Fun tomorrow, average for the rest of the week

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 27th October)

Best Days: Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning for keen surfers, Saturday morning exposed coasts


The surf was terrible across most of the state all weekend with onshore winds, but Gero offered windows of cleaner conditions each morning with a more variable breeze.

Today a strong new SW groundswell and offshore winds created great waves across most regions with 6ft+ surf in the South West 2ft waves in Perth and a slow 3ft in Gero before pulsing during the morning. Winds have since gone onshore across all coasts creating average conditions.

This week (Oct 28 - 31)

Tomorrow morning is looking great across all coasts with today's spike in good SW groundswell expected to ease under E/NE offshores north of Bunbury, with E/SE winds around Margs.

A reinforcing SW groundswell is due into the late afternoon, stopping the easing trend in size, but winds will be onshore in any case. This reinforcing swell should peak Wednesday morning though, keeping the South West ticking in the 4-5ft range and 1-2ft sets in Perth with 3ft waves around Gero.

Winds will be average though and fresh and gusty from the S/SE limiting surfing options to more protected spots which will be smaller and marginal.

A better and last pulse of decent SW groundswell for the period is due to build through Thursday afternoon and peak Friday, generated by a fetch of W/SW gales aimed towards us today and tomorrow to our south-west.

This swell won't be the strongest but should offer 4-6ft sets in the South West at exposed breaks, 1-2ft waves in Perth and 3ft+ sets around Gero.

Winds unfortunately look to go average into Thursday as a surface trough sitting offshore drifts inland bringing with it onshore S/SW winds that will freshen from the SW through the day and possibly linger into Friday. We'll likely see a more variable breeze Thursday morning around Margs before the change hits while Friday may see S'ly winds.

This weekend onwards (Nov 1 onwards)

The weekend is looking pretty nondescript with Friday's swell expected to ease off under offshore E/SE winds Saturday while Sunday looks poor with small leftover waves and variable winds ahead of a freshening onshore breeze ahead of an approaching frontal system.

With this approaching cold front we'll see an uptick in Southern Ocean activity, with a couple of vigorous mid-latitude and polar frontal systems due to push up and into us. With this we should see a good W/SW groundswell early next week followed up by a secondary large swell later in the week, more on this Wednesday though.