Ben Kiggins
Wave of the Day: Craig Anderson takes the path of least resistance in Tahiti
Stu Nettle

The Kelly Slater Wave Company confirms they'll be running on solar energy.

Stu Nettle

Swellnet speaks to the West Australian big wave surfer currently based in Nazare as a series of swells - the biggest of the season - bear down on him.

Stu Nettle

Another huge west swell impacted the California coast yesterday which meant filtered down energy made its way 'round to Sandspit at Santa Barbara.

nick green
Wave of the Day: So pitted!
Stu Nettle

You know how it is when you're in Indo. You rock up to a wave and there's a guy who you don't recognise nor ever heard of and yet he's giving the wave curry.

Steve Wall
Wave of the Day: Russell Bierke slicing on a knife edge
Stu Nettle

Like a modern version of Shaun and MR these two surfers share a wild Backdoor barrel. 

Stu Nettle

After a twenty year hiatus Gonad Man returns to save surfing from a soulless, commodified, wavepool-ridden future.

Lookout Smelly Skater!

Stu Nettle

“Before you get the princess, you have to slay the dragon”

In this story Louie Hynd finds his own princess of a left, but not before he slayed the dragon that is Teahupo’o.

Stu Nettle

Few perfect 10s, a lotta high 9s, and at the end of a day of oh-so-perfect Pipe Kelly holds the trophy aloft and leads the QS rankings.

Stu Nettle

Next week Surfrider Foundation will front a public hearing to support legislation to ban microbeads from personal care and laundry products. Make sure your name is on the petition.

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