Small southerly pulses for the period


COVID-19 is changing the way we think about surfing. Travelling to the surf now means you're putting an unnecessary strain on the resources of small regional communities. So, please stay home. If you live near the beach and want to surf, please maintain a healthy spacing in the lineup, don't hang in the carpark, and keep your surf sessions shorter to allow others the opportunity to get wet. Above all, stay happy, healthy and look out for one another.

Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 25th September)

Best Days: South swell magnets tomorrow and Monday


Tiny surf yesterday while a new S'ly swell started to show this morning and should reach 3ft across south magnets this afternoon with N/NE sea breezes.

This week and weekend (Sep 24 - 29)

This afternoon's increase in S'ly swell should ease back through tomorrow with 2-3ft sets across the south magnets in the morning, small to tiny later and gone Friday.

Winds will be favourable for these locations and W/NW, giving into E/NE-NE sea breezes and then NW late in the day with a change.

There's then nothing significant on the cards until early next week when a strong polar low moving in from the south-west of the state turns into a broader front and projects up past the south-east corner of the state on Sunday.

The alignment of winds within this storm won't be good as the front that generated out current S'ly swell, but the strength, width and longevity should help get it over the line.

South swell magnets should see 2-3ft sets on Monday though winds will vary, with a light W/SW tending S'ly breeze across the southern half of the coast, tending more N/NE into the afternoon further north.

Tuesday looks a little cleaner as the swell fades from a small 1-2ft.

Following this there's nothing too major on the cards with a small S'ly pulse for late week, but more on this Friday.