Get in dawn Thursday, onshore there onwards

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 28th September)

Best Days: Early Thursday both coasts


Building swell with onshore winds across all locations yesterday, solid and easing today with OK conditions in protected spots across the South West. Mandurah and Perth were better with 2-3ft sets around the former and 2ft waves to the north.

This week and weekend (Sep 29 – Oct 2)

Our current swell will continue to ease back through tomorrow, but conditions will be clean early with an E/NE breeze across all locations, tending N/NE mid-late morning and then W/NW into the afternoon. The South West will be the pick with easing 4-5ft+ sets and 1-1.5ft sets in Perth.

Friday will be poor with a strengthening onshore W/NW breeze and building W'ly windswell from a vigorous mid-latitude frontal progression moving in from the west.

This progression has already generated a long-range and inconsistent W/SW groundswell for us, but with the progression racing in ahead of this swell, we'll see a new larger W/SW tending SW groundswell developing before this arrives.

XL stormy waves are due across the South west, building Saturday to the 12-15ft range late but with gale-force W/SW winds. Perth should see stormy surf developing to 3-4ft into the afternoon.

A slow drop in size out of the SW is expected on Sunday from a fetch of SW gales continuing to be aimed into the South West of the state Saturday evening, weakening and moving east Sunday morning.

Margs should ease from the 12ft+ range, and 3ft+ in Perth with onshore SW tending W/SW winds.

Next week onwards (Oct 3 onwards)

The swell will continue to ease into early next week, with moderate amounts of SW swell due through most of the week as high riding mid-latitude fronts continue to push across us.

This will also keep onshore winds hitting Margs, while Perth will also see onshores until about Wednesday. More on this Friday though.