Sadly I was expecting it - WTF is with the people in this country

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Delly started the topic in Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 at 6:31pm

Very disappointed in my fellow Aussies.....

Went for a surf with my 3 kids in the 1.5 ft mush this arvo at Alex Head. Took a go pro out to get a bit of fun onshore family footage.

During the car pack up I got distracted by the usual family circus and left the go pro on the ground and drove off. Came back - no shit - 3 minutes later and yep.........its gone.

I am pretty sure if I had found one that I would wait around a bit and see if the owner came back.

If the person that took it reads this, I hope you enjoy the footage of my kids surfing. Keep the camera, I just want the movies. There is a few months of family goofing around on it and I am spewing that the footage is lost.

Obviously I am a goat for leaving it behind and not backing up the footage as often as I should but really.......fucking really?

3 minutes.....shame Maroochy shame. Sad farkin times.