Small pulses to end the week, more size Sunday and Monday

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Guy Dixon (Guy Dixon)

Sydney, Hunter and Illawarra Surf Forecast by Guy Dixon (issued Wednesday 20th July)

Best Days: Sunday and Monday


Conditions have been pretty ordinary lately, with small weak options not much bigger than 1ft on Tuesday. Not only that, but conditions lost quality also as breezes swung north/northeasterly in the afternoon.

Today, we have seen fresh swell from the south, although a southerly breeze is hampering chances of finding a decent wave.

This week (Thursday 21st - Friday 22nd):

A sneaky little easterly fetch looks to increase late today and overnight which should whip up a fun little east/southeast swell for the NSW coast on Thursday.

Winds looks to peak at around 20-25kts overnight before drifting eastward into Thursday, resulting in a playful 2ft swell at open beaches. Also in the mix should be mid-range southerly energy associated with the same front which generated today’s pulse.

Options of a similar size are on the cards for south facing beaches, with sets in the 2ft range, perhaps a touch bigger occasionally and more substantial along the Hunter coast. 

A stronger long period pulse should also grace south facing beaches in the late afternoon generated by broad, strong west/southwesterly fetches south of Tasmania. The problem with this system is eastward motion, traversing swell window fairly quickly.

Nevertheless, south swell magnets should pick up options in the 2ft to maybe 3ft range on dark, more pronounced across the Hunter.

A light/variable-west/southwesterly airflow should allow for clean conditions in the morning, becoming light/variable-northeasterly.

Small amounts of easterly energy and left over southerly energy will be the main contributors in the swell department on Friday, with most spots easing from the 2ft range.

Northwesterly breezes will groom the line up nicely throughout the day, keeping everything in order.

This weekend (Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th):

We are likely to be in between swells on Saturday with residual groundswell continuing to fill in from the south. Poorly consolidated west/southwesterly fetches over eastern parts of Bass Strait and into the Tasman don’t look to contribute anything significant.

However a better southwesterly fetch looks to become more distinctive as the system moves east, providing a decent swell for Sunday. South facing beaches should offer sets in the 3-4ft range on Sunday, larger across the Hunter.

Gusty westerly breezes on Saturday should ease and tend west/northwesterly into Sunday morning, before a light seabreeze develops in the afternoon.

Next week (Monday 25th onward):

Meanwhile, a more distant and more intense fetch at the base of this system looks to become slow moving over southern parts of the Tasman Sea. The swell off this system is due to fill in on Monday afternoon with inconsistent sets building to around 3-5ft range at south facing beaches, with more size across the Hunter.

Breezes should persist from the northwest throughout the day, so there should be no shortage of fun options.

Broader, but weaker fetches off the back of this system will remain active over the Tasman in the days following, slowing the easing trend. Tuesday should see options hold more or less in the 2-3ft range, easing on Wednesday.