Huge Result From The Swellnet Board Yard Sale

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)
Swellnet Dispatch

Windy, wet weather couldn't deter keen board sellers and buyers from making the Swellnet Secondhand Board Yard Sale the biggest yet last Sunday.

Raising money for Lifeline and the Swellnet team which will be competing in the Lifeline Classic Sunday week, it again ended up being one of the highlights of the calendar year for the local surfing community.

Over 200 boards were on sale with just over $3,000 raised for Lifeline. This is the biggest and best event we've held so far. The terrible surf combined with Father's Day helped to overcome the temperamental weather with some absolute bargains going down.

Matty Chojnacki had the highest selling board, a Bowman Shapes gun that went for $1,050 to young local charger Joff Burney.

I'm sure they'll be sharing the lineup next big clean swell.

The $3,012 raised on the day takes the Swellnet team total to just over $4,500, just below our target of $5,000. There's less than two weeks to go until the Classic, so if you'd like to donate to a great cause and push our team over that 5k mark, it'd be very much appreciated.

See you on Sunday the 18th and here's to an even bigger board sale in 2023.


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radiationrules Tuesday, 6 Sep 2022 at 4:25pm

It's so impressive what you've achieved and what you're building - awareness precedes change - well done Craig (and team).

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conrico Tuesday, 6 Sep 2022 at 5:04pm

awesome work guys!

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zenagain's picture
zenagain Tuesday, 6 Sep 2022 at 8:34pm

Shout out to TBB. A man most generous if ever there was one.

I wish I could buy you a virtual tipple of your choice.

Edit- how about a track...

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 at 1:48am

Ha! Ha! kind once again...can see wot yer up to there...ain't no super hero here!

Firstly! swellnet & crew gift tbb more than he could ever dream of...too easy to return in kind.
tbb swears it works out no more or less for each of the crew...Ben & Craig can vouch for that.
Therefore it's only natural that tbb should wanna give or gift on behalf of the crew...that's only fair!

Like the rest of the crew...super stoked with Craig & swellnet but also the 100's if not 1000 extras!
So good to see Craig is getting reward for his continued frontline service...Thanx to all for bringing it!

tbb admits to making up 2 worthy Surf Gift Packs via the mail...that much is true!
Do any here honestly believe tbb mailed that kinda booty?
At this point tbb feels obliged not to answer! Only Sound more guilty either way!

tbb has no bother on what swellnet tally here or there or what gift they reveal today or tomorrow!
Should tbb slip to #3 or #103 shouldn't and doesn't matter...not in the scheme of things!
We're all smart enough to know Craig's frontline effort is still playing out.
If tally board changes or's only a part representation of the real effort put in by swellnet!

tbb (Not a real Name!) admits to 2 current Gifts...if crew thinks it's more or's not a priority!
tbb prefers no receipts for (Gifts) surfie Stuff / Postcards to swellnet!
Occasionally a few notes may slip outta the Envelope...nothing more than come the Feds!

Just sayin'...swellnet can re-gift either or, as they see's of no bother to tbb nor hopefully the crew!
tbb understands the tally board is a work in progress...after a big weekend...things change a lot!
Sure tbb threw in the 2nd donation amongst the almighty Father's day weekend tally.

At the start...tbb said he also receives Gifts...Wot say some kind Anonymous crew bankrolled tbb's lot.
Magic Happens!...This will work itself out...Please don't read too much into tbb's Mystery Tally.

Direct any goodwill toward Craig & #1 Swellnet frontline.

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thermalben's picture
thermalben Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 at 5:51am

Quick explainer - a few weeks back, TBB sent in a cash donation of $150 to the Swellnet office, so I transferred the donation to the Lifeline website, using a Swellnet email address.

Yesterday, I made a donation (of $1K) from Swellnet, and used the same email address (and transaction method) - but changed the name - however for some reason Lifeline's website is displaying the name used for the first transaction ("Trueblue Basher").

All good either way, the money is going to a great cause. Well done to everyone.

TBB - I've been out of the office for the last week so if you've sent something else through it may not have been received yet (I'll be back in a few days).

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groundswell's picture
groundswell Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 at 4:52am

It's 3am here and going to binge watch Better call Saul, but i know you donated all that true blue basher, good on ya.

zenagain's picture
zenagain's picture
zenagain Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 at 7:33am

Awesome Ben and thanks for the clarification.

I stand by my words above, TBB sounds like the loveliest fellow and I imagine he'd be the type to give you the shirt off his back.

And credit to Craig.

The world needs more Craigs.

Craig's picture
Craig's picture
Craig Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 at 7:35am

Ha, thanks Zen, much love.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 at 12:50pm

Crew had a deep down feeling that Surfer X (Ben) was the Wildcard coming into the Final 5.

Ben's Tunesmiths pitched in & also dedicated their fav Grun LP for 2022 swellnet Classic Soundtrack.

tbb don't think, he knows groundswell was playing the numbers game at 3:am...Salute!

zenagain is right again...about the whole shirt thing...
tbb is reluctant but rather proud to hand over his still fairly new, hardly worn Yellow Jersey to Surfer X.

Surfer X (Speech) : "All good either way, the money is going to a great cause. Well done to everyone!"

All say Aye...crew are on board with charity & honesty from the top down! Salute #1 Team swellnet

Hold On! Wotz this! Apparently this strange anomaly has played out once before in Sept of 1973.
Judges Overrule calls for a timely intervention from Top of the Pops Noel Edmonds :

Noel : "So lets stay right up there in the sky as we go to the top!"
(cue: Hypno Toad #1 + A funny Boing! + a filthy fuzzy riff! )...
"Now the Pro Surf Charity Circuit is a very funny sorta arena really (Noel waves a suss Shaka)...Coz just when people are saying the charts are boring and very predictable, something rather unusual happens and "This week" something somewhat amazing has happened because after just 2 weeks Surfer X back doors into number #1"

swellnet crew call for a rather restrained & moderately cool but still super neat retro celebration.

Simon Park Orchestra ~ Eye Level (Dedicated to our Top swellnet Team!)

zenagain's picture
zenagain's picture
zenagain Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 at 4:15pm

Classic TB!

No shit, I learn't to play that on recorder in primary school. Haven't heard it in a lifetime.

Thanks for the memories as they say.

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inter_webz's picture
inter_webz Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 at 12:56pm

That's awesome! Such a great event, lots of people scored absolute bargains on Sunday!

Craig's picture
Craig's picture
Craig Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 2:42pm

Less than $100 off our 5k target!

Who's keen to tip it over?

Thanks to all those who've already donated, even twice.

gray's picture
gray's picture
gray Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 9:57am

Slayed it! ;-)

Craig's picture
Craig's picture
Craig Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 10:11am

Epic, thanks so much Gray! Appreciated.

zenagain's picture
zenagain's picture
zenagain Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 10:10am

Well done to Graham for getting the boys over the line.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 5:37pm

Graham just smashed it...Salute #1 swellnet frontline!

Calls for a celebration...bring out the Classics.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 5:48pm

Wow! Wish we could celebrate some more...we can & we will!
Encore ... Fantastic Job Craig ... crew our very proud of #1 swellnet.

This one's for you guys...super smooth big time surf theme for a huge effort.

gray's picture
gray's picture
gray Thursday, 15 Sep 2022 at 11:40am

That's appreciated, thanks TBB.

But this is more my style: