Perth To Get Wavepool

Nicolas Perpitch
Swellnet Dispatch

The largest surf park in the southern hemisphere with 150-metre-long waves and the potential for "beast mode" surf will be built in Perth with special government assistance to guide it through the regulatory process.

Planning Minister Rita Saffioti was adamant that even though the wave park — on state government land next to Kwinana Freeway in Cockburn — had been given "state significant project" status, there would still be rigorous environmental and other assessments.

The state government and project proponent Aventuur have signed a 21-year lease agreement for the project, with the option to extend it for another 17 years.

Ms Saffioti and Aventuur said the park would provide consistent and quality waves for the almost 300,000 wave-starved surfers who contend with often "awful" surf in the metropolitan area, and also be a significant drawcard for interstate and international visitors.

The wave park will be built in Cockburn and open to the public in early 2025 (Supplied: Aventuur)

Cost and time frame blow out

Aventuur confirmed the price had blown out by $20 million to $100 million, to be funded by private equity, because of higher construction costs. It also confirmed the timeline for it to open to the public with surfable waves had been pushed back by six months to early 2025.

The company was announced as the developer and operator in September last year after a competitive tender, with URBNSURF, which built the Melbourne wave pool, also in competition for the Perth site.

URBNSURF had initially planned to build a $30 million surf pool on parkland at the riverside suburb of Alfred Cove, south of Perth's CBD. But that met with intense opposition from parts of the local community, and in March 2019 the WA Government rejected a request to hand over Crown land for the project.

'Surfing's deeply ingrained in Perth culture'

A little over a year later, the founder of URBNSURF Andrew Ross left the company and joined Aventuur, which has also now won the rights to the "Wavegarden" technology which powers the Melbourne wave pool.

Mr Ross, the chairman of Aventuur,  today described signing of the lease agreement for the surf park as a "major milestone" for Aventuur's project.

The WA Government hopes the wave park, which will be built in Cockburn, will create local jobs and support the tourism sector (Supplied: Aventuur)

"Surfing's deeply ingrained in the Perth culture," he said. "But to be a Perth surfer is actually a very challenging career choice. We often have pretty awful waves, conditions of lull, we have very busy line-ups when the waves are good. We also have obviously marine hazards which float up and down the coast from time to time."

"So the Perth surf park will be a a game changer in that respect allowing perfect waves for everyone from absolute beginners, all the way through to professional surfers."

Mr Ross presented Ms Saffioti with a custom-made, locally-shaped twin fin surfboard, which she promised to one day ride.

Project subject to 'rigorous' assessment 

Ms Saffioti said that state significant project status mean government agencies would work with Aventuur to support and "guide" it through the regulatory approvals. But she stressed no environmental or other corners would be cut and it would be a "rigorous" process."

"This agreement for lease now allows the company to seek and receive developmental approval, it will also help them in respect to their financing and that lease will come into play once that surf park is actually built," Ms Saffioti said.

Jack Robinson tests out the wave-making system that is coming to Perth (Supplied: Aventuur)

Piston power equal to South Korean wave park

The wave park will also have food outlets, a beach club and an entertainment hub. There will be a choice in wave size and intensity from small beginner surf to hollow, barrelling two-metre advanced waves, with "beast mode" the most challenging and dangerous level.

The waves are created by 56 pistons, equal to a wave park in South Korea, which push out water into either side of a pier in a fan shape for rides up to 150 metres and 18 seconds long. The Melbourne wave park has 46 pistons and will be 30-40 metres shorter.

Mr Ross said in "beast mode" the last 15-20 pistons push out water all at once, creating a powerful wedge of water with a big, deep barrel. He compared it to an infamous, and much, much larger wave off WA's south coast called "The Right", pointing out he had split his lip surfing in "beast mode".

But at the same time, Mr Ross assured the wave pool would be safe and, unlike surfing a remote surf spot, there was medical help at hand.

He explained the wave pool used the same amount of water as for three holes at a golf course per year, which would need to be topped up for evaporation, especially in summer. Prices for a one-hour session would likely range from $50 to $120, for the beast mode.

Aventuur hopes to be granted developmental approval in the next couple of months, with the first waves pumping through by the end of 2024 and open to the general public in early 2025.

It estimates the wave park will attract 300,000 visitors annually and contribute $250 million to the state economy over the life of the project.

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lost's picture
lost's picture
lost Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 at 4:24pm

Andrew Ross’s first park cost
almost double what had been planned for
to get operational. This new one is sounding really really expensive and when You see 2025 dates….who knows. Expect the Urbrn Sydney to open next. They are at least already digging. Wiseman’s ferry - zero chance. Has Ross learnt from the first one where a new team was brought in to get it operational ?

Stok's picture
Stok's picture
Stok Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 at 4:28pm

Good luck booking a session in among the other 300,000 surfers!!!!

Dx3's picture
Dx3's picture
Dx3 Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 at 4:54pm

Hahaha. 300k per year, that’s 821 surfers a day. With estimates like that, no wonder their cost modelling blows out big time.

And comparing the wave pool tech to ‘the right’. Yeh righto mate

geek's picture
geek's picture
geek Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 9:29am

Perth surfers would have to be the most desperate/keen surfers on the entire planet. This will be an absolute gold mine. Not too cold in winter either so should be packed year round

yahabo's picture
yahabo's picture
yahabo Saturday, 25 Jun 2022 at 4:30pm

Adelaide surfers to Perth surfers "Hold my beer, I'll show you desperate!"

garyg1412's picture
garyg1412's picture
garyg1412 Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 9:45am

Is that 300,000 metropolitan surfers statistic correct?? That's a $300 million per year industry if everyone buys a board and wetsuit every two years. That's 3 times their construction budget every 12 months.

bazattaz's picture
bazattaz's picture
bazattaz Tuesday, 12 Jul 2022 at 1:56pm

It'll be like surfing at Bondi

quokka's picture
quokka's picture
quokka Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 at 4:37pm

WA govt would be better off chucking a dozen relatively inexpensive arti reefs along the coast...better use of cash. There are a couple of promising looking options they could easily try which wouldn't cause environmental damage, which I assume is the main concern.

smokeydogg's picture
smokeydogg's picture
smokeydogg Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 8:15pm

That would be the best solution for perth, unfortunately 95% of arterficial reefs specifically designed for surfing just haven't produced consistent reliable surf up to date.

Oldguy's picture
Oldguy's picture
Oldguy Thursday, 23 Jun 2022 at 9:31am

They tried the bladder in Bunbury, WA. It got a hole in it on the first day in benign conditions and couldn’t sort it out, so out it came and never went back. It isn’t anywhere near robust enough to last in surf conditions.

quokka's picture
quokka's picture
quokka Thursday, 23 Jun 2022 at 11:40am

Yes they did, it burst on a seam. They have gone back to the drawing board tweaking the design, the material being used, and how the seams are sealed (now welded not glued). Troy is trying to raise cash to build and install the 2nd prototype. Very seldom does an idea work on the first try and I really think this design has merit. Reasonably easy and quick to install and the same to remove. It should be durable once in place and surely it would create banks, if not directly on the bladder then adjacent to it. Gotta give something a go because the waves we get in Perth from mother nature are garbage.

Oldguy's picture
Oldguy's picture
Oldguy Thursday, 23 Jun 2022 at 2:26pm

Sincerely hope it works, would be good.

stanfrance's picture
stanfrance's picture
stanfrance Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 at 4:48pm

I had a problem with Cockburn once

velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 10:01am

Locally pronounced 'Co-burn' because otherwise it's too traumatic

rooftop's picture
rooftop's picture
rooftop Thursday, 23 Jun 2022 at 11:23am

Apparently there is a remedy for Cockburn:

hoody's picture
hoody's picture
hoody Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 at 5:07pm

Lol Cockburn. Well I'm sure it will reduce the amount of wankers in the ocean once its built.

Remigogo's picture
Remigogo's picture
Remigogo Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 at 10:01pm

Enivon shouldn't be an issue. It's only been the industrial heartland for a really long time. Mental if it comes together. Time.. will tell.

velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 10:02am

South of River will have best wave in Perth! Go Dockers lol

criso's picture
criso's picture
criso Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 11:55am

But eagle supporters surf better

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 10:12pm

Rita is a mad Dockers Surf Fan.
Docker's Defender & Official WA Marine Hazard Whisperer has Gone Surfin' & cops a ban.
Docker's lanky Grom : "Reckon I snared myself a Surfin' Buddy!"
"I've been hearing good things about the Waves over in Perth!"...(Damo' made me say that!)
Docker's Captain : "Watchin' Jack Robbo getting absolutely pitted at the Box!"
Captain : "I'd rather be a WSL Booth Jock!"

Dockers sound more like surfer dudes than surfer dudes...
Hot favs for the Local's Only "Traumatic Decanter"
Which doesn't sound anything like "Traumatic Dick Canter" coz otherwise it sounds too Cocky!

MrBungle's picture
MrBungle's picture
MrBungle Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 11:11am

Show me the beast.

criso's picture
criso's picture
criso Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 11:58am

Here in WA there are 270,000 that think they are surfers and 30,000 that can actually do it

radiationrules's picture
radiationrules's picture
radiationrules Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 4:48pm

"A little over a year later, the founder of URBNSURF Andrew Ross left the company and joined Aventuur, which has also now won the rights to the "Wavegarden" technology which powers the Melbourne wave pool." - code for "Andrew changed his undies, not his approach" ergo what sort of surfer refers to sharks as "marine hazards which float up and down the coast from time to time." - piss-ant capitalism at its finest.

Remigogo's picture
Remigogo's picture
Remigogo Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 8:40pm

It spins me out.
Developers remove a Spearwood cable water ski park and replace it with development.
20 years later, nearby, developers instal a wave pool ensuring it comes within a development.
20 years late this thing, if you ask me.

Shaggydagz's picture
Shaggydagz's picture
Shaggydagz Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 9:50pm

What happened to the Spearwood ski park, filled with sand and built houses on it?
20 Kms down the road from the proposed wave park we've already got the cable wake park with some gnarly rails/ramps. I wonder if the wave park will siphon a few customers away from the cable park

Remigogo's picture
Remigogo's picture
Remigogo Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 10:43pm

What happened to Spearwood? Speaking to the owner of at least 15 years at the time, he said he'd been running at a loss over the last few winter periods and had decided to sell off with 'up there' land values.

Down the road Baldivis was operating with an opportunity to hire a speed boat to ski behind at the time through what I believed to be canals. I really only knew Baldivis for speed boat racing.... Wake boardings early stages also.

Rumour has it, Baldivis ended up with the cables. But have you just confirmed that?
I only single ski thanks...
I took up surfing and skating full time when cable's shut.

I still really miss those winter days with a tiny ski crew when the owner would crank up the speed past fast for 2 his.

So, sand gropers, come winter, don't puss out. They too have a business to run. Ain't sweet FA a hot shower can't fix.

Or for you younger folk, nothing a wellness centre can't fix.

Shaggydagz's picture
Shaggydagz's picture
Shaggydagz Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 10:55pm

Yep, it's a pretty good looking set up the cable park off Mundijong Road..
It spells broken ribs and lost teeth if I were to tackle some of those rails I'd reckon..
But I'm sure they'd let you trawl around and lay some turns

Remigogo's picture
Remigogo's picture
Remigogo Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 11:20pm

Seems after 20 years I still have business unfinished. Best I check it out. On you Shaggydags. Cheers.

GFC's picture
GFC's picture
GFC Thursday, 23 Jun 2022 at 2:47pm

I think wake boarding and surfing are too different. Long time surfer - Ive done the wake park once, was fun for a once off. My arms were still sore the following weekend. Cant wait for the wave park.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at 11:40pm

Request for 13 minute Local Mob Dingo Twinnie Handover Ceremony Wave Pool Flick.

20th June 2022 at [ 14:37 ] WA Time : Courtesy WAMN News (Crew send thanx for sharing!)
[0:00] Very Shiny Love White Surfboard Handover...(Andy > Minister's Office Showpiece)
[0:45] Wave Tech > 2m high x 150m length @ 18sec rides
[1:20] Sourcing Groundwater
[1:35] Urbnsurf Incident (Heart Attack > Surfer recovered Ok!)
[2:00] Site is better than Tompkins Park
[2:30] Cross / Urbnsurf Tender
[3:15] Prices $50 >$120
[3:30] Roary's Beastly pet beats up Andy
[3:50] Beastly Secret (56 Pistons)Pushes 15-20 End Dominoes as one to stoke up the Beast (The Right)
[4:20] Cost Blowout (No Govt Money only the Land Lease)
[5:00] Worldly Wave Garden
[5:25] How Wave Garden Rights changed hands?
[5:50] Additional 10 Pistons (56 = South Korea) > 30m longer > height > Ride
[6:45] Private Equity US > Very wealthy Families
[7:20] Minister Rita : Visit to Urbnsurf ( Yeah! But does she or did she Surf ?)
[8:30] Quick swap back to Andy : Visitor Modelling ( Back to Minister )
[9:15] Jobs / Infrastructure / Amenities / Accessibility + State Significant Project / Applications
[11:20] Leasing > 21 years + 17 year optional extra + SSP > Developer Fast Track?
[12:15] Groundwater can be Managed (Reference to Golf Courses)
[12:50] Opening Day > Rita's Paddle Battle (Laugh!)
[13:05] Ceremony Ends...continues with Minister's presser!

DPLH / Dingo Twinnie Commemorative Photo Album/s (Thanks to Photographer!)

DPLH Site : Surfs Up! Comments...
Largest Wave Park of it's type in Southern Hemisphere > Larger than Optus Oval
260 Planning / Construction Jobs + 65 Full time Jobs...Gone Wave Poolin'!

Dingo Surfboards

Thanx swellnet...Crew are stoked to share in this occasion with WA.

Remigogo's picture
Remigogo's picture
Remigogo Thursday, 23 Jun 2022 at 12:42am

Melville council still vigilant.

seaslug's picture
seaslug's picture
seaslug Thursday, 23 Jun 2022 at 9:49am

Thanks for the morning chuckle Remigogo

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 21 Oct 2022 at 12:38pm

Application referral Form.
Station Site Metro Zoning - "Industrial" + Local Zoning "Development"
Location was chosen by Govt Finance & facilitated by Tourism & Innovation.
Preferred location due to existing Rail / Freeway & zoning.

5.742 hectare site ~ Plans to be Largest Surf Park in Southern Hemisphere
Pro Surf Comps + Regular Club rounds + Outdoor Surf Movies + Gigs

21st June The City of Cockburn ~ Jandakot Lease comments.
"Aventuur Surf Park will be a Fantastic Drawcard!"
"Great for our Economy during construction & ongoing employment!"
"Further activate Town Centre & stimulate Night Economy, Tourism, Entertainment & Hospitality!"

August 2022 Aventuur Lodge Plans with City of Cockburn Council

Plans can be accessed via "Comment on Cockburn"
re: 800L-801L Prinsep Road, Jandakot
Application Site

Consultation is now open for review...

*Submissions Close 4pm Monday 24th October 2022.


Reference number DA22/0604 + Details + Name / Address
Phone : 08 9411 3444
Email : [email protected]
Post : City of Cockburn, PO Box 1215, Bibra Lake DC WA 696
Visit : Planning Team Officer City of Cockburn Admin' Building @ 9 Coleville Crescent, Spearwood
Online : Survey & Submission...Sign in + Register here on same Application Site.

Note : [ How do I make a Submission ]
*Submission close date 24th Oct 2022 ends sooner than Advertising period End date 24th Nov 2022

Plans (Document Drawer)
*Town Planning (Surfing Lagoon) Modules 56 + waves 2m + 84 surfers/hr > 18 per side @ Peak.
[P] Access + 7 days Hours Summer 6am-9pm (10pm Fri/Sat) > Winter June-Aug 9am -6pm
*Architectural Report - Cultural Tour of Local WA Surf Culture + Detailed Wave Pool Plans
*Architectural Plans - Mostly detailed whole Site Plans
*3d Renders - Novelty Wave Pool Postcards of Trailer Park Blowins is a real Hoot! Yewww!
*Acoustic Assessment : Measures Plunging Wave Acoustics from Spanish Test Centre
*Bushfire Management : Although being a CBD Pool ...nearby industry & bush present Fire Fronts
*Civil Services Report : Mostly Site Utility Logistics
*Environmental Study : Mostly pertains to Sub Soils / Drainage
*Landscape Design : Noongar / Beach Culture / Connectivity
*Noongar Cultural Framework...Welcome to country
*Sustainable Design : Waterwise / Solar Power / Shade / Light / Thermals / Waste / Compost
*Traffic Impact : Central Station Standard Ample [P] > Local Roads...(Site was chosen for this reason)
*Vegetation Assessment : Decimation of Cockatoo foraging Banksia Woodland Habitat (An Issue!)
Report dates 2nd Feb - State Govt would rate this a very real concern as a pool can't grow bird food?
*Water Management - (#1 Super Sensitive Topic)
So much going on here... Groundwater Aquifer Rights ( Reallocations / Returns)
Likely fill rate 25-30 L/s @ duration of 10 days for 26,000m3 fill line. (Aquifer 75,000 kl/year)
Inflow =
Aquifer Top Up 65% 35.7ML/yr (Peak 53.93)
Rainfall 28% 15.40 ML/yr (Peak 18.41)
Utilities 9.94 ML/yr
Irrigation 9.09 ML/yr
Scheme (Potable) 6.94 ML/yr
RunOff 7% 4.03 ML/yr (Peak 1.17)
Facilities (Potable) 3.8 ML/yr
Hotel/Glamping (Potable) 2 ML/yr
Hospitality (Potable) 1.14 ML/yr

Outflow =
Pool Evaporation 97% 53.38 ML/yr ( Peak 53.65)
Evapotranspiration 8.18ML/yr (Potable 0.17ML/yr)
Wastewater (Potable) 5.94ML/yr
Overflow 3% 1.75 ML/yr ( Peak 4.01 )
Recharge 0.91 ML/yr + (Potable) 0.83 ML/yr
Leakage 0% (Small)

Total Mix Water Usage
Groundwater in/out (Pool 55.1 ML/yr + Facility 8.12 ML/yr) = 63.22 ML/yr
Requested Allocation (75,000 KL/yr as shown covers Peak or drought year)
(Potable) in/out 9.64 ML/yr
Total Water 72.86 ML/yr

As said...Water Wise schemes are front & centre & need to be considered as whole.

Please no one say Truebluebasher beat you into Submission...Do yer own thing before end of Monday!
Just saying all the crew get to have yer fair say...just be quick about it!
Sorry 'bout not notifying earlier...only just found out it a gut feeling!
Submissions may have started from 10th Oct 2022 (or) 14 days back from 24th Oct 2022 end date!

Happy to share & crew wish Aventuur all the best with their expert proposal.
tbb means that...there is a mountain of quality work gone into this Proposal...on show for all to see!

Just gonna link the Submission page again...

Crab Nebula's picture
Crab Nebula's picture
Crab Nebula Friday, 21 Oct 2022 at 4:30pm

I often wonder if we are going to look back in a few decades' time and say to a bemused grandgrom "yeah, wavepools were a thing back then, nuts eh"

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 5 Dec 2022 at 11:39pm

Perth Wave Park site is in the news again...
re: tbb's last predicted...the main concern is the decimation of Banksia Birdlife Habitat.
Pretty sure Aventuur knew such & planned to wing it!

Are we seeing another knockback for Perth Surf Park Supporters? Well! There is serious concern!
The Headlines are not Puff pieces!
{ Perth's $100m Surf Park to Clear Black Cockatoo Habitat! }

tbb apologizes for the delay in sharing this it was widely circulated!
However! Those in the know realize this assessment option was also earlier afforded in above Consult!
This being more focused on Bird Life Habitat which was long presumed the main concern ...cont...

Details of Losses
1H of Wetland / 3H of Banksia Woodland
Affecting a threatened ecological community of Priority Four Species!
Carnabys / Red Tailed Black Cockatoos / Quendas / Rainbow Bee Eater

EPA Recommendation : Realigning proposed North Lake Rd to Beeliar Drive alignment!
Tip : Both West > East Main Rds > North'lake becomes Armadale (intersects) Sth -(14) Beeliar
EPA are asking Govt to realign Main Northern Route >
eg: Possibly utilize off ramp with Station Transit?
This would seemingly free up Northern Woodlands ( Hence the feedback request! )

Details of Site transfers are also included in news report!

Q: Should EPA assess this Site!
EPA Consult Opened 28 Nov > Closed 4th Dec (Yesterday!) Again! Sorry crew!
Here's EPA Surf Park Concerns & Assessment Process

Sky News > Last week these WA Locals scored these Majestic Clouds ** * *

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 8 Jan 2023 at 7:35pm

Link to swellnet's WA Wave Pool sister sites...

[ Correction + Apology to fellow crew ]

30th Nov 2022...Udo did notify swellnet crew of "New short listed 7 day Birdlife referral!"
Thanks to Udo for digging that out in time for crew to reply...good stuff!

Make note > Aventuur + Govt's Official Surf Park name "(PSP) Perth Surf Park"
Also ignore the many articles > start build date of Late 2022 (Clearly that was never happening!)
Open also varies > Late 2024 > 2025

13 Dec 2022 update...(Pollie's nod passes as an inside tip!)
WA Minister of Sport / Rec Tony Buti :
"Pleased to see exciting project that showcases WA vibrant surf Culture continues to move forward!
Quality of Submissions was high, reflecting the enthusiasm for this Venture!
Proposal has advanced to next stage!"

Did the EPA sort out the Birdlife prior to the Holidays?
Certainly reads like Aventuur passed their biggest hurdle...reason for WA Pollie's Joy!

Local Wave Pool Real Estate AD : For Sale $360,000 (Nearby Attractions) Perth Surf Park in 2025.
Land Shark : "Can throw in a $360,000/hr Wave Pool session for free!" [ SOLD ]
Click [Read more]

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 11 Jan 2023 at 9:52pm

Thought to intro a balanced Local perspective on the Birdlife Habitat.
Mostly as the State Pollie seems to have hinted this is now done & dusted.

So! How did the Proposal advance to next stage without Council or EPA notifying the Public?
Not being a Local, needed to sound out some Local Bird Song...

(Perth's $100m Surf Park to Clear Black Glossy Cockatoo Habitat )

Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor (Responses)
29th Nov 2022
"We can't afford to keep hacking at the precious urban bushland we have left!"

LMM : "I can't believe after all the support Cockburn Shire put in to Save The Wildlife Corridor, they then go & do this...adding Melville was the better option!"
KF : "It's a Good Project but can't they find a shitty degraded piece of of land somewhere!"
"Scarce Native Vegetation is still seen as the cheap option...Maybe!"

Ok! So tbb is diggin' the dirt & the crew can smell the blood...time to go in for the kill.
{Warning} Whiteshoestompin'time!

CT: See (2019) Aerial > 55% has been illegally cleared & degraded before EPA visit.
Further hot under the collar banter about previously disappointed developers ...(blood lust frenzy!)

NP : "Geez can we not! 15 minutes from the beach, heading into deeper climate crisis & cutting down more bushland for hectic water waste - just no many moles! Ha Ha auto correct.[NOPES]
ISmCg : Yep! Why does this Shitty Plan keep making a resurgence! If you want Waves...go to the beach!"
FAWNA Inc : "OMG seriously people when are we gonna realize there is so little habitat left! We cannot replace it once it is gone- when we lose all our species-they will say why didn't the Govt protect them."
LC : "I couldn't agree more!"
BJA : "This site sat idle for 16 years!"
CT: " No! The bush Biodiversity helps us survive...etc..."
BJA : "Yes!"

Replies Continue with reference to EY
6th Dec 2022
PC : "Diabolical!"
CAP : "How fucked up is this! Hopefully doesn't go ahead!"
FA : "I'm further disgusted on more than 1 level here. I have no words!
I do wonder what water they think they will be using!"
LE : Yes I filled out the (form) & said it needs Full Assessment

(Noting this being the (form) Udo made available to the crew (See above) ...thanx again!)
tbb is just demonstrating the swellnet crew > process has been timely & accessible to all!
As is the Local Wildlife Community's Voice represented here...please continue...

(Controversial $80m South Perth recreation Hub to go ahead.)
12th Dec 2022
EY : "The State has re-educated a group of councillors wielding a voting majority in defiance of Public Sentiment!"
GB : "So the Govt gets what the Govt wants, only 2,500 signatures for that area, there's a lot more people than that in that area!"

Local Wildlife Swansong!
Accusations of standard pre clearing of Vegetation prior to EPA Visit
Local Council forever saved their illegally cleared Wildlife Corridor almost up until Xmas.
State Govt reshuffled some Council Paperweights over the Xmas break!

Tick & Tick & Even Bigger Tick for Me!

Qldurr tbb rubber stamps Goldie Standard White Shoe Shuffling.
WSL Qldurr Wave Pool Boy Starkey : "Drool!"