Watch: Home Bros

Stu Nettle

Last year, COVID-19 put a halt to international travel just as three Sunshine Coast surfers - Alister Reginato, Cooper Davies, and Noah Stocca - were about to embark on their QS campaigns.

Forced to stay home, they quickly changed focus and set new goals. Part of that was to still chase waves - lockdown restrictions notwithstanding - stay busy and work on their surfing.

With the trio now within easy reach, filmer Tai Jennison followed them as they chased swells through Queensland and northern NSW. The best of that footage is now showing in Tai's new film, 'Home Bros'.


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NDC commented Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 10:23pm

Long youthful summers in australia ... a bit of sepia ... blessed to have lived a full surfing life in this big island, and managing to keep squeezing out the good times far longer than I ever thought possible - thanks for triggering the memories and injecting a bit of inspo for the future

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Blowin commented Saturday, 13 Feb 2021 at 11:57am

Boy’s ripping and having a hell time.

Nice one

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zenagain commented Monday, 15 Feb 2021 at 7:51pm

Good surfing. Good fun.

Alcohol and darts- it's a winning combination.

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