Fun southerly pulses

Craig Brokensha picture
Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 14th April)

Best Days: South magnets Friday and Saturday, south magnets Monday morning

Features of the Forecast (tl;dr)

  • Building S'ly groundswell Fri, easing Sat with favourable winds
  • Small, inconsistent S groundswell pulses Sun and Mon (most reliable) with favourable winds


Small, fading S'ly swell yesterday, but today our new pulse of SE swell is coming in at a fun 2-3ft, mixed in with some localised, weaker N windswell.

This week and weekend (Apr 15 - 23)

The mix of swells seen today will fade into tomorrow leaving tiny waves on the coast and it won't be until Friday afternoon that we'll really see the swell spike again.

A strong mid-latitude low will move across us tomorrow, but behind it a strong polar low will form and be dragged up and across us, opening us up to a fetch of strong to severe-gale S/SW winds.

This should produce a good pulse of S'ly groundswell which is due to build through Friday, only 2-3ft or so in the morning on the south magnets, but pushing to 4-5ft through the day.

The swell will peak overnight, easing back from 3-4ft Saturday morning on the swell magnets. All other locations will be much smaller so keep this in mind when scoping the coast.

Winds look favourable and W/NW tending N/NW across the north half of the coast with N/NE sea breezes on the southern half Friday, W/NW all day Saturday.

Into Sunday and Monday, some small, diffracted S'ly groundswell energy is due from back to back fronts moving in and under the state Saturday and Sunday respectively. The first front doesn't look to produce much more than 2ft on Sunday on the south swell magnets but a touch more energy may be seen Monday to 2-3ft. All other locations will be flat.

Conditions should remain favourable for the south magnets with a persistent W/NW breeze, but more on this Friday.

Longer term we may see a strong polar low generating a good S'ly groundswell late next week but we'll have a closer look Friday.