Tahiti offers to host Olympic surfing in 2024

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OK, two Olympic articles in two days, and this one doesn't even have a picture of the Rock Steady Crew - apologies.

Following news that the upcoming Tokyo Olympics would hold its surfing event in the ocean, and that if surfing was included in the Paris 2024 games it too would go natural, French Polynesia has pressed its claim to hold the surfing there.


Last week, French Polynesian President Edouard Fritch headed a delegation which met with Paris 2024 chief Tony Estanguet. Despite being located almost 16,000 kilometres away in the Pacific Ocean, Fritch said the overseas territory would like to be considered for the job.

Fritch was quoted in local media as saying the islands had "strength and experience" in international surfing competitions, as well as a "great sensitivity to the environment".

The main island of Tahiti was be put forward as the proposed location, and though that's as far as the reporting went we can assume they have Teahupoo in mind.


French Polynesia is up against three rival bidders closer to home on the French mainland: Biarritz, Lacanau, and La Torche, all of which are in easy reach from Paris.

Yet there's still a chance surfing could be scrapped from the 2024 program if the competition flops when it debuts in Tokyo next year. It's only provisionally included and won't be ratified till December 2020. It's then that International Olympic Committee observers will meet to assess how surfing fared in regards to excitement it generated plus the number of live and broadcast viewers it attracted.

Surfing is among four new sports at the Tokyo Olympics. The others being sport climbing, skateboarding, and breakdancing.


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Sprout Thursday, 27 Jun 2019 at 9:45am

Can you imagine the carnage if it pumped.
Team Uzbekistan at 15ft Chopes.
I'd actually watch that.

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rablex Thursday, 27 Jun 2019 at 11:33pm

omg yes.

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garyg1412 Thursday, 27 Jun 2019 at 10:38am

Yeah imagine surfing's equvalent of Eric (The Eel) Moussambani having a crack at 15 ft Chopes. Pure Gold!!!

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truebluebasher Thursday, 27 Jun 2019 at 2:10pm

Thanx Stu, great News ...Why stop there?

Tahiti is the only 'Nation' outside of NZ-OZ to win the Oceanic 'Nations' Football Cup

Crew might also recall Tahiti did host the 2013 FIFA World Cup...(Crowd 110,000)
Tahiti [Group D] runner -up were later defeated by Champs Russia in knockout phase.

Tahiti FIFA World Cup theme Video (Pretty cool)

Tahiti's Pacific Oceanside Football Stadium ( Again...not bad!)

Beach Babes promo (Sweet)

Soccer Hunks Promo (A bit Raw)

Best Goals Highlight Reel (Super Soccer)

How come Tahiti can Host FIFA Football Cup miss out on World Rugby & Olympics?
How come FIFA then also fails to recognize Hawaii?
Never as straightforward as it seems...but there is a pecking order with harsh Rules!

(Home Nations Board Game) "Snakes'n'Ladders" (Now with Bonus Hoops!)
Game Rules...
Ladders : Old School 'Test Match ties' always land on ladder to the top. Game Over.
Hoops: Youthful sporting bodies jump thru hoops to land on slippery Ladder rungs.
Snakes: Parent Nations bully you to roll again when you land on the Big Ladder.
Made up Rule: Loser Home Nation must then help bully Parent Nation to win.

Sport is politics so you know how it plays out.(You musn't let the new guy win!)

Is that why Hawaii adopted the Triple Crown Game?
So just not Cricket then! (Nope!)
The Rugger Boys are the biggest bullies in this game!

Go thru more rules on my next turn...(Rare goodwill sporting gesture from tbb!)

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lost's picture
lost Thursday, 27 Jun 2019 at 9:37pm

The big news here is to my mind is that BREAKDANCING is being included in Tokyo Olympics. Wow.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 27 Jun 2019 at 11:46pm

Ok! Who caught tbb out? 2013 Tahiti World Cup anomaly...
France never qualified nor was entitled to compete as parent Host Nation...(Unfair?)
Ironically France were also knocked out by World Cup Champions 'Russia'.

Rules change from Team to Solo Sports to suit Parent Nation's politics.
History of acceptance dates from 1800 Ireland < > Britain < > France (Later)

(Exhibition Match) Invites slave nation to compete on Parent Nation's terms.
Note: Now less welcome & more guarded as a slave nation can embarrass Parent.
The first step to freedom...(Try not to win!)
(Test Match) A competitive Sporting Exhibition 'records goodwill' with slave nation.
This amounts to 2 rungs on a ladder.

(Test Series) This obligates Parent Nation to return trade with Slave nation as equal.
Slave nation can gain instant freedom.(Ashes define Test Series status as "Equals")
Parent Nations seldom oblige return match freeing their Slave nation.(Back to Start)
1979 (eg:) France v *Tahiti (once) Tahiti/New Caledonia Test Series.'Way too difficult!'.
More Tahitians than French in team/Comp...(Like way too hard for a Test Series?)

Host Nation Championships! Rewards slave nation small steps towards freedom.
1883 Home Nations Cup (Rugby)
1910 (5 Nations Cup) Ireland/Scotland/Wales/England/France ( An equal trade Fair!)

Triple Crown- Defeating 3 other Nations (3 wins) As in Surfing!
Hawaii used this (Invitational International Series ) to adopt independence
Hawaiian Surfers could compete on world Stage as Hawaiians in Home Nation.
Smart move as it swayed WSL.(Hawaiian Surfers Hoist Flag at all world events)

Grand Slam -Defeating 4 other Nations(4 wins) As in Tennis!
Should a slave Nation be that good then why would you wanna be free, boss? WTF
(Pause) You've earn't a rest....

...Part 2
1964 Tokyo Olympics...(Senior FIFA heads meeting)
Football World Cup 'Asia Group' weren't keen on playing bigger OZ/NZ Teams
Soon after the Oceania Group was formed but lacked Powerhouse Nations.
Biggest argument then put forward was for the growth of the World Game.
Laying the foundation for Pacific 'Team' Sport Independence.

1970's-80's Political/Sporting independence traded for Tax Havens.
Right Wing Mobsters' State of Minerva- Dethroned French/English Vanuatu.
This new Tax Haven opened doors to more liberation for Pacific Sporting Teams.
France wasn't stopping bloodless coup of slave Pacific Football signing to FIFA.
On the contrary French Club Tax Havens complete with sister World Cup franchises!

'2000's Deckchairs were shifting as Australia was now too big for Oceanic Group.
Soon after Oz moved on French Soccer saw NZ All White dominating the group.
French Consortium' Ocean's 11' pimped New Caledonia in Ring of Fire A league.
'Never happened' but all could see the game France was playing...
Recolonisation by Corporate raiders with 'Freed Pacific Nations' as 'private pets'.
(Pause)...Take a nap....

.....Part 3
Ok tbb! So can we backtrack to freeing Hawaii ? Sorry! That price is way too high!
Hawaii is the highest taxing state in America. No one will free them with such debt.
Meaning Hawaii could break free if they just sign the devil's deed!
Hawaii refuses to take the bribe.( The true last Sporting Nation)

tbb salutes Hawaii...(No gambling)
No Casinos / No pokies /No State Lotto / No Sports Bet / No Horse Racing / No bingo

1987 Hawaii played Rugby Exhibition in NZ.
2015 FIFA sanctioned a Soccer Demo in Hawaii (see above= 2 rungs on the ladder)
Most demos are Junior or Women's Rank to begin with, just to test the waters.
Hawaii is very good at hosting obscure events of wider variety as a result.(Cool!)
(Thanx for hanging in there Crew...)

....Part 4 ...
You just read Football version on how Sporting Teams empower National Pride.
Olympics differ by empowering freedom for each individual...Closest to being free.
Olympic open up expansive global sporting freedom feeding Political freedom.

France & England aren't so keen on Olympic Junior & Women's trials in Pacific.
2017 France wins games bid then same year Tahiti was banned from Trials...
Tahiti was charged with political Interference for less than desired team make up.
France still banks on Tahiti's support for Olympic conquest thank you very much.

Football teams are fine just don't go breaking free from the pack.
tbb showed how well Tahiti staged FIFA Event & Olympic surfing is an even better fit!

Thanks for views crew & thanks again Stu /swellnet because this is news...Go Tahiti!

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WendyM Friday, 28 Jun 2019 at 3:12pm

I think someone will die. what do you think stunet

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WendyM's picture
WendyM Friday, 28 Jun 2019 at 3:15pm

I was talking 2 whisker he said it will never happen

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 28 Jun 2019 at 8:49pm

Good point WendyM....
I also wondered as Surfing dumps [P] Plates...Then at France Olympics?
Would [Paralympic] Surfers jump on Board...here @ Teahupoo?
...& what if one then added they were also pregnant...(Joke right!)

Beth grabs a few Teahupoo Slabs for Lunch

Mono leggin' it on a lefthand Power Pocket

Derek blindsided by Nazare Avalanche.(Thanx Swellnet Tim)

Each surfer worth 1000x the $40 Olympic Surfing Ticket price tag...(Pump it Up!)