Damea Dorsey
Wave of the Day: Ghost wave - Mentawais
Craig Brokensha

Water temperatures are 2 to 3 degrees above average off Sydney, but where has it come from?

Stu Nettle

Following six months of body blows, Quiksilver is reportedly looking for a buyer to keep the company afloat.

Stu Nettle

Struggling with your slob grabs? Rodeo flip a bit rusty? I feel your pain, and Kelly Slater does too, that's why he's here spouting all sorts of uncommon surfing wisdom.

Craig Brokensha

Winter is over and what a mixed season of waves it was! How did your region rate against the rest of Australia?

Stu Nettle

Allow Julian Wilson to illustrate the difference between the best freesurfers and 'CT-level surfers.

Matt Dunbar
Wave of the Day: Damien Hardman, shooting fish in a barrel - Narrabeen

"A substantial work that easily eclipses anything comparable and instantly achieves classic status. Anyone seeking to understand surfing across the last 50 years will turn here first."

Blindboy reviews the highly anticipated surfing memoir of William Finnegan.

Clarrie Bouma
Wave of the Day: Sunday lineup south of Sydney
Craig Brokensha

For the first time ever, three concurrent Category 4 hurricanes have developed within Hawaii's forecast region.

Coloured Perth

"It's been a terrible winter here in Perth," said Mike Maxted forlornly, yet immediately after uttering those word he quickly pepped up. "However I managed a little swim this arvo with some fun results."

Mike Maxted
Wave of the Day: Phil 'Choppa' Read racing the remains of the day - Perth

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