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Tony Macnevin started the topic in Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 at 3:32pm

Just saw some photos of surfing at Nielsen park this week. Took me back to about 1965 when a few Manly guys went over and surfed it at six foot. Glynn Ritchie was with us.
Inspiration from Ted Spencer and Baddy Treloar who took surfing to a new level.
From Bill Hannon for guts at the Bower.
And Mick Dooley for teaching me to pick your wave.

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thermalben Sunday, 19 Mar 2017 at 10:04am

Where are the pics Tony?

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Tony Jack Clancy Wednesday, 3 Jul 2019 at 8:29pm

HI, I remember you from down there, Tony. Baddie Spencer, and Ritchie. I recall well but who was that bloke "Bull" who was a big wave surfer at Shelley aka …....hell losing my memory!!...? Names like Winkie-Pop stay there though. Wonder what happened to Mick Dooley...lost track of him. Last time I saw him was at the surf shop at Sth. Steyne run by the lovely ????Mmmm!.

Anyone can tell me? where Jeff Fergus/Hollands is now? He lived on corner of Carlton Street...just across from Squeakie's 'special spot' where Squeak's new green first series Falcon parked, I got on ok with them.... Squeak went to Singleton later, partner in a pub with one of the sensible guys from the group Rumour was the drugs got him decades ago..., last time I saw him he was hardly recognisable....

All but one of my friends were gone by the time I was 24. Two I had to advise their parents. One, Jim O'Donnel ('slimbo' ) I couldn't find his parents....again the Police had asked me to find his parents and tell them, same as with Robbie Kerr. …

Slim (Jim's) father was in jail for some silly offence, it turned-out...He used to pretend he was a copper when in his firey's shirt dacks and boots, I recall ..He .didn't even know Jim, his only son, was gone by the time of the funeral.

Rossie Bull, Abo, Bobby McDonald and little Andre who's brother's photos was in Manly PD with 'where's the cop?! written on it. Where are you now fellers? ...and Dick Stuart...

I think Spencer may have been reasonably pally with Robbie Kerr . Snowy McAllister we saw on and off at Manly but also once up the coast...what a legend. I also remember the day...took some film...when it closed out from Shelley to Freshie in one run...and the days when the surf ran up the Corso....and the night it was so stinking hot Manly was crowded on land and in the water

Back then even some land was for sale at Catherine Hill Bay....One could buy a block at Toukley just along from the Beach for $2000. Jimmy Carruthers absolute beach front house at Sth Narra ...sort of Nth of the toilets and sort of across from the pb was up for sale for less than $100,000. great days. many memories, like videos in my mind. Cheers.