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Swellnet Dispatch

Starting this week, the Flotsam Festival on the Gold Coast is a platform for local creative folk to spruik their wares.

Among a packed lineup of events - think local surf films, photography exhibitions etc - is a media makers forum being held tomorrow. The forum will be led by Tim Baker, while the don of Swellnet, Ben Matson, will be sitting on two panels discussing issues such as 'Is Surf Washed Up?', and the new media order - the challenges and opportunites following the dismantling of traditional media.

The starting point for each talk is as follows:

"Surf media once meant surf magazines, but with print in decline what is surf media? A panel dissects the current landscape of surf forecasting sites, vloggers, YouTube stars and Instagram influencers, and the few print mags still hanging on by the skin of their teeth."

"With traditional ways for photographers and filmmakers to make a crust shifting reliance from mags and films to incorporate social and new media, we explore challenges for freelancers, dig for insights from success stories, and look at emerging trends across the media-verse."

The full panel for surf media talk will be:

Future of surf media

  • Luke Cedarman - Pro Surf Skater/Raglan Surf Report 
  • Ray and Lystra Bisschop - Surfing Life
  • Chris Smith - Surfing Australia 
  • Ben Matson - Swellnet 

Freelancers Guide To The Galaxy

  • Spencer P. Frost - Film maker 
  • Kate McMahon - Writer 
  • John Brasen - Pacific Longboarder 
  • Ben Matson - Swellnet 

The forum will be held from 2pm-6pm tomorrow at Rydges Gold Coast. Tickets are free, but seats are limited – grab yours here.

Being horribly self-absorbed we've only listed the talks Swellnet is involved in. Click here to check the complete running order of the afternoon.


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truebluebasher Thursday, 4 May 2023 at 7:10pm

Thanx Stu...Qld & Goldie crew are stoked to welcome #1 swellnet.
Thanx so much for yet another free invite...that's a quality unit.
Thanks for Qld News / Education / Surf Reports / Cams / Festivals / Comps / Exhibitions.
Well done to swellnet & partners Rydges for Legends of Surf 72 & Flotsam.

Ben puts on a first rate whole show...none better!
Best wishes from the crew...

Stu's link....
Sorry to have to do this...only fair to notify Team & their visitors to Goldie!
tbb advises crew to click [FAQ's] on Flotsam Event Safety
Flotsam does mandate Vax...that's awkward!
In any case please refer to Covid Safe & it would pay to take a mask!

Goldie Health Tip : Recommend seasonal Flu Precautions...
Please pass on Qld Health message to adopt (Above) safe precautions at gig!
swellnet have dealt with similar at board swaps...Team will handle it!
Today (Check it!) ~ Dr Nick : Triple Wave (Covid / Flu / Cold)
Gotta take a raincheck...tbb just admitted Mum into hospital...on call.

Good luck Ben & Team...above all, stay safe, best of Health & enjoy yer Goldie Visit!

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dinnerdish's picture
dinnerdish Friday, 5 May 2023 at 7:30am

I got pretty excited seeing this then I read the stuff on Qld health rules what masks and mandatory jabs to enter... keeping who 'safe'...has anyone noticed it's not working this so-called health directive...very disappointed ☹️

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 10 May 2023 at 10:14pm

swellnet Goldie crew welcomes visitors to CS comp...
Flotsam Events continue until 14th May