Chris Peel
Wave of the Day: Day comes on the NSW North Coast
Stu Nettle

Alex Knost gets physical on a number of different craft during a recent south swell in California.

The end of fear

The waiting period for the Red Bull Cape Fear runs out on August 1st and with little on the charts it appears the much anticipated comp won't be held. Temper your disappointment with these photos.

NSW Far North Coast

Last weekend's oversized south swell on the East Coast was better in some regions than others, and one place that turned on was the Far North Coast of NSW. 

Grant Newby - wooden boards

The sixth annual Wooden Surfboard Day is fast approaching and the organiser, Grant Newby, is putting the finishing touches to his own display craft.

Nico Beighton
Wave of the Day: Braden Weir under an amber awning on the Sunshine Coast
Stu Nettle

Victorian Skeeta Derham makes a barrel so late and so deep that it brings to mind some CGI 'net trickery.

Stu Nettle

Enjoy intimate Indo moments with Shane Dorian plus a cameo from Ian Walsh.

Shayne Nienaber
Wave of the Day: Nick Callister embraces the season with style - Gold Coast

South-western WA

Australia's left coast has been making hay while the sun shines on another bluebird day.

Russell Quinn
Wave of the Day: Everything in its right place - East Coast somewhere

J'Baai Finals Day - photos

Mick won the competition, but Curren won the people's vote.

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