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Uluwatu on fire

Stu Nettle

Fire has broken out on the cliffs above Uluwatu

Guns, Germs, and Surfboards

Stu Nettle

The day after a Gnaraloo contest is howled down a Nias contest is announced.

Watch: Big Ulus and Balangan

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Big waves and warm water as the first XXL swell strikes Bali.

Organisers look north for Margaret River Pro solution

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Mayor says it will be great for the region!

Jack Robinson wins Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang

Finals days recap plus video highlights.

Watch: Dane Reynolds // Copacetic

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Dane in excellent order.

Surfing without legropes like 'driving without brakes'

Bruce Mackenzie

Tough regulations mooted for surfing leggy-free in Byron, legal action explored.

Waverley Council considers banning surfing at North Bondi

Ben Matson

Surfers at Bondi Beach have reacted furiously to suggestions they could be banned from using its northern end, with one surfer dismissing it as "overkill".

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