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Indonesia swell: Bigger than Muzza

Craig Brokensha

You know how it goes with lemons and pies.

Surfing without legropes like 'driving without brakes'

Bruce Mackenzie

Tough regulations mooted for surfing leggy-free in Byron, legal action explored.

Waverley Council considers banning surfing at North Bondi, including softboards

Ben Matson

Surfers at Bondi Beach have reacted furiously to suggestions they could be banned from using its northern end, with one surfer dismissing it as "overkill".

Surfers tow dead whale out to sea to protect Angourie from Great White Sharks

Gemma Sapwell

Surfers have used a boat's anchor to drag a "monster" dead whale 50 metres out to sea to protect Angourie from great white sharks feeding on its carcass.

Watch: The Difference Between Oceans, Seas and Billabongs | Did You Know?

Ben Matson

We all know Australia is “girt by sea” … but if you want to be precise, it’s actually more girt by oceans.

Steph Gilmore win J'Bay, takes ratings lead

"I don't know why I never came here until now!" - Steph Gilmore

WSL to relaunch air shows, dates announced

Stu Nettle

An old idea refloated.

Watch: Season Collective

Stu Nettle

Follow Damo Hobgood and Mick Corbett through tasty Salina Cruz to top heavy Right and bluebird beachies in southwest WA.

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