Macaronis Surf Coaching Clinics 2020 and 2021

Stu Nettle
Swellnet Dispatch

For the last two years, Swellnet and Macaronis Resort Mentawais have run surf coaching clinics during January.

The clinics have been so succesful that, not only will they be repeated next year, but they'll also be run in 2021, and each year will have an extended season. There'll now be five week-long clinics running from mid-January to late-February.

Hosted by Macaronis Resort, the clinics have been run by renowned surf coach Clayton Nienaber and his brother, photographer Shayne Nienaber, and in 2020 they'll be joined by Cris Mills who'll provide strength, stretch, recovery and breath training as well.

Clayton is a renowned surf coach, he'll provide one-on-one and group tuition, while Shayne will film each session with video and stills. The footage is used for instant feedback to improve sklills, but also to document your surf trip.

Clayton Nienaber during the 2018 coaching trip (Photo Shayne Nienaber)

Each trip includes 8 surfing days / 7 nights, and the trips are run consecutively. It's possible to combine a coaching clinic with a two week stay at the resport.

For full details click here, or sign up to the group Facebook page and keep abreast of details.