Wave of the Day: No logo, Parko, Inside Sunset
Stu Nettle

When two headliners share a double-billing.

Chris Buykx

Why do coral reefs make the perfect backdrop to perfect waves? This week, Chris Buykx dives below the surface to explain - amongst other things - why the water is so clear and the colours so vivid.

Jim Culley
Wave of the Day: Morning hues and blues in New Zealand
Stu Nettle

A thunderstorm rolls in while the surf is pumping, what should you do?

With the storm season approaching Swellnet went in search of answers.

Desert Point all over- photos

Chris Lovell captures a recent swell at Desert Point from almost every possible angle, each view revealing its improbable perfection.

Phil Jarratt

Bill Finnegan - the celebrated author of Barbarian Days - swaps keyboard for surfboard as Padang Padang pumps and Phil Jarratt tries to keep up.

Chris Lovell
Wave of the Day: Sweet surrender - Indonesian style
Stu Nettle

...and where the Grower meets the reef.

Ben Kiggins
Wave of the Day: Evan Faulks sliding the blue bowls of Solander
Wave of the Day: Mitch Coleborn above the lip at Off The Wall
Swellnet Dispatch

Two years after failing to find "surfer's gold" in Indonesia's outer islands, Chris Goodnow, along with Tony Fitzpatrick and Scott Wakefield, lands in the Mentawai Islands. It's May 1980 and the trio are arguably the first surfers to set foot there....Read full feature

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