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brutus started the topic in Friday, 14 Feb 2014 at 11:30am

Been wondering what to do with this for a week. Spoken to quite a few people about, "to post or no to post?"

I feel that this should now clarify and bring to light what has been a sad and emotional will be up to the appropriate authorities now to bring closure to this story.....and let's hope that surfing is not too tarnished by one persons behaviour.

Fund-raiser’s wipe out: Charity dumps surf hero
Posted on 27 December 2013.
A NATIONAL breast cancer charity has withdrawn its permission for Torquqay big-wave surfer Jeff Rowley to use its name in fund-raising. National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) chief executive officer Carole Renouf said Mr Rowley had not remitted any funds to the charity in 18 months.

Mr Rowley, who has developed an international profile in surfing for his big-wave exploits around the world, set up an internet fund-raising page and issued media releases promising to raise money for breast cancer research with his Charge for Charity.

His fund-raising page on lists $1000 in donations to other charities. He has claimed in media releases to have raised $10,000 for charity, with a target of $1 million. Mr Rowley is not registered as a fund-raiser with Consumer Affairs Victoria, which is a legal requirement for his activities.

Ms Renouf said Mr Rowley signed up with the charity in June 2012, initially with permission to use the NBCF name for three years.

“We’ve since tightened our policies and only grant an authority for 12 months. There’s been no activity for a year and no funds have been received, so we’ll pull the plug.

“We’ve been in touch with his nominated contact person six times but had no response, so we’ll write to him and advise him he can no longer use our name.”

Ms Renouf said most of the thousands of people who signed up to raise funds for the charity ran an event and donated the proceeds.

“It’s easier to track if it’s an event, as we have procedures where we follow up the event after it’s held, but in this case it’s been a bit vague.”

Mr Rowley said he was invited to join NBCF as a part of its ambassador program to promote awareness and assist in fundraising efforts “as a high-profile surfer”.

“As of this moment I have yet to secure a major sponsor and continue to fund my travel expenses largely through my personal savings, sponsors and a sports grant,”

Mr Rowley said. “With the increasing travel, I have spent less time at home recently and have not yet been able to put the time, focus and resources required into another Charge for Charity fund-raiser.”

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uplift Saturday, 20 Jun 2015 at 11:28pm

The 11th commandment...???...!!!

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uplift Saturday, 20 Jun 2015 at 11:31pm

'Hate thy neighbour?'