Tim Bonython's Swell Chasers
Wave of the Day: Tyler Hollmer-Cross under the Shippies hammer
Stu Nettle

Design and construction aren't the only areas of innovation in the surfboard industry. Resin, that stuff that envelops every board that exits every factory, is just as important. John Dowse is an Australian surfer and shaper working on a new range of resins.

Stu Nettle

A moderate to highly absurd multi-craft pilgrimage exploring the upper echelons of cool...and by cool I mean ice-freaking-cold.

Thomas Webster
Wave of the Day: Carlos Goncalves behind the limestone curtain
Danny Hayes

It was the morning of the finals and the conditions were similar to what they'd been all contest: 4-6 foot, windy, and shallow...

Time Well Spent in Peru - photos

Photographer Elliot Gray is in Peru working on a project with a purpose.

Danny Hayes

Like the waves, today's action at Teahupoo was a mash up. After seven consecutive lay days the WSL sounded the hooter and the remaining surfers paddled out into sideshore wobbly, but occasionally barrelling, 4-6 foot surf. 

Elliot Gray
Wave of the Day: Lefts and leftovers - Peru
Craig Brokensha

It's been a quiet couple of months in Indonesia since the incredible 'Muzza Swell.' But finally, heading into the first month of spring a couple of large and powerful groundswells are brewing in the southern Indian Ocean.

Peter Jovic
Wave of the Day: Michael Joshua slipping from a quick pitching lip - Western Australia
Stu Nettle

Too often the Maldives is seen as the thin-lipped little brother to Indonesia, but recently a week of sustained perfection saw the mid-Indian archipelago come into its own. Click for photos and videos from the swell of the season.

Izac Carracher
Wave of the Day: Zac Ghabrial and a Sydney rock slide

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