Enviro Issue: Ocean Pollution

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mowgli started the topic in Monday, 27 Feb 2017 at 5:59pm

In light of the range of responses to the article on Kelly Slater/Outerknown's 'It's not OK' campaign'...

For those interested in helping to prevent the movement of waste (primarily packing waste) into the marine environment, there are a couple of things afoot you may wish to be aware of/throw your support behind.

(1) First things first! Clean Up Australia Day is this weekend (Sunday 5th March). Details here: http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/

(2) If you are in QLD (Part A) - a discussion paper on the implementation of a Container Refund Scheme has been released by Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles and is currently seeking public feedback. The submissions deadline is Monday 20 March. See here: http://www.ehp.qld.gov.au/waste/container-refund-scheme/#discussion_paper

Some things to consider if responding. Ideally such a scheme would ensure there's no negative financial impact on individual local councils' waste and recycling operations, or that they aren't excluded from claiming the container deposit refund on eligible containers collected through there kerbside or other recycling collection arrangements.

(3) If you are in QLD (Part B) - there is also a discussion paper seeking feedback out for banning the use of single-use plastic bags (i.e. your bog standard shopping bags). So far ACT, SA, NT and TAS have done so, and the QLD govt was hoping to do the east coast all at once in an alliance with NSW, but alas the NSW govt is too beholden to the likes of CocaCola-Amatil and the Food & Beverage Association to care about the planet. So they've announced their intention to implement such a ban in 2018.

More info here: https://www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au/gi/consultation/3154/view.html

The Boomerang Alliance is a great starting point if you're interested in this sort of thing. http://www.boomerangalliance.org.au/marine_plastic_pollution

Feel free to add to this list!

PS - I realise research shows that most plastics pollution in the marine environment comes from many of our neighbours to the north, but you've got to start doing all you honestly can in your own patch first, before you start lobbying others to do the same.

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stunet Thursday, 2 Mar 2017 at 11:37am


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tonybarber Thursday, 2 Mar 2017 at 3:05pm

I think you can add NSW - yes they do care. See http://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/waste/container-deposit-scheme.htm
Frankly, drink water out of the tap. If you have to use a plastic bottle then just refill from the tap. Its the plastics which is the big problem and yes , if you do pickup a bit when you come in from a surf then its gotta help.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 13 Jul 2023 at 10:02pm

Thanks to swellnet crew for caring about community & enviro / health.
It's taken tbb 4 years to recover enough to contribute to his community in war on waste.
Reedy Creek straddles & flows North / South Gold Coast but has no Clean Up groups.

Don't get me wrong...tbb has cleaned up the creek over the years...just not of late.
After 6 weeks walking recovery tbb kept walking past the same rubbish...soul destroying it is!
Cannot for the life of me understand how locals do this daily...had to sort it as soon as tbb could.

This last week tbb began the clean up...not easy when yer weak in body & spirit...but knew wot to do!
Got motivated further by Nathan repainting a graffiti tagged Eco Mural in centre of town.
tbb looked around his work site > Underpants & Drink Cups & loads of filth....

Just how did we fall so far from grace...Community can welcome Eco Artisans better than this!

Made a promise to remove all rubbish anywhere near his epic beautification project...only fair!
This bloke is spending a week beautifying our neighbourhood...we can at least present it in best light!
Basically clear 500m either side from The Supermarket > Cnr Shops up to Highest of 3 schools...

Gifted him a signature Enviro Mural PostCard + real life Floral / Fauna Emblem Awards + Reference.
Reference informing of Mural inspired a Reedy Creek community clean up...Win for next community!
tbb's Enviro Mural 25 yr old Post Card was a reference from Reedy Creek to re do Currumbin Mural.
Nathan was stoked that community welcomed & awarded him & reference for future beatification work.

One can learn a real lot about society by such a large encompassing Emu (Parade) Pick Up.
Firstly...it's disheartening when after ya clean the neighbourhood ...arseholes rapidly trash it .
This can happen as yer cleaning > 5 mins > Hour > days immediately after...yes had to backtrack!
tbb will do these Emu walks anywhere and anytime & this is a real deal breaker!
So want to feel proud...but only feels a failure by not stopping the rot...on it goes as ya sleep!
While typing this tbb can only think of the plastic cups last seen on the way home...does yer head in!
See below...change of heart!

Happy to share some insight on Societal Litter from decades of clean ups!
tbb has worked in with groups but prefers to work alone to tackle hot spots when & where needed.
Working alone lends a complete insight to the source of litter & plenty about people.

*Roadside Tossers
Obvious is Car Parts of all sort ( Strips / Light Gaurds / Oil Caps / Ashtrays / Car Lighters / Tyres .
New categories of fast accumulating Govt / Council waste...
Lots of busted up Speed Bumps / Adaptable Stick on Footpath Studs
Fair to say modern disposable transit trash is on the rise & also breaks down into micro size real fast.
Discuss this Breakdown into micro debris below...

Most foodie litter bugs choose Roundabouts & Creeks to chuck rubbish...
Following vehicles are less likely to clock a Tosser on a blind corner or as litter rolls into drain / creek.
Almost a National Sport of deception...
Drink Cups are too messy for passenger to leave on the floor of a car...
It is possible that car owners are demanding the rubbish to be tossed.
We're talking Maccas Soft drinks / Iced Coffee Cups with straws & lids (Plenty of all that slimy shit)

Tissues are next...often scrunched & chucked so not to gross out yer mates car...
If ya serious about Emu Walks then ya gotta pick this shit up as it's in yer face along the road verge.
Well over 100 more tissues...but tbb reckons he got all the intact ones & larger bits! Real gross!
Plenty of disposable Gloves tossed on roadsides but not one Mask...
Falls under anomaly...see below...

Ciggie butts & bottle tops along road side verge litter count (Small & inconspicuous!)
tbb will pick up the odd butt but when they're too bundled near dangerous traffic...requires a sweeper!

Just wrapping that up...Passengers care enough not to be clocked tossing their shit but don't give a shit!

Foot Paths
Mostly Chocky Bar / Health Food Bar Wrappers (Often too small to blow elsewhere on a breeze)
Seasonal Orange Peels are being tossed of late & often + the standard Half Eaten Apples
These are near the school...again, soon after tbb cleans these peels appear on the path?
Ok! We can also discuss this anomaly in the summary...

Green Strip
Ciggie Packs will get frisbee'd further a field...again...like a sport.
Energy Drink cans / Coffee Milk bottles / Stubbies will get tossed or kicked to roll wider.
These stop against the Bush line & others into the gullies...However not all...( See anomaly)

Bush Verge > Bush > Gullies
This being the Peak Litter Zone above Road Verge...yer gonna get ripped up a bit clearing this shit!
Plastic Bags / Chip Packets both line the Bush frontline & push on thru to Gullies...real gritty work.

Cardboard is largest waste in volume but it's of least concern as it composts into the soil.
Sure! Probably slow release toxins over time but needs a Team effort to pry it off ground cover!
This seems to be blown from from Supermarket Bins so can be sorted with waste management.
New Mass Debris
tbb was shocked at next level blanketing of Foam Packaging & the speed it spreads & breaks down.
This shit moves much faster into the creeks than plastic bags way way faster.
This shit is everywhere tbb walked...Everywhere! More than Ciggie Butts & Plastic wrap.
In fact it is now easily the #1 Pollution in our Neighbourhoods..
tbb is talking about picking up Foam every 5-10 metres....This is cause for alarm...never known this!
One could trace it back to the supermarket but tbb was finding as many & bigger clumps 1km away...
[ Official Warning! ] We are currently living inside a Packaging Case...we must stop this shit!
tbb promises he was so concerned & went next level to remove all the foam where possible.
Had no idea this Ebay world was boxing us in this fast...WTFU...TISM.
Just to confirm people are tossing this shit...5 mins turned around & packaging was tossed...Madness!

Creeks are next level & tbb is not up for that...need much more strength & serious gear for that lot.
Breaks yer heart that ya can't get to it without serious risk! But tbb ain't gonna die clearing other's shit!
Example being...Footballs & (Minced) vicious plastic chairs ejected at flood height...cleared that ok!

Wrap Up!
Again wanna thank the crew for getting tbb up & about enough to contribute to clean waterways.
No! Not well enough to hit the beach but getting near natural Waterways is a big step forward!

Sure! We're talking 'bout serial litterbugs & tbb has caught them out before.
tbb can confirm patterns thru time with certain litterbugs.
About 15 years back tbb would clean up around a PCYC waiting for the kidz to finish classes.
Kept pullin' Coffee Drinks outta this hedge...enough to know it was the same Litterbug.
Anyhow! tbb informed canteen about Coffee Milk addict trashing their front entry hedge.
Bingo! They instantly knew who their weekly slothful Star Swiller was...
Waited one arvo & caught the bloke doin' his dirty deed...told him people are bitter 'bout litter!

Today tbb was ramblin' thru Reedy Creek & happened upon another hive of coffee milk bottles.
It works like this...Habitual weekly user walks / drinks same pace each week then dumps in secret spot!
So we know that thru time > Serious Coffee Milk swillers are serial secretive site dumpers.

Swear the same kid is peeling these oranges on way home from school...usually the one/day! Suss.
Sure! It's no big deal & tbb is not being paid but have been played before...
Recall a grumpy chick would wait for tbb to finish cleaning then toss bread slices to demand VIP clean.
Like who the fuck tosses bread slices then walks over them to the office to bitch about their own shit!
tbb's reply...anyone that walks over bread slices on the way to the bin forfeits the right to give a damn!

Same thing happens up top of Reedy Creek folks buy drinks at Shops then toss at same roundabout.
This Roundabout is a waste pit that flows shit back down passed the shops it came from.

From above...More than a dozen latex gloves in a small community but no masks!
In this case...throughout the neighbourhood...seems to be along path / roadside & one or two gloves.
Reedy Creek is a Station + 2 GPs + Chemist + Larger % of health workers live here...
To put into context...tbb did pick up above usual Blister Pack Meds + Eye Drops + Med Labels...
Highly possible people are visiting GP > Chemist > Treat themselves +(Gloves) shortly upon leaving!
Being infectious or the like...simply dump the gloves where they treat their condition...seems plausible!

Wrapping up that section...Litterbugs are habitual with behaviour and time it perfectly with hot spot.
Almost robotic in built Zomboid action...disengaged from the world.

Micro Debris (From above)
Council seems to be the biggest player behind advancing Micro Debris.
Much new roadwork additions > Speed Bumps / Raised nodules have a short life & break apart.
tbb spent over 30 pick ups over 50m for just 2ft of one Speed Bump & nodules are allover the road.
Mostly made from recycled tyres but breaks down real fast into micro debris.

Next is the Roadside Sweepers or lack of them in Reedy Creek.
We get the slasher that keeps re churning rubbish into smaller & smaller lethally sharp shards.
tbb had a hard time sifting thru 150m by 20m slope of high risk minced twisted plastic / metal.
Had little choice, as it's central to the town...needing sticks to rake metal shards & above tier access.
Gonna need some kinda magnet to clear it all > Plastic can be minced just as sharp & vicious!
Piles & Piles of micro metal / plastic piles nearest the creeks...repeat, nearest the creeks!
All know these banks line the creeks but none clear the rubbish so the slasher keeps mincing away.
Exactly like Space Debris that collides more & more now encasing the Blue Planet.

tbb want's to finish with positive News about community & people at large...there is hope!
Only one doggy bag was left abandoned...tbb thought that was amazing! Salute dog owners!
This one is even weirder...tbb only found one lone Water Bottle...just one.
Guess that means people are finally recycling these at least the once...enough to matter...Salute!

Closing...usually when tbb picks up litter it's real low key & only those in the know will toot...
However today...this dude stops his car on town's main road...tbb looked & thought ...Wot!
Pretty sure this dude was filming tbb...hopefully for a good cause & not some creepy politicization!
Gotta hope that picking up rubbish is not considered as some crime...
tbb was previously banned from Motorway cause it is illegal to clear M1 verge...

For wot it's worth it feels very rewarding knowing ones Neighbourhood has never looked better!
swellnet crew can & do make a difference...all are welcome to our town to see your good work! Yew!

In case yer wondering...tbb has the messiest house in Reedy Creek & is not well enough to tidy it!
After 4 years isolation one can never fathom cleaning one's own house...infinitely impossible!
[ Disclaimer ] It's an illness called Bipolar...If everything else is fine then tbb is fine...only he's not!
This being a perfect example of someone presenting as fit for purpose to avoid living a healthy life!

Bonus! After reading all that filth the crew deserve a smoking hot bonus!
Clean up crews will note tbb was holdin' back on what matters most...
Sure! Ok...the Bong, wot about the Bong!
Well it was weird that only one Bong was unearthed...
However! It was a really posh bong...
25th year anniversary Ltd Edition 2021 Vintage Ice Break Coffee Milk Bong.

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GreenJam Friday, 14 Jul 2023 at 2:20pm

well done TBB!
I'd like to think if more people saw you doing your work, that they might reconsider their rubbish dumping ways. Bit sadly, it seems it will be a never-ending battle.
all the best to you

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truebluebasher Friday, 14 Jul 2023 at 11:08pm

As said...all the well wishers here got tbb outta iso & now clearing our waterways.

GreenJam has just sponsored tbb to clear the main branch of our much unloved central Goldie Creek.

Why not take advantage of our fine spell & wade in to clear the central Creek itself...Goin' for it!
tbb has crossed it in the dry spell but it switches to Waterfalls, rapids & overflow in the wet.
Reckon a weekend should clear the Public Reserve Section from Supermarket to Old Coach Road.
About 500m along each bank or 1km of Reserve all up...can be done & will get done! Listen to tbb!
Best not aim too high while going solo...not been thru there in over 5 years...won't be pretty!

Our Townhouse Complex has the best Gardener & gardens in the City...
Ron reckons he was never a gardener until working our Complex...so there ya go!
We now got the Tidiest Town in the City...go ask tbb.
Best Enviro Artwork in the City by Nathan.
Weekend mission...the cleanest Creek in the City.

Reedy Creek will present picture perfect & all are welcome to enjoy our real beaut town!

Turnin' the corner & future is looking bright for our town...why not share the love & lead by example!
All down to kind words from the crew & a few blokes giving a damn...we got this gig happening!
Thanks again GreenJam...yer genuine support will be rewarded with a cleaner WSR! Yew!

Tidy Town winner is... Reedy Creek...that's plain to see!
Let the other Oz towns fight over the silverware...We got gold & we're stoked to share it with Oz!

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seaslug Saturday, 15 Jul 2023 at 10:14am

That's awesome TBB, all the best to you mate

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Robwilliams Saturday, 15 Jul 2023 at 11:13am

good stuff tbb

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truebluebasher Saturday, 15 Jul 2023 at 9:28pm

Cheers to seaslug & Robwilliams...you guys are sponsoring the Nether Regions log jam.

Town's HotSpot where Creek traps rubbish at median strip alongside [M1] This is heavy shit guys!
tbb appreciates well wishers...gotta tread carefully here...discussed it with a local today.
This bloke reckons he could team up to keep the main strip tidy on his way to the shop...
That's cool as it saves tbb back trackin'...can move on to bigger stuff!

No joke...Main Roads bloke marks out Blue Paint [+] for 2m Cuttings for a bike path! (Seemingly!)
Only this litterbug tossed his 4 Blue paint cans along the gutter where tbb just cleaned 2x now 3x!
Gonna phone the council as Nathan is doin' his Mural here...why do that shit...he's not welcome back!

[News] tbb catches #1 Reedy Creek litter bug! Read exclusive below...

GreenJam sponsored the Creek Clean Up...(Tick!)...Breakdown...
Continues from Above...re: Plastic wrapperz & Bottles push thru the bush line into Gullies & Creek.
Wide overflow line is where all the large Plastic Wrap is snagged on upturned trees & counted high.
tbb thinks it's blown in from back yard furniture covering then washed down the creek.
Of interest being the foam packaging & smaller plastic bags take longer to reach the water.
You do fish it out but it's more upper bank flood wash thru as to moderate flow outfall.

Banks & water line were polluted with bottles/ cans/ tetra packs...needing branches to rake 'em in.
Bottles tend to work there way down the bank faster & drift further down the creek.
We're talking Coffee Milk / Beer + Cans + a few Juice packs (Only 1 Water Bottle again!)

Tip! Best to scout opposite bank so one can later switch & to beat a path to exact locale to save time.
Also recall best crossing points & bank escapes before collecting rubbish...all saves on energy.
You'll need to consider load & one handed Tree branch support exits from ravines!
tbb is not well enough to do this athletically but was wise enough to know limits...
Just scratches! tbb expected nothing less & got wot he came for!

Nests of Rubbish / Litter Bugs - Hot Spots
tbb earlier saluted Dog Walkers along streets as being very tidy & stand by that...However!
Along the 300m Parklands 5m into Reedy Creek Wildlife Corridor is blanketed in doggie bags.
These being a large exercise Park...
Reckon tbb could count 100 or more doggy bags...trusting these are biodegradable.
Now! Wot to do? Coz they will compost in Dry Season but if Water rises they foul the waterways?
tbb concentrated on the lower slimy ones...being less but reducing direct health impact!
Either way it's a wake up call with record pet owners dumping raw dog shit into waterways!
Ask! Why have sewage if every Dog doo is being dumped along creeks...Society must sort this!

Further onto the Anniversary Bong is the Chrome Drome...usually a bare patch with a log.
Often near BMX / Basketball hang leads a track to a clearing littered with deodorant cans.
tbb comes upon this at all ends of the town over 15 years...not unusual or a new thing...just is!
Youthful tbb inhaled solvents back in the early 80's...sure! It's always ever been someone's kid!
Not sure how to track this without Aerosol Bar Codes on Fly Buys...are we gonna go there?

So where does tbb draw the line...
2 days in a row tbb wore out joggers now onto 3rd pair as Creek ramblin' is pretty heavy on soles.
So tbb returned barefoot & almost retired for the day as creek was cleaned...stoked!
Only had the footbridge to cross back to car park but chased a paper bag to a chain wire fence...
Now! Only did this coz it was easy enough bare footed...

OMG...The motherlode of Wine Bottles...all the same label but...all in various years of vintage!
tbb had seen similar motherlode before...
Read Anomalies (above) This be the insight & reason tbb shares this detail with the crew...

How tbb nabbed #1 Reedy Creek Litter Bug.
Right! Dumped a dozen aged bottles but kept the recent bottle & went straight to the local Bottle'O.
Soon as tbb produces the Clean Skin Shiraz the Chick goes she goes OMG...So sorry! I know the bloke!
Chick says he's pretty ripe but had no idea he masquerades as the Reedy Creek Bridge Troll
Yes! tbb said...opposite bank from yer doorstep.
Whole Shop goes quiet! Then the whispers...all thinkin' it's their drunk mate.
Said relax...tbb never found more than a dozen Grog bottles over whole creek...just this litter bug!

Chick was so thankful...honestly...she kept saying thanks so much for sharing that with me!
Kinda felt she wanted somethin on him to restrict further sales, maybe it was a perfectly timed gift!
So just as before (Above) yer most cashed up addicted stronger brew customers will cost yer license.
No one likes their brews out & about near local kids parks & Ped' bridges...
Told her it's just 1 problem & tbb ain't dobbin' her in as all other customers are respectful...all Ok!

Creek Summary...(From above!)
Good news is the Foam is just breaching the bush but will soon hit the banks then oceans...
Not an expert but reckon we got 5-10 years to stop it...after that it's in the creeks..never get it out!
Reckon it's worth considering an employment scheme to track the Hot spots & remove it!
Otherwise...One must consider their micro gromz will surf a sea of Foam beads.

Next big La Nina Event will flood a massive increase of Dog Poo dumped along Creek Reserves.
We could be seeing 100's / 1000's of Doggy poo bags flushed outta creeks...this is a new thing!
Reckon this could add another day a pathogens in waterways...not even on the radar!
These Doggy Bags + Coolite beads are both building fast on Creek Shoulders! Just saying...sort it!

(Above) "Working alone lends a complete insight to the source of the litter & plenty about people!"

Ya see...tbb is true to his word...this is the real deal & sharing fair dinkum insight into hands on Litter!
Once ya stumble upon the motherlode ya trace it back to the source & staff will out yer litterbug! Win!

Bonus! Of course tbb is holding out on Wotz most important....
The dopey Car Tyre & The Local Creek's resident Shopping Trolley...
Well...durr! Busted! tbb can't get them out as they're trapped waist deep in a wide ravine.
Noticeboard : Hoon wanted to donut the park & lasso an evil trolley with ya bogan razorback winch!
It's doable but no authorities would approve of it nor give a fuck 'bout it!
Not outta place as it compliments Gold Coast Wreckers Pink FJ across the lower creek bank.
tbb has a plan...might forgive Council Blue paint Litter Bug if they rescue the trolley & tyre! Fair!

Sponsors seaslug & Robwilliams have backed a winner...goin' after the Holy Grail Hot Spot.
Reedy Creek Culverts should detox about 1km of WSR...well done crew.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 17 Jul 2023 at 4:02pm

Busted me arse over the weekend & broke the back of it...
Most litter blows in via the off ramp-long walled lane-way then builds at T intersection entry Lights.
Here the drivers have plenty of time & cover to just dump their shit.

#2 Litter Bug was also thankful tbb phoned them to sort out a major issue...
tbb come upon endless (50-100) order tags from Steel Mesh.
Originally thought it was from the Roadworks...looked at addresses (Whole SEQ)
Phone up Neumann Steel & Chick was like OMG those Tags are important to itemize each load.
That they are, as they detail the Certification & complete scope of each Paylode
Turns out they're falling off after 5-10kms at Reedy Creek...not reaching their end destination.
Win! Win! Apologizes & says they'll sort it!

Come upon another Truck Tyre & [ Road Closed No Entry ] Sign + Election Sign...

Contact Council Div 9 Electorate & chick says to come to the Office & we'll mark them off on a Map.

So far each trade tbb had contacted, apologized & owned their shit & we worked out an instant solution.
Continued to this point with Div 9 Secretary thanking tbb for the clean up...all working together!
Took up her offer...said see ya soon...so close to sealing a deal on the Town Hazards...so proud!

tbb's biggest mistake & shoulda known better to involve Council...as it all turned to shit!

Tried twice & the local councilor's outta town sports centre office was locked & deserted...(Real Suss!)
There ain't no accessibility goin' on here...this is a full on Closed Shop with no welcome signs...nuthin'!

tbb recognizes the Cr pull up & he keeps turning his back on tbb...never once wanting to engage.
About now tbb realizes this was his secret lair & why it's outta town & Locked up!
Reminded him of his secretary's offer to mark off Reedy Creek hazards on a Map in Div 9 council office.
Just sayin' the Local [L] office is great & listen then inform & offer follow up as they represent you!

Div 9 Cr : "Strewth! Not now mate...I got an appointment...another time, you must make a booking!"
Told him that secretary invited tbb in to mark off the Hazards on Reedy Creek Map...too easy!

Would not give tbb the time of day...not even access to our Town's secretary as promised & standard.

tbb : "Shove it up yer arse mate...you can explain to the town why our creek is jammed up!"

So! The hazards will remain until tbb negotiates with council without #1 pig of a man! (Poor secretary!)
Refuses to look ya in the eye...keeps his shoulder guard up...this dude ain't gonna visit our town ever!
Nor would any want this dark cloud hoverin' about their Town...can see why he's got a secret hang out!
Fuckin' disgusting shit hole it is...knee deep in litter & he just surfs over it on his cloud...makes ya puke!
Supposed to be a Community centre...WTF...It's a filthy fuckin' Tip is wot it is!
Complete & Utter Rubbish he is...he's not welcome to pollute our tidy town!

Crew : Told ya so...Never involve yer Council...counter productive & turns to shit everytime!
Arseholes are so far removed from reality...Supreme Beings refuse to engage with townsfolk.