Matt Hipsley
Wave of the Day: Changing rails on the NSW South Coast
Stu Nettle

Meet the folk behind each of the shortlisted films at the Sydney Surf Film Festival. This time 'round it's an improbable but enthusiastic crew of Austrian filmmakers.

Clarrie Bouma
Wave of the Day: Always that feeling of driving down the line - Coal Coast yesterday
Stu Nettle

A much anticipated swell bursts the summer drought with a deluge of waves. Sydney was right in the firing line.

Ben Matson
Check out our live webcast from Cape Solander and Middles. Mark Mathews and a host of surfers charging 6-8ft slabs with blue skies and offshore winds.
Joel Coleman/Saltmotion
Wave of the Day: Rock down to Electric Avenue - Andrew Dart, PNG

It's a new classification system, 'cos a drop isn't just a drop in.

Stu Nettle

Meet the folk behind each of the shortlisted films at the Sydney Surf Film Festival. This time 'round it's Tyler Bell, upcoming auteur and creator of 'Chicken Soup'.

Grant Davis
Wave of the Day: Bobby Hansen and the united colours of Wainui
Stu Nettle

A film inside a book about a man inside a woman.

Stu Nettle

The Sydney Surf Film Festival began its run this week so get yourself down to Bondi tonight or Manly over the next three nights.

Tim Bonython
Wave of the Day: Mark Mathews makes an angled entry into a big lump of Waimea.

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