New report questions viability of Gold Coast cruise ship terminal

Elise Kinsella
Swellnet Dispatch

Gold Coast councillors and community groups are questioning the financial viability of the city's proposed $450 million cruise ship terminal, after a confidential Queensland Government report shows the project would need to be much larger than planned for.

The Queensland Government-commissioned report was produced last December but kept confidential until it was released to the ABC under Right To Information laws on Tuesday.

The draft report evaluated the Gold Coast City Council's plans for an offshore terminal on the oceanside of the Southport Spit, just north of Surfers Paradise.

Its significant findings included updated plans for the 900-metre terminal jetty to more than double its width over land, more than 300 car parks to be lost to the beachgoing public, and more than 25 hectares of open space to be lost.

The report recommended the jetty would need to include four lanes over sand dunes, growing from the planned 7m in width to 15–16m, if it was to accommodate trucks and passenger movements.

Gold Coast Councillor Glenn Tozer, who has consistently voted against the project, said recommendations would have an impact on the cost of building the proposed terminal.

"We need to do the right thing by the public by making sure they understand that perhaps we haven't counted up all the money that might need to go into this," he said.

"And we need to work out whether there are actually other major projects that could be more important and could be better delivered."

Artist's impression of proposed Gold Coast cruise ship terminal (Supplied: City of Gold Coast)

The report did not calculate the proposed new jetty costs but did conclude: "this change will have implications for the indictive construction cost and business case".

Cr Tozer believed this new information could have a significant impact on public opinion about the proposed terminal.

"Those decisions that we make that are the best decisions they hold weight over time," he said.

"As more information becomes available on this project, I think more of the public will realise it is not actually a project we should be prioritising."

In a statement, Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said "Council will present its business case to the State Government once the Spit Masterplan has been finalised and endorsed".

Changes 'not surprising'

Former Queensland Government architect and Gold Coast City architect, Phillip Follent, said the proposed change in jetty size made sense.

"It beggared belief that a structure only 7m wide could go out and service that [terminal], which had to bring passengers to and from a ship as well as all the provisions," he said.

"So it isn't surprising to see a structure recommended to be twice the width."

Mr Follent estimated a change in jetty size would add a major cost to construction.

"It is not necessarily twice the cost but it is certainly going to be a huge extra cost on the project," he said.

A 2017 council report into the financial viability of the project, produced before proposed changes to the jetty, found the terminal would be unlikely to make enough money within its first 30 years to cover construction costs.

But it did find the terminal would provide economic benefit to the city including supporting about 3,500 jobs.

The latest Queensland Government report also found the loss of more than 300 public car parks "may discourage use of the beach by the general public and place greater demand on facilities elsewhere on The Spit".

It anticipated a different look for the area.

"A change in character in this area of The Spit from predominantly an open green space to an urban space characterised by built form, parking and vehicle movement," the report said.

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savanova commented Wednesday, 8 May 2019 at 2:50pm

They can also stick another theme park on the end of of it. and all it Blackpool world or Huntington 2.0.

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truebluebasher commented Wednesday, 8 May 2019 at 8:46pm

Gold Coast Golden Age of Cruising is coming to an end.
Current Bne CST feeds passengers to Byron -Mt Warning- Gold Coast -Fraser Island.
Bne gets half Qld Cruises & Gold Coast gets half of current passengers free of charge.
That's right! No one ever told you that GC is in the middle of a cost free Cruise Boom.
It actually benefits Gold Coasters far & wide equally fair to big & small operators.

New Mega Bne Port has Mega Coach Parking. Excursions need Mega Coach facilities.
Theme Parks win out but Byron & Hinterland will fall off the current excursion vine.
Bigger coaches won't tackle the Hinterland as do current mini bus providers.
Mayor has sold #1 Transit centre so cruise visitors will bypass Surfers Paradise.
Broadbeach Tram / Pac Fair interchange a poor 2nd for Surfers Paradise visitors.

Proposed GC 'closed shop' CST 'rules out' all GC CBD/Airport/Translink connect.
GC CST Star's Casino Beach resort > [ped bridge] > Duty Free Mall > Sea World
This explains the low key narrow Jetty. GC CST reveals only 10 Mini Coach Bays.
There Plan shows only 1st Class Passengers are entitled to leave the GC Port.
They have no use for mentioned Jetty widening to warrant Mass Coach Interchange.


Port of Brisbane no matter what, will run both GC & Bne CST's
Bne either sits & watch Gold Coast sink both of them or...
Bne takes control of shitty GC CST 3x expensive build + 4x Port handling costs
eg: New Bne CST covered walkway crosses direct to Coaches waiting in Foyer.
GC CST Tsunami Sherpas rope in the Ship, passengers chance a wade between sets.

So what's the answer?
Have Qld Govt upgrade GC CST (As they are!) Hope it blows out GCCC budget.
Govt can best run GC CST as an overflow Bne CST to offset Timetables & save...
So they need to play out the End Game.(Knowing it gives GCCC CST a leg up!).

So why then does SMP Light Rail [STOP] mid plan? "On a Master Plan!" A bit Odd?
Govt reps told tbb that Tram runs down Tedder Ave to McIntosh Park.
Unlike Philip Park, custom Park affords passengers choice of Day Excursion Coaches.
Govt know that Main Beach locals said No to Tedder Ave Tram.
SMP Tram sits awkward never indicating to locals that it's heading in that direction.

Govt SMP pushed back & halved all Surfside Car parking along length of Spit.
Govt SMP front rowed & doubled all Riverside Car Parking along length of Spit.
Govt is also selling out every Riverfront Park for Boat Moorings...A bit rich!

Today! tbb noted current swimming bans were extended 200m either side of Jetty.
Yet largest GC Car Park feeds all beach goers into this biggest GC rip as today & ever.
CST huge Jetty will ban swimming 400m either side likely more.(Maybe surfing too!)
[DANGER]Beach Erosion/Contamination [NO Parking]@ S/E Qld Biggest Rip! .
Beach Car park claim is bogus as general public will never legally swim at Jetty ever!
"A different look for the area" could say that x 100 Million!

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seen commented Thursday, 9 May 2019 at 10:31pm

Yeah they can fuck off with that.

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Bill Scholer commented Friday, 10 May 2019 at 3:10pm

Tom Tate's CST is just a front for a new casino. Blind Freddy can see thru Tate's folly. Tate has a mandate and be assured that it's not straight.

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Feralkook commented Saturday, 8 Feb 2020 at 11:59am

Agree 100%, the first time I laid eyes on Pissant the former Ipswitch mayor I smelt filth and the first time I laid eyes on Tate I got the same. The residents of the Goldie need to remember the smug narcissism he demonstrated when fronting the media a couple of weeks ago quoting "Taylor Swift". That man is bad news through and through.

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Ape Anonymous commented Friday, 10 May 2019 at 4:50pm

Mick Fanning for Mayor!?

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truebluebasher commented Friday, 10 May 2019 at 10:34pm

tbb also personally thanked Mick (Legend) for fronting up to the GC Mayor

Since tbb's post a recent Spit visit locked out Beach Flags bodybash access...
GCCC-Allowed TV Series into Our Flags with (Boards/Drones/Dogs/Jet Skis/Boats)
Heavy Drone Cam hovers countless Jet Ski /Surfer Edits in & out the middle of flags.

Oz safe Rules- [Boards 10m / Drones 30m / Dogs 200m / Jet skis +Boats 400m].
Every law for sale...Nothing is sacred! GCCC refused to record any complaint.
GCCC tear up Casa & State marine Safety Regulations for a price. (tbb Verified)
GCCC even refused to [sign-Filming in flags] Baiting the least safe swim zone ever!

SMP withdraws,obstructs & detours Swimmers from all Safe Flagged Beaches.
The reason for our set back is to Hire more beachfront for markets & Beach Bars.
Boaties & Resorts are gifted 1,2,3 & more premium direct waterfront Family Parks.
Leaders call this theft of our Surf & Parks..."GC Central Park" by Whiteshoe Brigade.

tbb is warning other communities to put up a fight or lose your beach- access...
Sure we're losing the battle but we'll never give in...sadly this war has only just begun!

[news] tbb just read GCB... confirming the above said Tram Route thru- Tedder Ave.
I informed Swellnet & GCB in Oct 2018... but only now GCB print it!
tbb reckons soon they'll verify The McIntosh Park Staging Area for CST Buses.
Main Beach residents will link arms with Spit Surfers...(This is War)

State Govt said no CST in SMP...Govt overstepped their own brief. Why?
GC wanna know why the CST / Tram is now the centre of the Universe?
More importantly answer why we paid up locals are being locked out.
Locals preferred Chinese ASF mobsters to Govt whiteshoe mobsters.

Please tear up fake SMP & take yer Timeshare Trolley Upzones & piss off!
Gold Coast are sick of apologizing to nation for endless Govt corruption.
All Spit locals tbb spoke to are fired up ready to go...never had to ask!
Big thanx to swellnet & crew who all know if we don't fight we lose the lot.

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truebluebasher commented Sunday, 26 May 2019 at 12:19am

Spit Master Plan + SeaWorld upzone (Released by Premier)
SMP hides many secrets out in the open as if to say... in your face SOS.
No more so than a Temp' 52m high Trident...(This is the perfect height for developers.)
Not too high for Casa Helicopters & not too low to approve Princess Cruise Ship.
Think tbb is joking...(2007 Seaworld Eye was deemed too high @ 60m & removed)

Seaworld news launch

SMP Video Flyover

Firstly! South Stradbroke Island was to be included in SMP so who sunk Straddie?
Secondly! Coordinator General said No CST ? We get a bigger CST & lose river parks?
Thirdly! There is never mention of the one & only SMP high rise...there it is centre left?

*15 mtr build height + Basements thru-out, breaches The Spit 3 story height limit.

*Star Beach Club high rise stands out...2 Basement levels + 2 beach levels to ground.
3 story/2 mezzanines = 9 full floors all under the required SMP 15mtrs height limit.
Throw in a Rooftop Pool & Gardens + Phone Tower Palm (Voila! Casino pays out!)

*Car Parking is going to be monitored in real time? (Code for Parking Meters).

*Ferry crosses over OZ #1 boating corridor 16 times...(Amateur Hour!)
Consider Bne City Hopper crosses all day long never once bothering ships.
Secret is to zigzag & not pull in & out every friggin stop..Excuse Me! Bump! Excuse Me!

*"Seaway Bus stop is subject to further investigation."(The only thing locals wanted?)
"CST-Check! Park sell off-Check!" ("Oh Shit! We forgot that fuckin Bus Stop again!")
SMP supports the provision of a pretend Tram Shuttle Bus service to the Seaway.

*Bus route runs back to front stranding all commuters opposite every venue.
Bus Fails Oceanway/Broadwater walk/Toilets/Surf Clubs/Flags/Yacht Club/Ferry/Tram.
Hard to believe SMP experts dump Gran 'n' wheelies in the rain & traffic...(Run Gran!)
No hope of economy class WC hubs...A completely inconsiderate lazy ass fuck up!

Check current Google GC Hwy MB South pm Bus stop path > Main Beach Tram Stn?
Gives you an idea on money'n'work effort needed to cover up arse about bus stops!

SMP goes on about Seaworld Rescue! (Fair enough but it's vanished...Gone!)
tbb needs assist! Google Earth Shows Rescue Jetty / Tank at Broadwater Seaworld.
SMP shows only HeliPads! No Tank access via Pontoons crossing new Walkway.
However! We do have another Suss beach structure between Jetty & seawall
Could it be that Seaworld Rescue is now via the Surf lineup...tbb has no idea?
Why herald SeaWorld rescue then deny it pride of place or even a sardine can?

* Kidz Riverfront Parks are rezoned for Superyacht putting greens.

*Oceanfront carved up by Casino / Cruise industry.

*They even seem to have moved the Planes out...along with Seaway Control Tower.

Here's the sellout that is 'Spit Master Plan'...That is the general consensus!
Qld don't need a State Election to elect a Liberal Govt...We already got one thanks!

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redmondo commented Sunday, 26 May 2019 at 8:37am

Terminal cancer.

Red Clement

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truebluebasher commented Sunday, 26 May 2019 at 5:07pm

SMP claims there is no Aboriginal relevance to the area...(Immensely disrespectful)

tbb respects Saltwater people's place & following stories serve only as relevance.
Out of respect for my city tbb will gladly present Aboriginal storyline of Broadwater.

*Bodysurfer Jabreen (Yar Birrain) oldest of 3 canoe brothers
Sons of Beaches designer Nguthungulli all wiped out by original wave-siren Mother.

*Jabreen trecked north to 'Nerang River' where one of 3 girls stole his Boomerang.
He turned this girl into the Moon (As in a returning withering old lady into Fat Lady)
The 2 nicer girls he turned one into a Rainbow...
The other Girl reflected their Flower Garlands as Stars in the night sky
Near all Saltwater tales reflect befitting punishment into a climactic event.
This one is unexplained...possibly major Volcanic Ash finally clears the night sky...

*Jabreen swims to Horizon line bodysurfing mum's waves on dad's beaches.
His Magnetic Waddy rose N'Burleigh & Mt Lindesay, he asks dad for a power boost.
Soon after all headlands rose about him trapping him inside his own BH Point break.
These headlands are today's WSR Point Breaks. (Jabreen & parents being Surf Godz)
Jabreen's stories reflect retreating seas inviting 1st Waves + Major Volcanic Event
Fraser Island where waves meet is also considered the very 1st / oldest surf beach.
Hence the Turtles that keep returning to Sandy Strait beaches.

*Kombumerri Hunter Gowanda died soon after his dogs died or so it was thought!
At The Spit, kids were bodysurfing then noticed a Man/creature surfing like a Dolphin.
Gowanda's white Hair was transformed onto white Fin Tip of lead surfing Dolphin.
Man/Dolphin hunter was now bodysurfing fish to shore as a sea hunter for his tribe.
(Nerang River Sea rise story records land resource being replaced by sea harvest)
It also records the very first domestication of Sea creatures (The Dolphin)

*Rainbow Serpent carved out Kangaroo Point in the Brisbane River bend.
Guarded by Dugongs ... Moorgumpin (Moreton Is) + Minjerribah (N'Straddie Is)
note: Minjerribah is historically in SMP footprint (prior to Jumpinpin bar break-thru)
These bars constantly weld shut & breach north as they go.(see following...)

*Logan River is guarded by dugong Yowgurra swooped by(sparrowhawk)Boggaban.
Boggaban now armed with Yowgurra's spear thrusts a hole into the Porpoise's head.
Water gushed out flooding/forming M Bay Islands...Coochiemudlo bloody shore/ect.

*Bingingerra Turtle (Mt Witheren) Resigns from fighting off sea creatures.
Sea rise Story records rain filled rivers breaching the Spit for an ocean break-thru.
This event also formed Southport Broadwater Islands again relevant to SMP.

*Nerang River Love Story
The jealous River Spirit took a beautiful young bride from her groom.
River Spirit then transformed her into Muyim (Blue Waterlily)
The young groom searched for his bride & the River Spirit felt guilty.
River Spirit refused to give up his beautiful flower but instead also took the groom.
The groom was transformed into Yimbun (Bulrush)
In the breeze the Tall Bushrush leans to kiss the Blue Waterlily.(Together in afterlife)
What's sadder still is that the Blue Waterlily is now extinct from these waters.
This story is more about young ones swimming alone...(Mothers were ever present)
It can also represent neighbouring tribes snatching young brides....Don't go off alone.

Early Spit History
1860's Island Cane Gangs Piloted /Punted Nerang River & Body Surfed Main Beach.
Represents amongst the earliest Oz wave surfing history. (Surf Museum is touted)

Aboriginal history
1879 Nerang River (Westbank towards Bundall) Wangawalla (Last Corroboree)
Aborigines (250) attended from Clarence ,Gatton & Brisbane.

Local Aborigines Piloted small craft /goods between Southport-Tweed Bars
Rafter Neddy Harper's son was 'likely the first half blood to die' while crossing the bar.

1898+(1919-1925 Solo) Jenny Graham was Broadwater River Pilot
(Keeper of the Flame) GC #1 Nerang River Sculpture honours our indigenous pilot
Pilot Jenny hand lit our waterways every night to keep our mariners safe.

Recent Events (Spit Commonwealth Games Protest)
2018 (May) Kombumerri Sea Eagle Songline (Canoe Voyage)

tbb hastens to add that SMP is so lazy it equally neglects 'future' Aboriginal plans.
Swellnetonians will be informed of future Spit Aboriginal Events next tbb post.
These Aboriginal events relate directly to Surfing & CST even here said traditions.
tbb verifies Aboriginal/Historical & cultural awareness are the last things SMP wanted.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher commented Sunday, 26 May 2019 at 4:55pm

SMP refer to Danggan Balun (5 rivers People) This being 5 Albert Rivers GC-Bne.
tbb understands this group is seeking native title but are only 2 years along...

What follows is a more cultural presentation of the future in a modern setting.
tbb introduces 'Moondarewa Incorporated'

Moondarewa have envisaged a cultural space that is both authentic & commercial.
You may have experienced taste at recent GC Commonwealth Games Ceremony.

They note past Cultural centre failures due to location-constraints & Drawcards.
The Spit Aboriginal Cultural "Attraction" is wishing to compete head to head.

Featuring...{Live high impact theatre entertainment}

*Original GC Spear Tapping calling Wild Dolphin fishing displays (still in practice)
Spit Master Plan Video [pause 4:00] See- 2 Circular Saltwater Rock Fish Traps

*The Spit will rotate a host of Oz Aboriginal Stories & Culture.
*Captain Cook 1st meet re enactment (They do know an Aboriginal died?)
*Native Chef Cook offs
*Indigenous Fashion

*Indigenous Surf Comp/s but only if CST is not approved?
Does this mean that Boardriding is instantly banned with CST approval?

For more of Moondarewa Centre story refer to [facebook] GCB 20 May/2019
This story is still in a reasonable weekly loop to access at this moment in time...

Thanks to swellnet / readers for Saltwater awareness...Respect surfing's dreamtime!

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redmondo's picture
redmondo commented Sunday, 26 May 2019 at 5:46pm

Thanks tbb for your iluminating awareness.

Red Clement

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher commented Monday, 30 Dec 2019 at 12:12am

Much appreciated redmondo..
2018/19 Gold Coast CST review.
Recap (Spit Master Plan) can be backtracked on this site...

Jan/Feb: SMP includes South Straddie but ruled out GCCC CST (Cruise Ship Terminal)
CST is declared a Coordinated project but only as an adjunct after SMP.

April: SMP (CST) Vote: No - 144 vs Yes - 86 (Govt ruled out SMP...Why the Vote?)
GCCC denounce SMP [vote] & push Govt to include CST in SMP.

SMP (+3 stories > Cruise Ships are 12 stories) Vote: No -212 vs Yes 11
Only 11 Gold Coasters came forward to support Ships/CST over 3 stories high.
Surely the end of the matter.

August: South Straddie gets a look in but only for a Poo Pipe. GC (Sewage Outfall)

Around this time State Govt assume control & ramp up a Mega Monster CST.
Up-scaling puny GCCC modest CST Plans.

Oct: Govt SMP begins the Push Polling outcomes favouring mega CST. (No Choice)
Govt Declare they're are not supporting a CST.
tbb voices concern that CST is now the monster shaping the SMP.
All options are open ended avenues for CST as Prime Objective in SMP.
Pop Up stall reps smirk at open ended CST / Tram options defying public vote.

(Notes) Main Beach had overwhelmingly ruled out Spit Tram thru main Street!
GCCC / CST rules out CBD connect now Govt are moving 4,000 Transit passengers?
tbb asked SMP stooges why Cruise Ship Companies are designing our City Park.
Last thing I got from them was Indy Grid is to be Staging Area for Tram < > CST.
Told them they overstepped their brief...refused talking to me after that. (Smart arses!)

CST is clearly lacking Transit compliance (Waste $bilions making it adaptive)
Backward Buses dump pass' across from SMP Ferries which run opposite to GCCC.
CST Trams stop dead centre of plan...Peak Fare non compliance-surfboards etc...

Feb - Civics/News wakes to the fact that the CST is the elephant in the room...Durr!
(Secret Brief) Here the GCCC shakes hands with Govt SMP CST (In Sync) Buddies...

March: Draft SMP- Beachgoers access is pushed back from beachfront.
Super Yachts / Boat stacking / Marinas / Jetties acquire all Broadwater Parks.
Basically wealth buys & crowds water access where light footprint is clearing out.
Govt are orchestrating more marina/berth/car/boat/trailer licensing as poor move out.

Notes: 3 stories is compromised by immovable heritage Tall Pines = (12 story Ship)
Tree height/Entry sculptures @ CST site & Seaway precedent Tall Ship entry & berth
They also gauge approval for Spit Aviation to fly over = height berthing Cruise Ship!

We see 3 story height exempted near Entry Pines for Boat Stacking tower.
Could be argued riverside Boat Stacking exemption allows Cruise levels exemption.
tbb is just saying Govt know Pine Trees will stay, so to can cruise ship + height rises.
Plans are afoot for a Beach hi-rise near said pines...don't count on 3 story limit.

May: SMP release.
GCB wake up to fact that the Tram line runs thru Main Beach
Note (tbb contacted all each time- 6 months prior !) GCB 6 months behind swellnet.

Important! Seaway Rescue Tower + Sea Planes seem to be moving out.
This again signals less height requirement for Plane operation near a cruise ship.
Little was offered for Aviation or Boating/Marine rescue in SMP. (tbb pushed all!)
Sorry for letting the crew down on such important matters but SMP is blank on this.
Considering these are the only credible organisations that's disgraceful.

Acknowledgement above for local Saltwater, reminding they were ignored in SMP.
GC surfers thank swellnet & crew for supporting our fight to retain surf access .

It's clear that Govt are now driving the CST but wait upon Mayor's reelection.
Port of Brisbane run both CST's to both Airports...Total Govt Monopoly if desired.
As said CST is central to SMP with integrated approval...pending only enviro hurdles.
Note Fed Govt has blindly stamped CST Green Card...

GCCC budget $1.2m to present IAS

Nov- State Development announce coordination project status.(Mines,Rail/Ports etc)
EIA (*State) Environmental Impact Assessment can now be undertaken.(18 months)

SOSA / Gecko prefer project to die but have a fighting chance if all info is available.
Concern is that no backers have come forward...$700m billed to ratepayers.
2012-2019 = CST $12m + $1.2m for EIA.
* Competing with Bne + * GC should develop Tour Packages

*Competing with Bne...
tbb again clearly states Port of Bne control every mosquito on GC CST.
Impossible to compete if Bne control or reserve GC timetable to profit Port of Bne.
tbb is saying Bne CST is using GC CST as a spare carpark...(Wake Up People! )
Bne rules + uses + bills GC for rent money...(So obvious! Why can't GC see that?)

*GC should develop Tour Packages...(tbb interjects-'this is our bread 'n'butter' now!)
GC / Hinterland / Byron are currently #1 Qld Choice Destination tenders from Bne.
GC milks Port of Bne without paying a cent on pass' by the 1,000's
Ask what GC lunatic would put a stop to best kept secret cruise deal in the Pacific?

GCCC CST rules out CBD access + links to Bne Casino to Port of Brisbane.
A monopoly venture decimates current successful small fry GC Cruise Tenders.
We are #1 Cruise destination > GC CST will kill off GC Citywide Cruise market jobs.
As stupid a that sounds it is a strange neglected truth!

tbb gets frustrated by well meaning community groups that fail gritty research.
These facts can be exploited now to ward of monster GC CST job killer.
GC CST also ruins GC image by denying current free choice escapes thru paradise.
Clearly GC civic groups are up against imaginary make believe powers that be.

Sure that took some doing but we're all set for new decade ahead...ready or not!
GC Swellnet crew are not gonna give for the good fight...Thanks again all.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher commented Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020 at 11:07pm

2020 A Busy Start for The Spit...
Recap! tbb apologizes for not including GCCC (16 Aug 2019) Document
Port of Gold Coast Ocean-Side Cruise Ship Terminal (Initial Advice Statement)
This Paper shows more detailed Ocean Plans of CST
Incorporates all Qld Govt interfering leg up plans to help them along.
Changes from Site specific Port to transiting Passengers.
Oddly GCCC wish to Widen Roads/bridge (Not enough) vs Govt pushing Tram?
tbb has only had a brief look & it's more open mindset than the original.
Qld Govt are running the Show...(Possibly as Port of Brisbane overflow)

swellnet crew congratulates Save Our Spit Dr Steven Gration

tbb is proud to present...
Tourism Gold Coast (Parts 1 & 2)
A study of the Gold Coast - The Value of Clean Beaches & Waterways

GC CST Update
7th Jan 2020 ANZIP Australia &New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline
$463m Gold Coast Ocean-Side Cruise Ship Terminal
*(Under Procurement)

Spit Master Plan Implementation (Update)
9th Jan 2020

9th Jan 2020 $2m Govt Spit Super Yacht Berth

11th Jan 2020 Govt Tenders called for the Development of The Spit

21st Jan 2020 Concerns over Curlew Island (Protection is sought)

31st Jan 2020 State Development Minister gives GCCC (Fast track planning for SMP)

8th Feb 2020 Fast Track leaves GC Fishing Co/Op lease in doubt. (No correspondence)
State Development are fishing for other leases.(Govt not recognising Heritage Industry)

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher commented Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020 at 11:42pm

The Spit was long protected under Crown Reserve (Limited to 3 stories)

2019 SMP (Legislation overrides previous age old Total Spit Reserve Protection)
All River Parks Gone + 3 stories upzoned to Pine Tree height > 12 Story Cruise Ship

2019 SMP ( 7 + 5 - Precincts )... run from North to South
1-The Top of The Spit
2-Wave Break + Curlew Islands
3-Federation Walk Coastal Reserve
4-Muriel Henchman Park
5-The Village Centre + VC Seaworld + Village Centre North + Village Centre South
6-Philip Park + Philip Park Potential Cruise Ship Terminal
7-The Southern Gateway

March 2020 The Spit Public Realm Guidelines (Draft for Consultation)
*These Guidelines will inform all project briefs on The Spit
*Assessment & Approval re: "Visions & Aspirations" outlined in Guidelines?

tbb: Whiteshoes are broadening(Cross Layering) the Scope to blur the Guidelines...

Govt has divided The Spit Master Plan Precincts into an extra 4 x 4 Precincts.
The new Quartering divides original 7 / 5 Precincts + Layers 4 more.

SPRG - (Characteristic Precincts) 4 [ Context ] Quarters
* Yellow > The West - ( Still ) >
* Green > The North - ( Natural ) >
* Blue > The East - ( Surf ) >
* Red > The South - ( Urban ) >

The Final Phase Quarters the new Quarters into 8 new precincts layering original.
Notice new Quarter centres aspire all 4 precinct colour coded Development
Therefore arguing each new precinct is one of the same to all waters.
eg: South Urban Zoning aspires to all 20 Coloured & Numbered Precincts

Character Realms
N/W Natural Still
N/E Natural Surf
S/E Urban Surf
S/W Urban Still

Govt slick Whiteshoe Glossary...(Actual Words) note [some = ALL] + [may = 100%]
"Some projects may span across two or more ("typologies"), and 'Consideration' must be given to 'Illustrating' a ("transition") between the ("visions") at (certain locations").

Goldie translation: In other words the SMP has just been torn up & anything goes!
"The Spit is now an extension of The Hi-Rise Glitter Strip." No two ways about it!

Examples: Pokies SLSC Red Plans aspire to N/E Natural Surf (Projects)
1. Seaway Tower Plans: Height of a Pine Tree + Roof Top Pool + SLSC Pokies
2. Federation Walk Towers SLSC incorporate Star Gaming High Rollers Club.
3) Centre for Coastal Resistance can't resist WSL Qld Surfing offer.
4) Seaway Seafarers Pokies Bistro Museum Shop.
5) Destination Node licensed Kiosks.
This next one is real...tbb thinks Govt copied my's so evil (Actual Wording)
" Welcomes larger vessels through infrastructure, navigation & landmark marker's.
Maximises connections to the Village Centre & other nearby attractions."

Translation: These 2 "Markers" that if built approve Hi-rise/CST/ Chopper Combos.
These are those dorky Entry towers...(Same height as existing Pines >Hi Rise/ Ships)
The only way to rid Spit Cruise Ships + Hi-Rise is to chop down all the Pines.
[factcheck] tbb said 3 stories is a lie...Trees set the precedent (Greens have hands tied!)
SYC chop down Most For Super Yachts but Keep one for Stacker Height precedent
Govt is handing over the 1st of SMP Parks for Super Yachts as tbb writes...(Now!)
Eg: SYC Southport Yacht Club are Upzoning Boat Stackers to Pine Tree Height. Now!

9th April marks the Next tireless fight to SOS...Jack Gordon Park vs Super Yachts (It's On!)
This is the first of countless Spit parks going under State Govt SMP Mobster Fest.
Salute to MBA...for keeping up the fight...It's Whiteshoestompin'time

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truebluebasher commented Monday, 20 Apr 2020 at 11:21pm

27 March -17 April ...The Spit Public Realm Guidelines
tbb is flagging this feedback as flaky.
It seems as if Gold Coast Waterways were the Consult feedback (Via Facebook)
aka..."tell us what you think!"
Govt now accept [f] for emergency services + Consult by arguing prime provider.
Not sure if this upgrade dressed as a Ludo Game just got waved thru...

For the Record ...61 comments
(Overwhelming Feedback Majority 80-90%) Want to leave The Spit it as it is!
Gold Coast Waterways can't supply data or Polls that support this Realm upgrade.

May : 'Tender Process' coincides with 'final release project designs'...
This being the designs that 80-90% of facebook respondents want gone.
Q: Is this supposed to feedback....[f] Page 90% No (Govt reads as YES to Upgrades?).

tbb found this "Realm"article - Inside Construction.
Qld Govt have released The Spit public Realm Guidelines to underpin the revitalisation projects and Commercial Developments in the Area.

Note Public are thinking picnic shelters & Utilities...certainly not what their thinking!

GCWA ..say roll out will reflect what people told us what they wanted on Spit.
(Over & Over again all together ...Leave it as it is!) Don't want any more shit...None!
So why the fuckin' hell are we seeing tender dates for yet approved garbage?

Infrastructure Magazine
"Govt gives $2m for Super Yacht Club to annex Jack Gordon Park waterfront"
Pretty sure folks never wanted their park + $2m of their money gifted to rich Yachties!

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truebluebasher commented Sunday, 3 May 2020 at 10:56pm

Covid Cruise Wash Up...FFS ...Please don't tell me...he's back!

Mayor Tate was re-elected with a majority...
Due to Covid 19 The total electorate / pop' gave Tate 38% ..No Mandate for CST.

2nd April...Mayor:
"I am back in as Mayor and that CST was a cornerstone of the election, of my policy."
"Project needed to be much larger than initially planned for!"
tbb -(Qld Govt SMP controversially increased the size of CST whilst belittling GCCC).

Councillors aren't so keen after recent (cruise crisis)...
Tate speaks of getting CST "Shovel Ready"

14th April
Mayor: "If CST doesn't stack up we won't go there!"
If the EIS goes you can't do that, then that rules a line & we focus on the Super Yachts
(See: Last report ../\ - proposal above & plans below- \/ )

A worryingly slightly less spazz Mayor speaks volumes...State Govt are all over this.
tbb has been hinting for a long while that State are looking at a Bne overflow Port.
Gold Coast Port by name but Brisbane owned & run...Tate stars as patsy & Fall Guy.

16 April ... Spit (Basin) Super Yacht Plans show the take over of Jack Gordon Park.
The SMP proposed River walk is now a service Laneway shadowed by Super Yachts.
It also appears as a dead end to discourage Riverfront thru- access.

Beginning of the end of The Spit..(#1 River Park Frontage walk is gone for good!)
Service lane may mean just that! As in a servicing lock of various toxic nasties.
A child's sun kissed sandy tidal shoreline is soon a shadowed cold wall of Fibreglass.

tbb Notes: Also a makeshift SUP / paddle craft hire loses out big time.
Quite a few Dragon Boats been stored there for 15 years or so!

Excellent & fair presentation by George & Super Yacht Australia of Plans & rundown.

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truebluebasher commented Wednesday, 13 May 2020 at 7:55pm

May SOS [Mixed Messages] Newsletter comes early...about 6 months too early
Due to Covid / Elections current politics still ties closer to end of 2019 Xmas break.

[ Back docs] Spit Sand Backpass > South > Surfers > Nobbies (Stage 2 Tender Ends)
Video shows detailed route > To likely Sandbank Surf breaks
GCCC Report / Review

10 May:
* sob/gcwa -Fmr GC #2 Alan Rickard nominates alp/sob Judy Spence to gcwa.
Local power mad Lib slams Judy for wiping her hands clean in Lib's GC Laundry.
More of interest being Alan & Judy (SOB) are not in favour of a CST / Spit Hi-Rises.

These next 3 Articles are accessed by GCB twitter (*Reload between each Article)

This first article insists Seaway (Expressions of interest) are now closed...WTF
See above Spit Public Realm guidelines...
[ IMPORTANT ] tbb explained that Govt/s now massage [f] as legit fast track Consult.
No! Not just for Caretaker Mode..SC 'Maria' sussed this out re: (Coolum Wave Ranch).
No Realm leaflets or boxes or opinions..just [f] comments thanx.(90% against) Tick!
[EOI] Is a set of Realm keys for developers to upzone SMP gateways (Pure Evil!)

*Broadwater River Walk " Doug Jennings Park < > Muriel Henchmen (Precinct)
Bully wasted no time de-listing MH Park > (SMP #1 SEQ Boat Ramp Precinct)
Govt are fast tracking this walkway without any Ferry, Bus, Ramps,Dog/SwimParks
tbb believes this maybe via [f] consult as well...if not already in last EOI consult?
30 years on "The Bus Stop" weeps the whole city...Just a gromz "Bus Stop!" FFS.
90% say to chuck yer SMP concrete plants up yer arses...Just %#[email protected] Bus Stop thanx!

*Dutto rubber stamped a Customs House (Clearing Shed) for Goldie Superyachts
(See above for Superyacht detail + Plans)
International Schoolies Drug Port...huge shot in the arm for Goldie drug export trade.

2017 C' Games Boating ban trialled Customs for Yachts > 50m (You heard that right!)
Brisbane also banned all Cruise tenders to Goldie during the games...
Broadwater / River =All CG venues were in lockdown [ Govt > No entry = No Trial ? ]

Customs Clearance & berthing will be via SYC (Southport Yacht Club)
CMP Coomera Marine Precinct handles Maintenance...(Servicing is yet explained)
tbb: (Customs House + Cathedral are required for (City) Royal Charter > Lord Mayor!)
Important to add Govt are tearing down VMR Tower in favour of upzone Markers.
The Spit & Broadwater are moving up in the world...more restrictions less assist.

*11 May: Mayor's Flip Flop...CST hit a Covid iceberg & froze over.
Mayor waits for coast to clear covid fog bank & Royal Princess is a little less tacky!
Last Annual CST budget was $1.25m. (CST will be reviewed Next Budget)
Mayor will re-provision funds into expanding Ferry Terminals (See DJ park above)
Also fastrack HOTA Stage 3 - No! Not a viral strain but (Home Of The Arts) re: MONA
Welcome to Gov's new State Development MP Kate Jones.
State Development Coordinated GC CST project listing: EIS [Active] CST Start -2022
Might have a bit of tidying up to do there...or maybe Govt lost some Goldie baggage!

13 May $70m Broadwater - Wastewater Ocean Release Pipeline Network

13 vessels tugged a 900m x 1.2m pipe from The Spit to Waterways Dr / Pelican Beach [P]

Photo - Leaving the Spit, centre south Broadwater toward Main Beach

Photo * Rare divided Shimmery Surface Wave Patterns

Photo- Exhibits a view from a Superyacht top deck. (see Above)
From here (Pelican Beach) one end runs to Winchester Dr S'port (see upper right )

The 2nd Pipe runs from Biggera Wtrs / Quota Prk to South Straddie..
This pipe is segmented & tunnelled under the Broadwater
Seaway outfall does option a TOS future release (See Data Room Docs)

GCCC (Long Term Water Release Plan) Project Brochure

Detailed Plans @ (GCCC Data Room) Free access no login.

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truebluebasher commented Monday, 24 Aug 2020 at 9:28pm

Forward: (Kate Jones should be informing of CST)
Cameron Dick handed CST over to Kate Jones (Development Tourism & Innovation)

5 Aug "Treasurer says economy my sink plans for Coast Cruise Terminal"
Doubts that GC will ever have a CST that has passengers disembarking at The Spit.
Final decision will be made by the Coordinator-General within 12-18 months.

Mayor sees a CST in our future, now is not the time to be aggressively pursuing this.

Bond Uni Book on Locals & CST

Spit Storylines have come under fire as being squiggles.

tbb salutes the insight behind the symbols as Saltwater stories can be attributed.
If the symbols were to respect Saltwater geographic storyline then it's fine...
In fact tbb believes the Saltwater crew behind it are headed in the right direction.

The allocation needs to be more relaxed as Saltwater gateways & not as a Jigsaw.
The Spit Saltwater story-scapes up River to Mountains (SMP lacks regional connect)

This is the 6th overlay of Coloured precincts, tbb thinks it's the only one with connect.
Ironic that locals think this overlay has least meaning...Saltwater is a hard sell.
Local tbb wishes to engage but is locked out...
Public Consult is via US - facebook or 3rd party email to Burleigh Company...
Sign to o/s Tech Giant subscription just to have a yarn...(2020 Local Consult is dead!)

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truebluebasher commented Saturday, 10 Oct 2020 at 11:21am

7th October 2020 State Opposition LNP Leader confirms support for GC CST.
Back in Nov 2019 Ms Frecklington backed the project.
Oct 2020 The LNP leader reinstates her support.
She understands GCCC voted to reallocate CST $1.25m funds from current budget.

Cr Tozer who moved the recommendation confirms GCCC ended interest in the CST.
He points to GCCC report confirming the CST was not viable.

Lois: (Gecko)
Calls for release of (Heavily Redacted) May 2017 PwC Report
(PwC) Important Point is overlooked by all in Table 70 : 'Functional Requirements'.
(P:154)-Port'O'Call (A closed Resort) ~ No transit links > A'port/CBD/Hotel/Luggage
GC CST wipes out #1 East Coast GC city wide free tenders from Central Bne port.
Game changing fact only ever revealed thru swellnet comments. (Why others ignore?)
(back up link)...

Lois also backs up no further funding & pushes for park to be returned to people.
The cruise industry would not be interested in such a dangerous 'Port'.

(Recently) Dr Steve Gration from SOS called for investigation to strike it off City Plan.
Reference to CST at Philip Park is untrue & should be removed from City Plan.

GC Mayor Tate : "It's incorrect to suggest council cancelled the CST.
Mayor made it quite clear the project is temporarily paused.
It's disappointing that a lone councillor has misrepresented Council's position.
2021 22 Budget the CST will next be revisited by council said the Mayor.

Article received 15 comments to date.

tbb: ( Goldie take on LNP support for CST ).
CST is (Now) an official badge of honour for died on bombastic LNP supporters...
Opposition leader is dutifully feeding dogmatic Jobz Jobz Jobz matra in City Reserve.
Her fuzzy luke warm torpedoes bring the boyz to the yard...(Best not read into that!)