Clarrie Bouma
Wave of the Day: Black diamond back country
Stu Nettle

You won't start too many arguments calling Skeleton Bay the world's best wave, especially not with this video evidence

Brad Liber
Wave of the Day: Luke Wrice falling for perfection on the NSW South Coast
Stu Nettle

As Wednesday's south swell caught Sydney surfers by surprise, the ambitious and armed headed for those deepwater reefs capable of holding the size. 

Stu Nettle

Watch the second episode of Mason Ho's new webseries. This one shows Mason Ho bouncing around home, dodging rocks, and getting blown out of bulbous barrels.

Stu Nettle

Yesterday, while most of the East Coast copped a clean mid-range swell, Cronulla and surrounds suffered a south swell barrage. It was the biggest and cleanest swell in years.

Owen Rennie
Wave of the Day: Sydney's swell drought breaks in fine style - Cronulla yesterday
Stu Nettle

Been a while since we've heard Occ on the mic, so hows about a Q&A from a Gold Coast verandah?

A wavepool event just got a step closer to reality with news the WSL has bought a majority stake in the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

Stu Nettle

A wildcard into Fiji and some tasty entrees at Restaurants.

Dom Colch
Wave of the Day: Dune view down south
Stu Nettle

It's another run to the Donkey, this time with the Cape Town lads and they have technology on their side.

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