Swellnet Sessions

Not so calm after the storm - photos

After witnessing one of the largest storm swells in decades out of the east yesterday, a swing in offshore winds overnight cleaned up the surf considerably into this morning.

Descent into the maelstrom - photos

A small gallery depicting the large, unruly, victory at sea conditions around Sydney this afternoon.

Surf Coast on the weekend - photos

'Twas a splendid weekend down Vicco way with a clean mid-range swell and offshore NWers.

Bells Round 3 - photos

Bells action captured from the tide line.

Bells Round 1 - photos

The best photos from Round 1 of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

Welcome autumn - Long Reef Bommie

A raw and bumpy Long Reef Bommie session went down this morning on Sydney's Northern Beaches, with a cameo by Camel.

The intermission is over: Here comes Winston - photos

With wave heights expected to get bigger from here on, it's going to be really interesting to see how many locations hold the size.

The horse man of Bondi - photos

He's a 500th generation Huanchaco fishermen. He can build a caballito (translated as 'little horse') in one hour. And this morning he built a little horse and went surfing at Bondi.

Peahi from the channel - photos

Tim Bonython captures the action from the channel.

Peahi not Eddie - photos

No contest but a hearty consolation prize.

Pipe perfection at the Volcom Pro - photos

"The best day in years." "As good as Pipe gets." The post-heat interviews were full of complimentary raves about the impeccable conditions at Pipe on Day 3 of the Volcom Pipe Pro.

Desert wind - photos

After four days of settled weather the 'wind blew tall' for the fellas on the BF Goodrich trip to the desert.