Tyler Frazer-Rigg
Wave of the Day: Jack Irvine tags the wall at Shark Island
Stu Nettle

Extreme longboarding! The hottest of dogging! This footage will bring a grin to even the most biased of shortboarders.

“I paddled off after that heat and there were some tears and some emotions,” Gilmore said. “I took a few breaths - it was a long year and I have to think about everything that’s happened along the way - the good results and the bad.”

Stu Nettle

The drone wars heat up with GoPro poised to enter the market with their own quadrocopter.

Courtney Conlogue delivered the performance of the event, scoring the first Perfect 10 of the Target Maui Pro and her first ever in WCT competition.

Ben Kiggins
Wave of the Day: Clint Kimmins and the Cape
Stu Nettle

It's been 40 years since the first warung appeared at Uluwatu, and now 45 of them are huddled along the valley and the cliff top. Their ramshackle layout forms part of Uluwatu's allure, yet that is about to change with a proposed development in the Uluwatu valley.

Eight photographers that have never been so well hung.

Luke Clements
Wave of the Day: Mechanical perfection, NSW East Coast
Stu Nettle

This episode of The Pipeline looks at Slater, Fanning and Medina's preparation for the Pipe Masters, the trouble brewing between the ASP and Fast Eddie Rothman, Tony's Hawk's hoverboard, and the Reef Haleiwa Pro.

Daniel Sykes
Wave of the Day: Savage beauty somewhere east of Melbourne
Stu Nettle

For all the time you devote to surfing just 2% of a session is spent actually riding waves. 2%! Is it worth it?

It's time we took a fresh look at this surfing gig.

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