Harry Gibson
Wave of the Day: Luke Barrett finds hollow sanctuary at Currumbin
Stu Nettle

The time Kirra came to Currumbin.

Stu Nettle

As keen readers can attest, Swellnet has had nothing but kind words for our longboard riding brethren and sistren. And we're very fond of drone videography too. So put the pair together and you have something totally wonderful.

Stu Nettle

There ain't too many options on Sydney's Northern Beaches during a big south swell, but slip a bit o' east into the mix and watch the shelves light up.

Craig Brokensha
Wave of the Day: Unidentified jive on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Flying Spud

Spud Salazar gets cannonballed out of a Cape Solander beast.

Ed Sloane
Wave of the Day: After the goldrush

Hot August Nights: Recorded somewhere in Sumatra

"First stop was a classy right hander known as Joysticks which is located in The Bay of Plenty. The name says it all, when you are surrounded by four breaks...well, that's plenty."

Phil Jarratt

"In Kuta we were all brothers and he wasn’t. We were all doing something outside the law but Mike Boyum was the most inept of us all. These days he has this image of some super smuggler, but he was a fucking idiot."

Before the morning of the earth, was the season of the scammers. In these excerpts Phil Jarratt takes us back to Bali’s pioneer surfing era.

Stu Nettle

Been a week plump full of waves up on the Gold Coast, and no place was better than Kirra. By all reports, and also going on this video evidence, the bank is better than it has been since early last year.

Shayne Nienaber
Wave of the Day: Fijian graffiti
Craig Brokensha

Watch a lucky punter power through section after section before sitting sweetly in a perfect, bowly Santa Barbara pit.

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