Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: Fits like a thumb through a belt loop - Lee Wilson, Bali
Judy Scanlon
Wave of the Day: Follow the golden path

Watch: Asher Pacey // Up North, Out West

Stu Nettle

Playing the weighting game and pushing the style component.

Review: Kissed By God

Anthony Pancia

"There are appearances of Andy Irons in this documentary that will shock the living daylights out of you."

Chris Peel
Wave of the Day: Sepp Bruhwiler driving hard on a wild Canadian coast

Analysis: Autumn retrospective

Craig Brokensha

How did the 'surfer's season' treat your li'l stretch of coast?

Wild wild country

Chris Peel

All aboard 'The Best Day Ever' for some wild country surfing.

Slater in doubt for J'Bay

Stu Nettle

The champ hands in yet another sick note.

Chris Peel
Wave of the Day: Spray of exultation on the NSW north coast
Tim Bonython
Wave of the Day: Aqua tabernacle on the Southern Ocean

Willian Cardoso and Joanne Defay win the rebadged Uluwatu Pro

Panda goes on a tear during the finals at Uluwatu.

Lance Morgan
Wave of the Day: Ski in the penthouse, board in the basement

Margs Pro kicks off again at Ulus

Rebadged as the Uluwatu Pro, the Margs Pro restarted from Round 3.

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