Nico Beighton
Wave of the Day: Braden Weir under an amber awning on the Sunshine Coast

Grant Newby - wooden boards

The sixth annual Wooden Surfboard Day is fast approaching and the organiser, Grant Newby, is putting the finishing touches to his own display craft.

Stu Nettle

Victorian Skeeta Derham makes a barrel so late and so deep that it brings to mind some CGI 'net trickery.

Stu Nettle

Enjoy intimate Indo moments with Shane Dorian plus a cameo from Ian Walsh.

Shayne Nienaber
Wave of the Day: Nick Callister embraces the season with style - Gold Coast

South-western WA

Australia's left coast has been making hay while the sun shines on another bluebird day.

Russell Quinn
Wave of the Day: Everything in its right place - East Coast somewhere

J'Baai Finals Day - photos

Mick won the competition, but Curren won the people's vote.

Guillaume Gros
Wave of the Day: Jeremy Wilmotte slices the wedding cake on Saturday
Phil Jarratt

"No one, not even this sentimental old bugger, expects Jeremy to start kissing cheeks again, but just a hint of that youthful grace and charm might help his cause and win back some friends, even in the judging tower."

Stu Nettle

Super Saturday at Jeffreys Bay saw the world’s best surfers take to the water in pumping six-to-ten foot surf and thousands of fans gathered to watch the final 12 surfers battle the waves and each other.

Mike Maxted
Wave of the Day: Adam Morrison reflecting on a perfect Perth session

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