etarip "Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News? "
Yep. Could only have come from the top. Nothing like a billion dollar payout and coming within a day of another personally humiliating Court appearance to get Rupert to start chopping off heads. Carslon's trail of messages damning Fox management and revealing his true thoughts about MAGA and Trump would also have helped, but this is also a sign that MAGA and Trump are on the decline in the US. Rupert may be 92 but unlike Lachlan, he's no fool. He's had a lifetime of reading the tea leaves and trying to get ahead of the curve. Hasn't always read them correctly, he misjudged the internet's rise and dominance, failed in social media (Myspace) but rarely gets electorates wrong. His side of politics may still lose, like our last election, but he saw what was happening in the US when he started Fox News and catered to its needs making it the most valuable cable network in history. Classic Murdoch.
He's making moves like this again, trying to get ahead of things. My view is the Dominion case and the ones coming, Smartmatic and the shareholder class actions, spell the beginning of the end for Fox and Lachlan, Father Time will soon take care of Rupert. It also shows Rupert knows Trump can't win.
When the story gets told about what is happening now behind the scenes it will make fascinating reading.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 7:32am

Is “ parting ways “ the new term for “ fired “ ? Interesting reading different news corporation’s reporting on TC . Where will he pop up next ? He had a big audience and you would think he’ll show up somewhere .

lp's picture
lp's picture
lp Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 7:59am

word is that it was actually the discrimination lawsuit by Abby Grossberg, one his staffers that was the final nail in the coffin

andy-mac's picture
andy-mac's picture
andy-mac Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 8:33am
thermalben wrote:

Seems to be the case. A quick recap, from two years ago:

Wow, knew he was a fuckwit, but that's next level....

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 2:11pm
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 5:09pm

Fox Corporation sheds $930 million in market value after announcing Tucker Carlson is leaving the news network

sypkan's picture
sypkan's picture
sypkan Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 5:51pm

pretty funny, the supposed scandal barely affected share price

but tucker leaving...

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 6:53pm

Harry’s getting in on the act before it’s all gone .

andy-mac's picture
andy-mac's picture
andy-mac Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023 at 7:20pm
Supafreak wrote:

Harry’s getting in on the act before it’s all gone .

Good ... Could not happen to a nicer bloke!

frog's picture
frog's picture
frog Wednesday, 26 Apr 2023 at 6:36am

Joe announces his run for a second term.

Sadly Hunter did not get the VP gig.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Wednesday, 26 Apr 2023 at 11:00am

Never thought I’d write good news and murdoch in the same sentence but there ya go . This is getting rather expensive as more are lining up .

Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater Wednesday, 26 Apr 2023 at 3:08pm

… the fox tucker box ;)


sypkan's picture
sypkan's picture
sypkan Wednesday, 26 Apr 2023 at 3:41pm

it's almost like tucker ain't actually the bad guy...