'Friends of Nias' volunteers 2020

Craig Brokensha
Swellnet Dispatch

Friends of Nias, a not-for-profit medical clinic based at Lagundri Bay, is looking for volunteers in 2020.

Following this year's success, with volunteers from Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada, Germany, and The Netherlands, spots are again filling up for 2020.

Volunteers must run the clinic most days for around three hours, in a fun, rewarding, and air-conditioned space.

With a world-class wave out front, you can expect larger swells from April to October, plus smaller and less crowded through the off-season.

There's a wonderful team of three nurses, a pharmacist, and local doctor to work alongside.

This is a great opportunity to be immersed in the village and have 'a holiday with purpose'.

Check out the Friends of Nias website for availability, enquiries and donations.

Also, for more info regarding the volunteering guidlines, click here.