Matt Tibbey
Wave of the Day: Stephen Walsh looking under the hood - Byron Bay
Stu Nettle

Might as well finish off the week the way we started it, with a clip of pumping Kirra. It might be a while till we see it like that again.

Stu Nettle

Luke Hynd talks a small game. "This clip is just a bunch of leftover footage from around home and a few trips I did throughout the year."

Fortunately the clip is a tad more exciting than its downbeat description.

Stu Nettle

One thunderous clip from the fella who would be king.

Ben Matson

The Mid Coast is where many South Australians first learned how to surf. Swellnet Founder Ben Matson has written an open letter in support of an application for the region's dedication as a Regional Surfing Reserve, under the National Surfing Reserve guidelines.

Stu Nettle

Enlightened surf porn...from Iceland!

Mikey Wright low orbit air rev - sequence

Mikey Wright makes deft use of a headwind to boost a low orbit air reverse.

Nick Collins
Wave of the Day: Nick Vasicek encased in amber
Stu Nettle

What are the PWC laws on the Coolangatta points and how are they enforced? Swellnet investigates the situation and finds a system that can successfully self-regulate but one that also protects the cowboys.

Shane Myers
Wave of the Day: Mikey Wright touching the sky at Newcastle
Craig Brokensha

The Mad Hueys just dropped their Kirra clip and of all the cuts you've seen theirs is the best on the 'net. 

Stu Nettle

A short film shot in the north of Italy during a very rare swell.

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