what ya drinking

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rasda started the topic in Tuesday, 1 Mar 2011 at 1:18am

johnnie walker double black for my double birthday yesterday

anyone tried ginger tequila cocktailImage

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basesix Wednesday, 3 Jan 2024 at 4:30pm

"Fuzzy Bare pinot gris piquette - cowpunk wines - from some Dan's/BWS/etc."

Feel like a spritzy white instead of a beer?

well, clearly skin-contact pinot gris, and pet-nat are all the rage. Rightly so, probably, glad the cat's piss sav blanc tidal-wave has abated. But what if you want a bottle of white at a barbie and still drive the family home after? I dug this Fuzzy Bare caper. Same alcohol as 2 beers if you slug the whole bottle.. made from grape-skins, an ancient-style drink apparently. Not sweet at all!!

Palette: Dirty rosé; Mineral water spritz; Dry-as-dry cider; Parent's wine-cork you chewed as a kid.

Alcohol: 4.0 !! (not de-alcoholised, that's just how it rolls, Roman-style)

(If you avoid Pinnacle, and Fourth Wave crap, fear not, it is 4th, but it is a real (weird) drink made by real people, Aaron Mercer)