Laif Johannesen
Wave of the Day: Zebulon Critchlow up the creek - Tasmania yesterday
Stu Nettle

In a pattern that's becoming all too familiar to locals, beaches between Ballina and Lennox Head were again closed due to numerous shark sightings.

Stu Nettle

Campaigning on behalf of captive dolphins, Craig Brokensha unwittingly becomes the poster boy for the modern online activist.

Stu Nettle

Remember last week's mental clips from Teahupo'o? Here's the full video: five minutes of insanity. 

Anthony Pancia

Mick Fanning is the latest to throw his support behind the search for the crew of a fishing boat which went missing off the coast of WA last week.


It's the time of year when we think twice about the value of heading out because, even with the best wetsuit, there will be a degree of discomfort.

Peter Jovic
Wave of the Day: The speed of sight - Western Australia
Tim Bonython's Swell Chasers
Wave of the Day: Pato Texeira, Tahitian base jumping
Stu Nettle

On Wednesday in Tahiti, while filming for Who Is JOB 5.0, he realised one of his surfing dreams: to get barrelled at Teahupoo – whilst lit on fire.

Don't question why, just watch.

Ben Hall
Wave of the Day: Puerto Escondido just hours ago
Stu Nettle

Dane Reynolds cops the lightest of edits during this Hurricane Dolres session in SoCal

Stu Nettle

Tim Baker directs a surfing event that transcends age, era, and surfcraft, presenting surfing as something more than mere competition. 

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