Nick Wilms
Wave of the Day: Say g'day to Sandy Ryan!

Highlights from the first event of the Bacardi Surf Tour, the Triple Bull Cronulla Pro won by ex-CT surfer Blake Thornton.

Willem-Dirk du Toit
Wave of the Day: A sublime Winkipop composition
Stu Nettle

Robert D'amico spills the beans - single roasted Arabica, naturally - on the surf potential in his homeland. He's joined by Leo Fioravanti on all-Italian surf trip.

Free drinks. Great pics. Buy a book. Happy days.

Stu Nettle

Aussie Chris Zaffis bests Dede Suryana at the inaugural Mentawai Pro Katiet. The result is academic 'cos when the waves are this good no-one 'loses'.

Jim Banks

The gods smile on Jim Banks during a wild session at an old haunt.

Fiona Peters
Wave of the Day: Georgia Bourke beaming in Sumbawa
Stu Nettle

Could she be the first girl to ever surf Skeleton Bay?

Stu Nettle

The departure of Dane from Quiksilver wasn't completely seamless and he's hit the courts for recompense.

Stu Nettle

A little-used carpark at Homebush Olympic Park was last night revealed as the latest site for a Wavegarden wave pool.

nick green
Wave of the Day: Refraction and reflection

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