Onshore winds for the coming days with large developing surf

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 12th October)

Best Days: Perth Sunday morning, protected spots Sunday morning in the South West, Perth early Monday for leftovers, Tuesday morning


Good clean fun waves across the South West yesterday to 3-5ft before sea breezes kicked in. Perth and Mandurah were a small but fun 1-2ft during the morning.

Today the surf has really bottomed out with tiny waves around Perth and Mandurah along with small fading 3ft sets in the South West.

This week and weekend (Oct 13 - 16)

The coming days are poor for surfing with a small increase in swell this afternoon and tomorrow being spoilt by strengthening W/NW tending NW winds across both regions.

The swell for Friday afternoon and Saturday has been upgraded quite a bit with the mid-latitude low linked to the swell expected to stall slightly and aim stronger W/SW and then SW gales into us.

With this we'll see a large increase in stormy W/SW swell across the South West Friday afternoon to the 8ft+ range by dark and 3ft in Perth.

Saturday will then see an additional SW swell in the water from a secondary fetch of SW gales aimed into us overnight and early Saturday, coming in at 10ft+ or so in the South West and 3ft+ in Perth.

Poor conditions will be seen both days though with strong W'ly winds Friday and strong but easing W/SW tending S/SW winds Saturday.

The swell will ease steadily Sunday but lingering S/SW winds will continue to produce average waves around Margs. Head to protected spots early.

Perth should see better SE offshore winds and easing 2-3ft sets.

Next week onwards (Oct 17 onwards)

A strong polar low forming in the Heard Island region Friday night is expected to project a fetch of severe-gale W/SW winds up towards the Bight through the weekend and early next week.

As this low pushes north-east towards the Bight, we'll see the South West influenced by S/SW winds Monday, but a large S/SW groundswell is expected to arrive overnight and peak Tuesday morning.

The South West should see large 8ft+ waves on the exposed reefs with small 2ft waves around Perth.

Conditions will finally be good when the swell peaks with a morning E/SE offshore ahead of S/SW sea breezes. Following this there's nothing too major on the cards, but more on this Friday.