South swell for Monday and Tuesday, north-east swell Wednesday

Craig Brokensha picture
Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Eastern Tasmania Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 31st October)

Best Days: Monday morning towards facing spots, Tuesday morning south swell magnets, midday Wednesday onwards at north-east swell magnets


Small, inconsistent and acute levels of S'ly swell has kept south swell magnets active across the last two days, but the size has been limited.

This weekend onwards (Nov 1 onwards)

Today's small lines of S'ly swell are due to fade all together tomorrow leaving near flat conditions across the coast.

Sunday will start out tiny as well, with only a slight possible increase in S'ly due into the late afternoon. This will be related to a strong low pushing across us, but Monday and Tuesday will show more swell potential as a fetch of S/SW winds on the backside of the system push up more favourably through our swell window.

This should produce two pulses of S'ly swell, both filling in and peaking Monday to 1-2ft at open beaches and 2-3ft across south swell magnets.

Winds should be offshore from the W/SW Monday morning before giving way to onshore sea breezes, while as the swell eases from 2-3ft at south swell magnets Tuesday morning early N/NW winds will freshen from the N/NE during the day.

These N/NE winds will be associated with a trough moving in from the west, squeezing a high in the Tasman Sea, with a N/NE windswell due to develop later Tuesday ahead of a peak Wednesday morning.

Size around this swell is still moving about but north-east swell magnets should offer 2-3ft sets Wednesday morning with N'ly breezes ahead of a S'ly change through the day. This will favour these north facing locations once the change moves through.

Longer term there's nothing major besides similar levels of building N/NE windswell Saturday, but we'll review this on Monday. Have a great weekend!