Nick Collins
Wave of the Day: Eddie Kelly under the hood at Duranbah

Best of 2014: Part 2

Part 2 of Craig Brokensha's look back at the year that was 2014.

Stu Nettle

The GoPro fiend presses play through a swag of Hawaiian and Mexican barrels, and even has time for the odd spot of Red Bull product placement.

A two week celebration of surf cinema and culture in Australia’s original surf city, the inaugural O’Neill Sydney Surf Film Festival will hit Sydney’s iconic surfing destinations of Manly and Bondi.

Best of 2014: Part 1

Part 1 of the best of 2014 through the eyes of Swellnet Forecaster Craig Brokensha.

Ben Kiggins
Wave of the Day: Ian Lloyd glides into gilt-edged Cape Solander
Stu Nettle

Two more Sydney dates announced plus a clip of Teahupoo footage taken from ASMF. Click in to watch...

Stu Nettle

'Twas the day after the Big Wave World Tour went down in ugly surf at nearby Punta Galea. These are the type of waves the BWWT needs more of.

Craig Brokensha
Wave of the Day: South by South Coast
Stu Nettle

Five white hot minutes of barrels from big Pipeline.

Stu Nettle

The contest is off but the lineup ain't empty so photographer Matt Dunbar has kept shooting the action.

Stu Nettle

ShaneO burning bright through the twilight of his career. Footage from the last two days of swell at Jaws.

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