Tiny to flat period

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Eastern Tasmania Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 22nd June)

Best Days: No good days


Great clean but inconsistent E/SE groundswell to 2-3ft with the odd bigger bomb Saturday morning under offshores. A new S'ly groundswell pulsed through the afternoon providing good options across south swell magnets before easing to a smaller 3ft at south swell magnets Sunday morning.

Today the swell was smaller again with 2ft sets across south swell magnets under offshores.

This week and weekend (Jun 23 - 28)

Today's S'ly groundswell is due to fade through tomorrow with only tiny leftovers across the region under N/NW winds.

Our small NE windswell doesn't look to really develop with the fetch now looking unfavourable and now well aligned.

Therefore there's nothing significant on the cards at all this week or even weekend until later Sunday, with the all the storm energy occurring in the Indian Ocean.

Sunday's possible S'ly swell depends on whether the frontal activity gets steered up and into the Tasman Sea, and the latest update aren't showing this unfortunately. So we're looking at a pro-longed flat spell at this stage. The South Arm will be a better bet.