Steven Arklay

Steven Arklay
Wave of the Day: "Vicco doesn't barrel"
Steven Arklay
Wave of the Day: A sublime afternoon A-frame



Corduroy. Corrugrations. Oceanic undulations.

...and that's about all I can come up with on a dusty Monday morning. But I think the point's been made, at least if you've spent time on a swell-drenched Victorian coastline enjoying a vista of lines, corduroy, corrugations etc etc.

All photos by Steve Arklay (and no, the photos weren't taken this weekend).

The Forgotten State

It's mid-January, which makes it the middle of summer and the time of year when surfers think of boardshorts and warm weather. And that means Victoria is well off the surfer's radar.

It's not the time when outsiders travel to the southern state, though that's not to say there aren't any waves. They may be harder to find, and even the locals have to hit the highway, but here in the middle of summer there are waves in Vicco.

James Sinclair (the goofy) and co. get busy on a clean country beachbreak. Photos by Steve Arklay.

Optional Extras

Steve Arklay recently shot a session that was packed with options - ramps, wedges, barrels and random peaks.  A session with more features than you could throw your stick at.

All photos by Steve.

Festival of the Hoot!

The last week in September: It's the time of year when Victorians get nutty for the AFL Grand Final and all that it embodies - sport, teamwork, and binge drinking.

This time 'round, however, Darren Wilcock and a couple of lads brushed the festival of the boot for their own pumping pre-match entertainment.

All photos Steve Arklay.

Same As It Ever Was

There's a classic, timeless quality about the Bells and Winki line ups. How many times have you seen them like this with ruler-straight lines fanned by a stiff offshore breeze? Many times no doubt, and it never gets less exciting.

Bells and Winki in full flight yesterday.

Photo Steve Arklay.

Spring Fair

Vicco has fared better than most states on the Spring surf report card. As the whole East Coast is waylaid by an extended flat spell they've woken to yet another mid-size swell - 3 feet west of Melbourne, 5 feet+ to the east.

The photos below were taken by Steve Arklay two weeks ago on a great day of Spring surf. Keep an eye out for a more recent session from Steve that will appear on Swellnet shortly.

Elements Aligning

The locals would have you believe that spring is a terrible time in Vicco - the waves are small, the footy season finishes, there's too much wind - and there's some truth in what they say: the footy season does indeed finish.

Like anywhere at this time of year Vicco has its moments - it just requires a bit of patience for the elements to align. Recently, local photographer, Steve Arklay, was on hand when the elements did just that.

On The Lip

Classic images from Vicco's recent run of swell: A golden sunrise paddle out; a committed bottom turn and top turn; the timeless quality of Bells and Winkipop in full flight.

All of them spoiled by the dirtiest mo I've seen in a while. 

Photos by Steve Arklay.