Swell from our north-east

Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 27th December)

Best Days: Later tomorrow north-east swell magnets, Tuesday morning north-east swell magnets, Thursday and Friday mornings


Tiny surf yesterday and similar today.

This weekend and next week (Dec 28 - Jan 2)

Our small and weak N/NE windswell for tomorrow is still looking just that.

There isn't much size or power associated with it, owing to the fetch of N/NE winds forming off our coast this evening and tomorrow morning being relatively weak.

We're only due to see small 2ft waves across north-east swell magnets tomorrow, back to 1ft to maybe 2ft on Friday.

Winds will swing from a dawn N/NW breeze, onshore from the N/NE ahead of a late afternoon S/SE change. This will be the time to go surfing across the north-east swell magnets.

Sunday looks dicey with morning variable winds ahead of N/NE sea breezes.

Moving into next week, and out slight better and stronger fetch of N/NE winds developing down the southern NSW coast on Monday should generate a slightly better pulse of N/NE swell for Tuesday, coming in at 2ft to nearly 3ft across north-east swell magnets, but easing through the day.

A dawn S/SE change will favourable southern corners in the early morning ahead of NE sea breezes, so get in early.

We then look to the Coral Sea. Tropical Cyclone Sarai has formed north-west of Fiji and is currently a category 2 system.

It's expected to drift south and stall just south of Fiji over the weekend and early next week, generating a stationary but unfavourably aligned and tight fetch of E'ly gales in our far north-eastern swell window.

This will produce a very inconsistent and small NE groundswell that may be seen later Wednesday but looks to peak on Thursday/Friday to 2ft to possibly 3ft across open beaches. Winds look offshore each morning ahead of sea breezes.

I'd keep my expectations low at this stage regarding the size and consistency of this swell and check back here on Monday for another look at this flukey long-range swell. Have a great weekend!