Enviro Issue: Ocean Pollution

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In light of the range of responses to the article on Kelly Slater/Outerknown's 'It's not OK' campaign'...

For those interested in helping to prevent the movement of waste (primarily packing waste) into the marine environment, there are a couple of things afoot you may wish to be aware of/throw your support behind.

(1) First things first! Clean Up Australia Day is this weekend (Sunday 5th March). Details here: http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/

(2) If you are in QLD (Part A) - a discussion paper on the implementation of a Container Refund Scheme has been released by Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles and is currently seeking public feedback. The submissions deadline is Monday 20 March. See here: http://www.ehp.qld.gov.au/waste/container-refund-scheme/#discussion_paper

Some things to consider if responding. Ideally such a scheme would ensure there's no negative financial impact on individual local councils' waste and recycling operations, or that they aren't excluded from claiming the container deposit refund on eligible containers collected through there kerbside or other recycling collection arrangements.

(3) If you are in QLD (Part B) - there is also a discussion paper seeking feedback out for banning the use of single-use plastic bags (i.e. your bog standard shopping bags). So far ACT, SA, NT and TAS have done so, and the QLD govt was hoping to do the east coast all at once in an alliance with NSW, but alas the NSW govt is too beholden to the likes of CocaCola-Amatil and the Food & Beverage Association to care about the planet. So they've announced their intention to implement such a ban in 2018.

More info here: https://www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au/gi/consultation/3154/view.html

The Boomerang Alliance is a great starting point if you're interested in this sort of thing. http://www.boomerangalliance.org.au/marine_plastic_pollution

Feel free to add to this list!

PS - I realise research shows that most plastics pollution in the marine environment comes from many of our neighbours to the north, but you've got to start doing all you honestly can in your own patch first, before you start lobbying others to do the same.

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I think you can add NSW - yes they do care. See http://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/waste/container-deposit-scheme.htm
Frankly, drink water out of the tap. If you have to use a plastic bottle then just refill from the tap. Its the plastics which is the big problem and yes , if you do pickup a bit when you come in from a surf then its gotta help.