Gold Coast "Endless Surf Wave Lagoon"

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Gold Coast Parkwood "Endless Surf Wave Lagoon"
$35m Project is set to open by 2023

Mayor kicks off proceedings ..."Fits the Bill Perfectly!"
Destination Gold Coast ..."Essential to Diversify"



"The Wave Park would be the Biggest Drawcard for Goldie in more than 2 decades."
"We want to make sure that Parkwood becomes the Home of GC Sport!"

Parkwood have been angling a wavepool for 3 years.
Surrounding Creek / Lakes are financially secured & up zones are in place.
"We will spend the next few months working with the community...
...and local council on getting the project approved."
Earlier free range approvals as good as stamp Water Park / rec on site!
Manager points to main Lake *Next to existing Golf Course & future Hotel.

Parkwood Site / WavePool ~ Qld Local history links

10 May 2020 (re: Courier Mail Paywall article )

May 2020 : Parkwood "Top Golf Director" signs to Surf Lakes

May 2020 : Surf Lakes " Enginuity Solutions" were to begin site works during 2021

Sept 2020 : Sunshine Coast Council approve Sanad "Endless Surf Wave Pool"
swellnet link

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truebluebasher Friday, 12 Mar 2021 at 1:58pm

Parkwood wasted no time for Wave Pool Promos.

Parkwood Wave Lagoon logistics...
Enough Water is secured by Parkwood.
Site is shrouded by hills so Wind is less a factor...

Flooding 1/20 year events will turn into a Mud Bath.

Site Access - Parkwood never, likely can't run a shuttle to GC #1 Transit Hub!
Long way from the Surf & not far from > (GC Uni / Hospital Tram Hub)
It's also hidden in a residential pocket...not a Qldurr Hwy Tourist Wave Pool
From Brisbane > GC 2 main roads are nearby to entice Brizzos from beaches.
Tram looks accessible but [ 714 ] Bus link (Hrly) + a/h ends before Park Close.
Napper Road Bus stops are about 1km paved walk to site. (Not Grom friendly!)
Highly unlikely to score a free shuttle bay at OZ # 1 Emergency Hospital.

Parkwood Country Club Boomer's offspring run a plush Jock's / Lycra Gym Hang.
tbb has checked out the site for Wave Pool machinations.
Very surprised by flocks of 'early birds' & after work recreation scene of all fit types.
Pool is already onsite so a Wave Pool wouldn't be outta place here!

Sure you may need high netting near tees but it wouldn't kill the vibe.
Walkers may vote to extend early open & leisurely evening yuppie surfie hang.
It does sound odd...but WSL jocks are also slotting a Wave Pool into a golf course.
Anyone for a Resident Man on Man Tennis / Golf / Surfing Pro...

Hours / Pricing
(Golf) 6 am - 10 pm ( floodlit mini golf) Wavepool could operate the same hours!
Wave Pool noise should have a buffer to houses > closer to Hotel guests.

Parkwood geared down prices & fits into Urbnsurf Corp Jock atmosphere.
More open to discounted packages with a host of bundled offsets.
eg: Board friendly Surf Tram > Free Shuttle will keelhaul the Boyz to the Yard.

Repeating the Parkwood Manager : "Biggest drawcard on Goldie for 20 years"
If that's true, then quality, price & transit must be accessible & open to all.
A lot rides on Tram shuttle access to GCCC / Oz #1 Emergency Hospital Cash Cow.
Crackin' open the GCCC Bank Vault takes friends in high places, that does!
Our dodgy Mayor's on Board! "The Bill's fit perfectly!" Something like that!

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truebluebasher Friday, 12 Mar 2021 at 2:14pm

swellnet link to Surf Lakes Gold Coast fishing expedition > (re: Parkwood Site)

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 4 May 2021 at 9:08pm

A few more News Promos

Endless Surf President Paul Chutter : " They share our passion for Pushing Technological Boundaries, putting Endless Surf as the Heart & Soul of their Development in order to build a vibrant community hub. The Venue's existing High-Performance Sports focus will lend itself to this World-Class Surf Showcase and help develop the talents of a whole new generation of Local Surfers."

Paul is the son of CEO Geoff Chutter (5 decades in the Job)

Luke Altschwagger : "If all goes well it could be open Open in as little as 2 years."

* $200m Mixed Development
* Surf Pool as the Centrepiece
* World Class + Flexible Waves for all types of Surfers.
* Easy Transport Access...( re: tbb transport review above! )

5th April GCB : "Detailed Investigation + Community Consultation"...(Usually 1 Month)
Qld Govt approve GCB [f] as Consult.(92 Comments so far...mostly daft...well they are!)
Possibly bump it up with in house Golf / Tourism Site [YES / NO] ... even The Club itself.
It need not be by Surfers but focused on surfers as complimentary to Club / Parkwood.

If anyone can get behind the GCB cool to share the Plans if any!
Anyhow, report is to show that it seems more than just a Promo & there is a move on...
Crew know that's news within itself for a GC Wave Pool development.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 30 Sep 2021 at 8:07pm

Gold Coast Parkwood "Giant Surf Park" Golf Resort
First actual on site Promo image....released today...

Parkwood Consult stage is over...
Today (Thursday 30th Sept 2021 ) Parkwood lodged plans with Gold Coast City Council

$200 > $300m Upgrade
9 Towers x 6-8 storey each overcrowd the waves in classic Goldie Timeshare Trolley Upzone Theme
So realistic... you'll dead set swear yer being boxed in... just like down at the beach...
225 res' units / Hotel / Offices / Education /Health-Rec / Dining overlooking the wave pool.

Wave Pool > 2 x (L/R) A frames...great for racing dual L/R comp rounds
Lagoon fits 70 with waves every 8 secs with rides lasting 12seconds giving 12-14 waves each/hr.

The photo is just one Wave Set option...Wave Variety & Quality will revolutionize the sport.
Precious little Crowd arena for Pro Comps
Reported as an elite Training Surf Sports Camp.
Focus is on faux Beach Front property showcased by VIP insta Beach Babes & Booze.
Note...all current Qld Wave Pools in councils are selling the Beach Bar & Bikini > (Family Tourism)

Additional info from Brisbane 9 news (Thursday)
"Parkwood Wave Pool" Project should start by end of 2022 > open by Xmas 2023...

Similar plans for Port Douglas / Paris / Dominican Republic / Vietnam

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021 at 10:34pm

Gold Coast 'Palm Springs' architectural Language
The Parkwood 'Palm Springs' Integrated Endless Surf Village
Surf HQ
European Style premium Beach Club / bar (North Beach)
Family Beach precinct (South Beach)
Extras include Event Lawn / Plaza +Weddings / Brewery and Bowling Lanes..
tbb mentioned the site has always aimed at everything for everyone.

Bus/Bike link Upgrade...proves that an entire rethink is underway.
Currently 100's of [P] > Project trims Visitors to 25 [P] (However Resort / Resident [P] is Massive?)
tbb is guessing this is a Massive Club with 1,000's of members

Wave Pool is seriously targeting Gold Coast Uni [+] Tramlink & local Gromz (In itself is Unusual)
Above 12th March 2021 (tbb reviewed : Bus Link/s being 1km distant walk from site )
A New Bus stop 'pair' is proposed at Wavepool Entry > Bus links Tram to Beaches
Equal bus link to and from City Beaches...(Note Bus priority is unusual in a Gold Coast development)

Logistics: Tram has expensive priority short/long term [P] rates adding $ 20-50 to surf (Unrealistic!)
Brizzos Train [P] > Tourists > Uni Stn Student [P] Permits can affordably access day Wave park Buses
Goldie Parents would need to drop off Gromz at City Tram / Bus Stops or Site.

Tram has board Racks but not for "Long Boards" or on Buses > No Peak ride -Surf Boards

Even more unusual for Goldie Whiteshoes is the priority onsite Bike [P]
295 Bike Racks over 3 levels is unheard of on the Goldie...This is a serious push for an Alt Grom hang.
Consider that Bus Stops are fitted on site & Buses don't do Peak Bikes/Boards.

Project is weirdly banking on a lot of fit local Gromz...( Uni is nearby & local tavern is a Jock hang?)
Focus seems to collar Family Grom to Youth Bike Gangs / Surf Tram / Booze / Babes a/h Party hang out.
tbb has noted the Pisspot / Fleshpot theme across all Qld Wave Pools

Council application certainly reveals more about Youthful Beach Disco focus for Wave Pool

Wave Pool & Wave Garden Plan ( Click & Scroll here for Endless Surf Models & designs )
Take yer time as Plans reveal much detail the more you look!
eg: This Model [ ES 4800 ] is the largest Wave Pool ( 282m x 84.5m ) Wave size 2ft-7ft (8-12secs)
3 zones Short Board (Expert) > Long Board (intermediate) > Foam Board (Beginner)
Private/Event mode ramps to 6ft full length 26 sec Barrel...Ok!

Notice (Thunderbirds) Surf HQ is central to Resort
Staff 50 > L/R separate Life Guards with own First Aid Rooms
This is a massive premium dedicated land bank Surf Resort / Beach Project.

tbb has a weird 1960's Surf Link to nearby 'Lake beach' that lends some local background.
Got a photo of a '60's Grom Surfing wind chop on Lake Coombabah ( served as Local's 'Beach' )
Oddly some still refer to it as a beach...(Youth are long attracted to these upper North local waters)
1969 Mike Doyle proposed a Northern Goldie 5 ft / 200yrd long ride every 40 seconds (Later Kelly)
Also note nearby Cable Ski World was once a similar large Youth hang...rebuilt west of Wet'n'Wild.
Kidz make these still Northern Waters a hang...could come on big for a good while!
Upper Coomera River Rope Swing has been a solid Local now Global Hang for 50 years or longer
What's weird is the simple all year round accessible nature of this site for's always on.
tbb rocked rock up with 70's Surfers / Punks > Tinnie rats / Backpackers / Cops > keeps puttin' out!
Meet the Locals...tbb salutes the great vidz...brings back memories...same fun spot as cool!

Unsure how a Local Quicky fits in! Too early to say but Wave Park should be accessible to all.
Focus is on Youth but also seemingly a VIP Boomer Members Package could yet feature as large.
Crew know these Member Packs are over the Top & priced for Kings!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 10 Aug 2022 at 4:08pm

Luke Altschwager : "Largest Surf Pool in the World"

10th Aug 2022 Parkwood have submitted all relevant Docs to Gold Coast City Council

11-26th Aug 2022 Community Consultation Commences (15 days to have yer say! )

Parkwood Info Days (Via Bookings?)
Phone Luke 0421 987 784
Tickets :

16th Tues 5:30 pm
17th Wed 5:30 pm
20th Sat 10:00 am + 12:00 noon
27th Sat 10:00 am + 12:00 noon

2nd Sept 2022 Consultation Signs will come down (Extra Days : Due to School Holiday extension)

Council Application / Consultation is also running in Today's Courier Mail...(Paywall)

Website PVG Parkwood Village Golf and Surf Resort

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Nick Bone Wednesday, 10 Aug 2022 at 8:28pm

Wow. Watched that video. Those rendered images really remind of a surfy village lifestyle. Surely this is another that’s not gonna get past said video.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 11 Aug 2022 at 11:53pm

There is an alternate web site that assists with the current Wave Pool Development Process.
It is very handy as it affords direct line of enquiry...or here also...

Unfortunately it doesn't run a timeline but does explain each stage & where the Development stands.
So it is helpful to know that the current consultation is toward the end of the process.
tbb can throw in helpful Timestamps via above Media releases...should help get crew on the same page!

Gold Coast Wave Pool Development Approval Components include...

*Visual Amenity- (See next : Dictated by Acoustic Design)

*Acoustic Amenity ( Parkwood are concerned about noise & are sharing Acoustic build here...)

*Flood Management (2017 Parkwood Flooding Examples)

*Development "Application" Process (5 Stages)
First (3) stages have already been undertaken during 2021/22...

(1) 30th Sept 2021 Lodgement (Refer to 30th Sept 2021 comment for initial Plans / Info / Consult)

(2) Referral to Stakeholders Qld Govt etc...(Secret Men's Business!)

(3) GCCC extra info requirement (If needed!) re: 20th Oct 2021 (Link- Reveals Detailed Plans)

That brings us up to date & on the same page ......................................................................................................

(4) 11th Aug 2022 Public Notification / Consult / Feedback > re: yesterday 10th Aug for Timetable.
For entry level info ... Here's the Parkwood Organizer's Phone Number : 55633342

Next & Final Phase ...........................................................................................................................

(5) Gold Coast City Council Decision to Approve or Not?

Goldie Locals are only too happy to share these details of our Council's Wave Pool approval process
Hope it helps with yours!
eg: Very GC to have to book a Ticket for some Whiteshoe Stompin' Time!
Have to beg for equitable access to displays & info stands...being treated as Surf Village idiots!

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truebluebasher Friday, 19 Aug 2022 at 2:37pm

$300m Parkwood Wave Pool Resort
Original Plans

Parkwood Town Planner is Michael Nash " Gold Coast Council rep of 10 years"
Hired to limit external adverse impacts...Flooding / Noise Issues.
Changes (Upgrades)
*Traffic > Tourism Transit > Also should read as #1 Default Planning (Above)
*Sport / Recreation > "Tourism"
*Multiple Dwelling > (Rental / Timeshare / Members) High Rise Apartments.
*Medium Impact Industry > (Micro Brewery)
*Retirement Villas (Upgrade) > Hodad Hang

This website also lists existing expansive mixed uses (includes unusually solid anchors)
*Health / Medial / Wellbeing
*Tourism / Sport / Event > Offices & Management
*Footy / Golf Club + Childcare + Carwash
Note: Former Parkwood "International" Golf Course, may have existing "international approval / access!"
*Indoor / Outdoor Sports Centres

Traffic Management
Public Amenity (Acoustic & Visual)
Flood Management : (News Flagged this!) Strategic placement of Pool fill so not to flood neighbours.
Request : (If any can share the recent seemingly substantial Goldie Bully release...that'd be cool.)

Flooding cont... Catchment Map & Hydraulic Report for Parkwood

Operational # Jobs +
Parkwood Club current operating Hours (5:00am > 2:00am)
tbb can confirm this unusual busy dawn [P] & recreational crew.
Wave Pool would slot in as easy as you like to create a default seachange dawn service.
Sun is delayed onto this tree shrouded course > lighting needs to dim with Sunrise & Sunset.
tbb means it's easy for Lighting to boss this natural setting & kill off the current #1 natural attraction.
So yes! Wave Pool will compliment this site but Mass lighting could equally kill off the dawn patrol.

Biggest tourism attraction is also the biggest set back for the Village...
Village Locals need recreational flow as in beachfront jogging & exercise gear & a hole in the wall.
Yet Surf Village #1 thru-fare is elevated, tight & convoluted...alienating with zero natural connect.
Can envisage dozens of high speed skateboard / scooter / bike collisions for no reason.
Greenlink trail also has impediments & lacks nature trails...all way too over engineered for a Surf village.
Needs #1 Feature Event trail surrounding the For sporting wheelies & kids bikes & Gran!
Wouldn't take much tweaking to steer this Deathstar toward the Age of Aquarius...Peace Out!

Wave Pool operating Hours are possibly the longest we've timetabled (4:00am > 11:00pm)
Goldie climate affords the Dawn Service...
Surrounding Goldie Water Theme Park Wave Pools are heated.
Sunny Coast Sanad Water Park will therefore likely be heated + then also their Wave Pool.
tbb thinks the Microbrewery at both Sanad / Parkwood will moderately heat respective Wave pools!
Seems like too much of a coincidence to marry micro brewery with new Wave pools.

Urbnsurf Melbourne (6:00am > 10:00pm)

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truebluebasher Friday, 19 Aug 2022 at 2:57pm

GCCC Parkwood Surf Park
Submissions (For / Against!)
Application by (Due Date 6th Sept 2022)
Attachments (Read growing tide of objections from Locals!) Not too surprising
Main reason for the VIP Bookings for what was supposed to a meet'n'greet public display!
Click [View attachment] for individual submissions...(Might read a past Titan's spoiler!)

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truebluebasher Friday, 26 Aug 2022 at 12:29am

Gold Coast Bully is claiming Developer has his hands full with traffic issues...
Citing nearby Hospital / Uni Grid Lock.
Local submissions are also primarily concerned with traffic.

12th March 2022 tbb covers the Transit / traffic...

Could be that locals also smell a ripe local neighbourhood Airb'n'b market with rowdy o/n shindigs.
Add to that the early opener!

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truebluebasher Friday, 26 Aug 2022 at 1:54am

Other Goldie Wave Pool bites the dust today...unsure if many knew of it...
In fact tbb had to do a double take to verify...

$820m Australian Legendary Kingdom
Carrara on the Nerang River Gold Coast.

Example of company's Family Wave Pools

Water Splashing Festival seems to feature Raft Surfing or riding on tides (Sure does!)
re: swellnet "Children of the Tide!"
2,000 years of Qiantang 9m Tidal Bore celebrations
7th -13th century Tang Dynasty Surfing (Could be that Goldie Surfing lucked out here!)
Sounds to unreal to be true...
The theme park seemed to centre around these Ancient Song River Tidal Bore festivals
Hard to locate this family wavepool...plenty of options.
Chinese biggest Songcheng Performance Development
June 2017 Finish?

*Only this news story mentions the Wave Pool

Would you believe 2020...(Nope!)

6 page blog doesn't share any wavepool news but features all Park designs...

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truebluebasher Saturday, 27 Aug 2022 at 9:34am

Local Parkwood Traffic Plan Upgrade for Wave Pool

1st : The Wave Pool has extended opening hours
2nd : There are no set open/close peak hours as a Theme Park
3rd : Wave Pool safety limits a very strict set of numbers / hour

In effect, this Wave Pool is the lone sustainably capped local operation during peak hour.
As opposed to everything else on this site or in the neighbourhood.
Bizarre to think that a WavePool has eco anything...but we just unearthed Wave Pool Kryptonite!
So funny...a carbon neutral Wave Wave Pool...well with the no extra peak traffic it rings true.
Can we bottle & sell that...(Hell yeah!) ... Right now is a panic time for Luke to brew & sell that.

This is important to establish as the upgraded Development site boasts 1,550 [P] = ( Nimby Fodder! )
It is the Club / Village / Brewery that has set open / close + peak / dining / happy hours = Traffic.

Local Traffic Upgrade Plans

Intersection 1 : Southbound Lane > West bound extra Turn Right ( Away from the Wave Pool )
This could be GCCC scamming a freebie standard upgrade from the Wave Pool developer

Intersection 2 : Ped Lights become Signalled Intersection + additional Wavepool Westbound Exit
Seemingly the only legit traffic upgrade relating to the Wave Pool development
Intersection 3 : (Main) Added Eastbound Right Lane > Southbound > (Hospital / Uni).
Again this seems like a stitch up from GCCC to scam a normal long overdue upgrade.
The East < > West Bus Stops have also been tweaked closer to the Wave Pool Entrance
Not shown here!

In short it seems the wave pool is falling victim to the Village Idiots...(Company may cop backwash!)

Other set in stone Examples...
Urbnsurf is set in the Airport Precinct + Darwin is also set in a CBD Waterfront Precinct.(Tick! & Tick!)
Other long successful Wave Pools sit central in Theme / Water Parks.
New Pool proposals are set for Olympic Village / CBD Train Station Precinct / Water Park
All have default Traffic Plans rubber stamped as right of way.

We see all off grid Stand alone Wave Pools cop a hiding by locals with endless appeals / rejections.
Melville / North Shore Noosa were recently crushed & now Glass House is appealed by rival Sanad.

In closing we see Govts support wave pools as components & locals boot them as a stand alone.
Traffic is a nightmare no matter what you do or don't do! (Less to do with a restricted VIP Wave Pool!)

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truebluebasher Sunday, 28 Aug 2022 at 3:44pm

GCCC expire these Wave Pool development hot links so we gotta reboot each visit.
Like this...( Expect these links to self destruct, as they do > resort to each respective Prompt )
(1) GCCC Homepage
(2) PD Online > Click [ Applications from 28 June 2018 ]
(3) Click [ Development applications in Public Notification > Click [Next]
(4) Click Application # [ OTH/2021/54 ] Lot 1 Parkwood
(5) Click > [ Attachments ]
(6) Choose Submission > YP 18/08/22 [ View Attachment ] Wave Acoustics (Excellent Choice!)
(7) (Plans) [ View Attachment ] 1-2min Load time ( Zoom 50% > Mouse Scroll ) > Side scrolls Freeze.
Wave Pool [ 8.1.30 ] > [ 8.2 ] + Attachment [ 5.0 ] Wave Garden / shorebreak

Recapping yer choices..
Whiteshoe Brigade > Online VIP Consult Tickets > GCCC Submissions (Freeze or Bump off or Expiry)

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truebluebasher Sunday, 28 Aug 2022 at 8:09pm

Mid Consult review!
The Wave Pool line in the sand is finally revealed.
Recent Gold Coast public submissions have reached a resounding consensus.

This was quite a surprise as many questions were answering themselves...
Round & round but always back to the same line in the sand.
Important to headline that these residents are fully aware they represent #1 Global Surf City.
Residents know they must submit genuine resistance to be their appeal must resonate!

Surf Industry all too easily boss merging forms of Surfing as one same attraction.
$ < Resort < Natural Recreation < (Surfing Reserve - Surf Park) > Built Recreation > Resort > $

Councils zone opposing forms of Surfing as opposite attractions
(Surfing) Scenic Amenity Park Recreational (vs) Amusement Park Ride Built Amenity (Wave Pool)

Surfing game plan is increasingly threatening to all Seaside & residential communities.
This is how we arrived at our here & now impasse of Surfers invading & exploiting Villages.
Hence these posters of Greedy Surfers riding Bulldozers thru crops & forests.

Councils have long zoned Wave Pools in Theme Parks / Urban Precincts / Remote locations.
Very few object to 9-5 Surfing in urban settings or extended hours in a/h Airport / Mall Precincts
None give 2 hoots if Surfers follow this universal Town Plan.

Wave pools are now crossing the line in the sand with Surf Resorts within Golf/Park Residential.
These developments are bullying & crashing thru community expectations...meeting resistance.
These ritzy tree lined burbs will earnestly defend their Native Parklife critters.
Yes! Many locals give names to their local critters from Kangaroos > Koalas > Birds...etc!
Aka French resistance of little people fending off Metal Monsters surfing over helpless critters!

Sure, tbb is having a lend...not so! These are accurate reflections of Community submissions.
Summary of Wave Pool Submissions (Fortnight) 10th Aug - 23rd Aug
Locals submitted exhaustive appeals early as supporters stamped [Yes] from afar in equal number.
A few locals supported their mate Luke...good job...(Crew know the score!)
Developers Consultants usually stamp one extra for than against...way it is in SEQ...always will be!

What tbb is after is the Wave Pool submissions from a World class Surf City.

Roughly 35 submissions relate directly to the Wave Pool
7 = Straight up Support The Wave Pool > 2 = Global Surf Resort / Olympic Venue
2 = Support the Wave Pool but at another site thanx!
26 = Opposed the Wave Pool + 1 outright hated it!
Objections to town plan breach were not Wave Pool specific but were a common theme of objection.
12 = Opposed Operating Hours 4am-11pm (Q: 9-5 [M1] wave pools (vs) 4-11 in sleepy burbs) Huh?
9 = Opposed Noise by Wave Pool Patrons...YEW! Oops! Yew! "STFU!" fisty pumps!
8 = Opposed Noise by Wave Generator ( The Beast )
5 = Opposed the relentless Wave Sound +1 Submitted Wave Acoustics Doc certifying noise breach.
5 = Opposed threat to Wildlife > ( Trees + a/h Noise / Lights )
5 = Opposed early / late night Wave Pool > Residential [P] > No Info despite requests.
5 = Opposed Wave Pool Lights + 1 Opposed the Pro Jock replay Screen
4 = Opposed Wave Pool > Neighbourhood Amenity > Servicing + Parties
4 = Opposed Wave Pool Traffic > 1 noted crowds would gather at ultra early Start & ultra late Finish
4 = Opposed Wave Pool in a residential Area no matter what
3 = Opposed Wave Pool blight on landscape > All embrace the Golf Course seasonal Parklife
2 = Opposed Wave Pool Water Waste
2 = Opposed International Events in their neighbourhood

As crew can read...all constructive criticism that Surf Industry needs to address if they peddle pools.

tbb finds the Noise & Wave acoustics most telling...
1906 The sound of the Surf was constantly audible thru-out the Big Swamp...(Gold Coast)
Parkwood / Southport residents relied on Burleigh Barrelometer Acoustics for Weather Forecast.
Listen for Southport Breakers = Fine Weather (vs) Listen for Burleigh Barrelometer = Rain.|||l-title=42|||sortby=dateAsc
Gold Coast Wave Acoustics of 20km distance once operated as a barometer on this very site.
These Wave pool mechanics would've fouled 20km weather observations back in pre Auto era...Wow!
100 Years on & now they can plonk these confounded noisy Burleigh Barrelometers in yer Back Yard!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 at 7:57pm

Parkwood Surf Park Consultation ends... ( Review )
Developer mails out more Consult to interstate Club members to balance out Local objectors.
Most visitors were in favour (vs) Most locals are against.
Developers Consult (Support/ Object) Forms are junk mail & conveniently wash out the Wave Pool.
Public could add comment/s about Wave Pool (Mostly Southern Regional Surfers added Yes!)
Syndicated Objection Forms of 3 types + Online feedback shared similar Wave Pool concern thru-out
Crew can read the longer the Submissions Period the more united the Wave Pool objection issues.
Results show toward the end...many Wave Pool issues began to appear in block response forms.

What we read here is possibly the last of widest response for & against Wave Pools from Oz wide.
tbb feels it's important for future of wave pools to share this wide ranging response for & against.
There is much highly valued response when Wave Pool was isolated as central component.

Wave Pool Supporters... 14 were mostly regional surfers ( Breakdown of given support...)
Olympic Venue 2 > Pro Venue 2 > International Surf Tourism 6 > Alt a/h 3 > Alt Poor surf 3 > [L] 3
> Avoid Crowds 2 > Alt Beach Hang / Realty 2

Wave Pool preferred in a Theme Park ... 21 ( Either For / Against...)
Possibly the go to objection for whole "Theme Park development in a neighbourhood"
Seemingly more objected to Wave Pool in the neighbourhood over the High Rise Resort...(Crazy?)
We can read this as non stop dizzy Theme Park amenity (vs) Urban sprawl recreational amenity
People are forced to side with least ghastly White Shoe Development = (No Wave Pool)

Wave Pool is Opposed no matter what or where ... 39... (Reasons for Objection)
Resident objectors seem to know & share more info about wave pools than supporters.
eg: Arguing Wave acoustic results & noting Endless Surf has yet to build a Pro wave pool.
Yes! You bet...they know all this & more! Well, more than a few do & equally the chicks!

(Grouped by issues...mix'n'match as many overlap)
Traffic 30 > Residential a/h Service Vehicles 16 > Residential [P] 15
Hours (4am-11pm) 31 > Residential a/h loitering 14 > a/h Crime 11
Noise Wave Pool Patrons 28 > Wave Machine 26 > Robotic Fake Wave Acoustics 21 > Events 3
Flood Lights 22 / Screen 2 > Visual Pollution / Amenity 17 ( Fake > Non seasonal Pool build)
Enviro- Wildlife a/h impacts 26 > Water waste / containment & Floods 18 > Bulldozer Dust 13
Mental Health 7 (Relates to being Sleep deprived due to 19-21hr operation)

Super stoked with both visitors & community Wave Pool submissions.
Goldie crew are happy to share such broad scale response into Surfing in the burbs!

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udo Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 8:19am

TBB whatcha info ya on this.....

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 14 Sep 2022 at 12:54am

World Class Surf Park like nothing else in the World
Surfers can share their stoke!

Response to community concerns.
Theme Park : Operates (Full day) 9-5 Peak hours (vs) Business / 2hr appointments
Traffic : Slip Lanes + Non Peak Hours + Gated secure a/h service entry + Undercover [P]
Hours : 4:am > 11:am (vs) Current Club hours 5:am > 2:am
Noise : Lower the pool setting with Earth mounded Build + silencers on Wave Machine tech.
Lighting / Amenity : Pool hugs the Earth Mounded vegetated Build leaving natural green space.
Wildlife : Spotters / Re-established Wetlands > Tiered lagoons > replant 1:10 trees.
Flooding : Wave Pool will not be affected.

Important for free surfers
"The Surf Park will offer a controlled safe environment that nature simply cannot compete with!
The Pool itself is not designed to use for swimming, it will be used for high performance surfing, intermediate surfing and learn to surf, all with Traditional Surfboards."

It's highly possible that Endless Surf wish to restrict free surfers from engaging sub marine pneumatics.
Any colonic irrigation that ruptures yer gizzards will likely need a Gold Pass!
Fully immersed Bodybasherz & Partly submerged prone Boogerz would be considered at Risk!
Restricted access for any partly or fully engaging with any naughty beneath surface wave dynamics.

Tech restricts surfing to the aerodynamic top half of wave! (High Performance Traditional Boardriding)
Just humour them...that 50% of every Wave goes unridden & is being flushed down the drain...say wot!

New Surf Pools have long banned Basherz...
Can't fully immerse in Lagoons / Feet & Lining risks / Fouling Wave Mechanics...on & on & on!

Reply to udo...thanx for the link...( It uncovered a substantial "Surf / Lake" history )
Also credits your excellent follow up rare Surf Lakes research...salute!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 2 Oct 2022 at 7:20pm

We could be seeing a race to grant approval.
Gold Coast Surf City would love to lay claim to first Endless Surf Pool ahead of North Qld.
Also reckon Gold Coast will wanna beat Sunny Coast to any Unique Gold Spade hand out!

27th Sept ... Bully ran another Teaser...(vs) Locals...
It seems the Parkwood Surf Village "High Rises" is setting precedent for like Golf Courses.
Could be that Parkwood is a test case to up zone other courses to Hi Rise Resorts.

30th Sept ~ The Surf Resort vision Vid is now released on YouTube


Also bookends a very confident Surf Resort Boss ad!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 6 Nov 2022 at 5:38pm

31st Oct 2022 Goldie locals thank Wavepool Mag for the Parkwood Podcast

What can Wave Pool operators learn from Golf Course Developers?
* How the Wave Pool can attract Non Surfers
* Gold Coast Wave Pool must be 1st Class
* Respect Gold Coast Surf Culture (Average Goldie Surfer is high standard)
* Bring that Luxury Stoke to $80 Surf Session > Make it feel like a $300 session + (VIP sessions)
* Notes wide range of established Golf Course Models from Public > Members > Pro
* Golf Courses 50-60k yr (vs) Wavepool 2-400k/yr ( 3x Golf Course visitors)
* Resort options
* Health & Well Being > Therapeutics
* Wider Age > Whole Family Demographic (Includes Grandma)
* Pre Surf attractions > Post Surf attractions
* Stay Longer > Spend Longer
* Marketed as "Something for Everyone

Other Surf Parks
Endless Surf invited Luke to meet 10 EU Wave Pools Developers
Luke says All Wave Parks opened their doors > Surf Lakes / Wisemans / Urbnsurf + Alaia Bay.

Parkwood Timeline
Sept / Oct 2022 : Focus is firmly on realistic functioning of Surf Park > Bling is not on the radar!
Sept / Oct 2022 : Not about speed > Do it once & do it right!
Sept / Oct 2022 : (Confirmation) Started Recruitment drive...
Capital + Construction Risks / Labour Shortage / Council Delays > (Understanding Site & Tech!)
Parkwood owns Land > Plenty of Patience > Can check labour saving options like Myrtha (Panels)
Xmas 2022 : Expecting Council Approval
June (Maybe) Sept/Oct 2023 : Realistic Construction Start

Luke's Tip : Envisage 25 years ahead then work yer way back to Master Plan. (Good advice!)
25th March 1987 Parkwood International Golf Club opening date
Current Course frontage Real Estate Ad > promotes the Wave Pool,extend,r=33,g=40,b=46/ad61c55...
Drone views potential dual Wave Pool / Ocean - Sunrise / Swell direction from Resort top level.
This Promo best shows that Hi-rise Resort connect with ocean & City lights may be envisaged.
Meaning : Holistic Sunrise - Dawn Patrol + Coastal Fireworks Extravaganzas ( CBD Connect )

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 24 Dec 2022 at 7:24pm

End of the Year Update...
8th Oct From above Sept/Oct recruitment..(Note this Wave Pool Sandwich board bosses the Entry!)
19th Nov - Entry Vid again reveals up front Wave Pool (Sandwich Board) Welcome to Club.
Unsure if it's a regular welcome feature? Pretty weird though!

Parkwood do seem to be signing expressions of interest for Wave Pool staff.
Although it's not obvious to all...being an outside link.

Surf Park Summit...(Slightly less shallow Endless Surf promo is worth a share...Maybe!)
Why PVGSR chose Endless Surf & Myrtha Pools

Luke : Was expecting Xmas approval ?

13th Dec Real Estate Ad marketing the Wave Pool [SOLD] Maybe on inside Info?
Houses Avg $915k rising 18% since Wave Pool Proposal (Not Fever Pitch..Yet!)
$1,000/wk rental was found also marketing the Wave Pool by just the one firm.
WG Brazilian Developers anchor Wave Pools to up value land 10x which then banks the Surf Lagoon.
Check recent YouTube Vid for that one...can't miss it!

Parkwood Tram Stations ( Tram often promotes Surfboard access...again this Xmas! )
Proposal does reconfigure & upgrade Bus Stops...can revisit that...
Closest Tram Stations : Hospital $ [P] > Parkwood East [No-P] // Parkwood [P] > Helenvale Dual Stn [P]
Train / Tram Station Network is Surfboard compliant ( Less so Buses )

Parkwood [ Buses ] (Strictly No Longboards) Peak Hour Surfboard Risk > Driver Denial policy.
Meaning : a/h + off peak Day hours should accept boards but driver can refuse!
That's about it for the year of Goldie Surf Parks...apart from Rival Local Pro Ambassadors.

Watch this space for 2023 Oz Endless Surf Ambassador...should Park be approved.
Who Knows! Possibly one of the Endless Surf Goldie/Wiseman's Airy Ferries will double up!

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Saturday, 24 Dec 2022 at 7:21pm

This would be an interesting wave if they could modify the scale of the wave to say 3 - 6 meters

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 16 Apr 2023 at 6:19pm

Sunday session Whiteshoe Sandwich Board Selections
Above : tbb called out this Sandwich Board as being a little late as Public display had long expired?
Cool Hand Luke was also expecting approval by Xmas 2022?

Now it's after Easter & still no we gotta deep dive for another #1 swellnet exclusive!
Can we even do that on a Sunday...Nope! [ Locals Only ] Goldie crew are happy to share gold diggin'!

Recapping last submissions & all were on track...but soon after...

The whole shebang blows up in yer face...Really! Yes Really! Like how tbb...that's the exclusive!

11th Oct 2022 " Straight after the Public Sessions & BANG!"
* Increase Site Cover
* 135 Dwellings > 234 dwellings
* All 5 storey towers grow to 8 stories
* Increase all Commercial Precinct Gross Floor Area
* Surfers kicked outta Surf HQ

13th Oct GCCC Reply
~ Concerns about "Permanent Residents" living so close to a wave pool!
~ Event Acoustics
~ Loss of Surrounding Hillside Residents Views with (8 stories)
Above tbb points out ocean views from highest points...marries in with Surf culture > Fireworks etc!

1/10 Year Flooding Concerns
* Wave Pool is Central to all & needs Priority #1 Stage listing > Not some wishy washy Flexi Gig!
* Both Pool & Machine Electrics get flooded out in 1/10 Event...can't pump out contaminated Pool.
* Delayed Central Health Contamination Crisis threatening Community & waterways.

3rd Nov Apply for Extension to deal with this shit...
20th Dec Further Extensions

Feb 2023 Qld Govt Transit response...
Noting Events Transit : 4x Coach Set Downs + 5x mini Buses
Only Helensvale Rail Station < > Hospital Tram Hub can stage that many Coach Parking Bays
Guessing Parkwood is Running Giant Beach Parties For Brizzos & Goldie crews!

Surfers are least able to use public transit / Taxis
Surfers are #1 [P] more than double & treble the Brewery or Medical Precincts.
tbb tried his best to marry up the stats as it best examples expected Wave Pool timetable!
Had a decent crack...just ride with it!
These are the expected [P] Hours % # of 'Surf Vehicles'. (Examples Crowded timetable)
Hours 6 >7 > 8 > 9 >10 >11 > 12 /Peak/.....1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 9 >10.................11 > 12
%.......20-30-40-50 -70 - 80 - 90 /Peak/100- 90- 80- 70-60-60-50-50- 40-20.....Last wave in 11
#........32: 49: 65: 81:113:130:146 /Peak/162:146:130:113:97:97: 81: 81: 65: 32.....Last wave in 11

(Below!)...there is one major change that may trigger local shift in hours unforseen by operators!
Jan / Feb 2023 Further onto Acoustics now also Lighting is hindering Residential amenity?
This plus the Flooding of Central site...(Wave machine sits below HQ underground [P]
Developers "Undercroft" HQ [P] for extra 1/10 Flood Storage flowing to lower West Lake > Surrounds.
Basically too late to change height of Central Wave Pool site or height > so gotta cave out around it!
Re-check Bunds / Mounds to come in @ 11.55 m AHD or 0.32 under 1/50 Flood ... (Check!)

{Important Endless Surf Machine Notes}
Parkwood Wave Pool sits high on site to afford Flood Bund to keep machine high'n'dry.
Wiseman's Ferry road precinct houses Wave Machine + Spectator Flood Bund sloping down to River
Low lying Sanad can't Flood Bund in low Level Water Park so switched to AWM...(All got that!)
Basically gotta Crown a barrier around Endless Surf Machine > see Wiseman's added Panel Sides! Ok!
Low set motor is possibly why Endless Surf Teamed with Myrtha Pools Panels ... All got that!
Each project finds this out about half way thru...Oops! Oh Shit...(Choose!) 1 Dig / 2 Mound / 3 Panels!

Developer's Reply to Wave Machine > Acoustic / Lighting impacts on Residential Community is Rad!

Simply Flip the whole Wave Pool in reverse...Correct! This is easiest best way to win over council!
Residents hub the deeper Dim (side lit)Take off end of pool with waves breaking away into the light.
Then all residents can expect less glow & less noisy waves each night after night! after night!
This also provides Night / Bed - Balcony Privacy for any long term residents!
Returning quick instant bucks to developers!

With Reverse Pool crew can recap Surfers [P] this might not ring true.
As Summer onshore kicks in, new Reverse Wave Pool stokes up better option offshore pits by the hour.
From 9.00am onward the Pool will fight off more keen crew each hour into the balmy evening.
Winter offshore will present onshore in pool > likely see surfers camp in ocean line-ups!

Notes! Developers are constantly compiling extensive replies of 3x reports of 400 pages..
They're well on top to answer any tricky Council Replies...There is no backing down.
tbb is just stating it's easy to think with no news that they folded up...Not so! They are 100% committed!

27th April (Final Extension)
5th May (Submission Appeals!) Very soon we should see Media / Public Displays!
26th May (Submissions End)

GCCC Access (Follow Above process) PD Online
But this time Click [ Development Applications ] > (Not) in Public Notification!
l/a number [ OTH/2021/54 ] > Next page > Click Attachments > Choose
Tip! If you spend up to an hour on 400 page reports you will be bumped from another choice!
Also allow 5 mins for Latest Big 400 page Reports to load...

Happy to share Goldie Wave Pool updates!

PS: Oz Wave Pools all now changed Sites / Pool Companies / WARS / Redos / Now even Flip direction!
Anything goes...right up to the Buzzer...expect another twist here...Sure! Why not!
Reminding this site was originally staked by Surf Lakes we gotta expect another trick! All say Aye!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 23 May 2023 at 9:38pm

5-26th May Submissions / Appeals
Here's what Parkwood Presented...(Unsure of Public Notification?)
There's no further Flooding Reports >
Parkwood HQ [P] 2nd level dug out / Bunds / Lowered Lake were possibly enough
GCCC seem to be pressing Acoustics / View Sheds (Win over the local pitchfork mob!)
Council has to be seen as being tough on Noise & Hi-rise blight!

12 May Acoustic Report (8th draft) 62 pages
Compliance is Predicted for 24/7 Wave Pool operation...

(Unsure if that's VIP Operating Hours or Cleaning Hours!)
tbb is yet to check 24/7 Operational maintenance for other pools!

14 Oct 2022 GCCC were concerned of Wave Noise on Residents as opposed to Short term stays!
Parkwood Wave Pool was spun 180* to meet WHO sleep disturbance criteria.
WHO criteria = Hum 30 dBA > 10-15 (Max Peaks) @ 45 dBA
Seemingly by Shutting windows Locks out 10 dBA
Sound Waves dBA isolated for Wave Pool Waves only!

Results will explain why GCCC were concerned about Wave Noise & Why Pool was rotated 180*.

Apartment Facade Highest dBA (*Waveface) Deduct 1/2 dBA > Mid lower Floor Levels

1 S 40 > *E 57 > N 52
2 S 42 > *E 59 > N 53
3 S 51 > *E 63 > N 57
4 s/w 58 *s/e 65 n/e 59
5 s/w 59 *s/e 64 n/e 55
6 s/w 55 *s/e 63 n/e 52
7 s/w 55 *s/e 59 n/e 39
8 W 47 > *S 55 > E 38
villas N 57+ E< >W 51
Med W 47/ N 40 / S 36

Neighbours E (Day 42 > Eve 35-Sat 44 > o/n 34)
Neighbours W ( Day 46 > Eve 41-Sat 45 > o/n 41)

WHO = Peak dDA as the norm for Neighbours ...Not Happy Jan!

Crowd ~ Beach 1,100 Viewing Deck 800 = 112 dBA
Soundplan = Indicates 2,000 @ Surf Comp / Stage- Beach Party waders / Viewing Deck

Meaning: a/c + Glass + Wall Insulation ratings are integrated into Residential Plans
Advice : Keep Doors / Windows Closed with a/c...(Hard to sell as Goldie Beach Village!)
Residents will likely rent out w/e or invite crews to drown out monthly Shock Jock Gigs
Neighbours > Thumping ... STFU!

15 May 2023 Visual Impact (125 Pages)
Parkwood Surf Village explain their reason for considerable Height upgrade.

Character : The Aggregate of Qualities that distinguishes one person or thing from another!
Identity : Condition, character or Distinguishing Features of person or thing!
Sense of Place : A feeling or appreciation for the Distinct Character of Locality!

tbb can put this into Goldie context...
Parkwood Beach is distinguishable alongside Coastline / Hinterland / Hospital / Tram Station.
Therefore elevates distinct local character (Parkwood Beach has Pride of Place on Goldie Landscape)

Locals might recall Royal Pines (Princess River Cruises) or Bond Uni (Mankind's Greatest Estuary)
All are typically iconic of late Geoff Burchill (re: Burchill's engineering on Parkwood Surf Beach.)

GCCC identified View Sheds so not to upset the well to do on surrounding Hilltop Mansions!

Parkwood Surf Village benefits by lighting up the Goldie night sky as a Nite Surf beach party Beacon!

Reflecting first light Dawn Sunshine from Hi Rise Glass to sparkle the Water & glow their Beach.
tbb can vouch Parkwood Crew are unusually lively & luv mornings but live in the shadows.
Extra Glass height + offset balcony curves will light up the Village Lineup at sun up & down.

tbb next level : "Balcony Curves should dance light off the wave tops like a seasonal sun dial."
Doubt if Developers are on this wave length...Anyhow...can't unread this = A Seasonal Wave Menu!
Think! Dual Sunlit Goldie Wave Faces with back lit Lips...A priceless Golden Hour.
Reflecting Sunrise / Sunsets to shimmer the Waves & radiate their beach banks daylight. Win! Win!

Like a Beacon soaking up first / last rays beamed onto the Mirror Pool surface to light up the Village.
tbb is spinnin' a local livability slant on wot appears to be a White Shoe Time Share!
Yes! The local crew will flock to this Beach as soon as sun rises & sets...d d' don't you worry 'bout that!

Hospitals pride the best views for wellness & healing...Churches / Cemeteries likewise.
Parkwood Surf Village will healthily stand shoulder to shoulder with GC Hospital & City Fireworks.
As said tbb was just putting their words into context of local landscape!

Parkwood are very much into promoting dawn patrol will follow!

Anyone wanna try their hand at a Lucky Dip in a Whiteshoe Brown Paper Sideshow Bag.
The best way to win over local's Noise & Visual concerns is to give the people what they want...durr!

22nd May 2023 Parkwood (Wedding Fireworks Display)
Council will soon receive no complaints from any local Dogs.
Council rubberstamps endless more skyhigh bright'n'noisy events at Surf HQ.

Ok! Surfwise...still very secretive on Wave Pool aspect as every operator before them.
Endless Surf Wall is tiered by Plants spilling over the Wall then a 3m running Track / Viewing Rail.
Then dropping again as Pool Wall...surfers should be able to be Coached or converse with mates.

This should bring a new dynamic not seen in other Pools but kinda similar to lineups!
As surfers return paddle they can wave at local mate or chat to passerby as if returning to lineup.
But we're talking about integrating conversations with locals...not just skeg banter!
Just like a proper Surf Village!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 22 Jun 2023 at 8:17pm

Ok! After a recent site visit...noted extensive engineering works at Creek Entry into this site!
Looks like they have been given the nod with the spending of big bucks & looking busy.

Gold Coast CEO > Upgrade triggered referral of plans to Qld Govt!

Qld Govt Transport were brutal...serving up a 22 Page Transport Upgrade...Wow!
( Note each SEQ Wave Pool got caught up on International Site Entry )

5 June 2023 Need to upgrade quite a bit as Goldie neighbourhood is busier than Sunny Pools.
More + Wider Turns / Lanes / Bikeways / Medians / Xings
Govt are again cracking down on Bus Bays...
Parkwood planned to upgrade closer City-Link Bus Stops + allocated 4x Coaches + 5 mini bus Bay

Govt have unusually knocked back Parkwood utilizing or relocating Main Road City Bus Stops
Unsure if 'City / Private' Buses will now detour in / out of Parkwood like a Shopping centre / Station.
Entry Stops > 1.Club 2.Wavepool 3.Brewery/Village then exit the same stops in reverse order
Bus Stops must have : [ Lighting / Shelter / seats / Disabled Wait areas ]
This is fair enough as Wave Pools run Disabled Surf Schools & Design has 2 L/R Peaks.

Pedestrian Network is not prioritised...merely an afterthought that now needs many raised Xings!
It's not suitable for Jogging / Cycling as one needs to ever be alert of traffic at several points thru-out.
Govt have (Arrowed) more natural Exit across Grounds to Public Network (Depends on Security)

Interesting that Govt are now working from the Reversed Wave Pool Plans as the new norm.
Seemingly moving this along...They also nominated Wave Pool as Stage 1.

So it looks like it's all doable as Parkwood don't really lose out on anything...
Although the Traffic / Bus upgrades won't come cheap as it's a busy area....a/h works!
Sure! They can keep arguing that their site won't clog up peak hour...

tbb said that Govt has cracked down on each International SEQ Wave Pool exactly the same.
Can verify that State Govt gave none any favours apart from universal Transit directives as required!
Each Wave Pool developer has struggled with Transit but it is required to host International Events!
tbb thinks that this call is a fair assessment on all recent SEQ Wave Pool applications!
Sets the standard for next application as to prioritizing Universal Transit Compliance or bugger off!

Govt need to prioritize Pedestrian / Cycle links as much as Bus links.

Grom access needs prioritizing at all Oz Wave Pools...Whiteshoe Hodads need to sort that!
Just saying...that Gromz deserve better than makeshift afterthought access by Wave Pool developers.
Firstly to humanize yer Wave Pools into the neighbourhood + Shape up to Welcome the World.
Why is this such a big drama for Hodad Developers!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 6 Jul 2023 at 2:24pm

We're now discussing less wave pool but more about wotz essential to have one in yer neighbourhood.
If yer interested in promoting of preventing one or cutting edge Neighbourhood policy then read on.
Just sayin...not much talk about Wave Pools or Surfing in this report!

Urbnsurf were once bitten twice shy & steer clear of slotting Wave Pools in Posh Residential Enclaves.
Oz next gen Wave Pools now bypass Councils in universal Olympic / Air / Rail worries!

Parkwood Surf Village boasted Xmas 2022 Council decision...(Coughing fit!)
With every request for an upzone they open a new pandora's box that presents a more impossible quest.
Thwarting evil plans of micro Gromz rampin' their Hodad's GOAT Cave into a Freak Flow Wave Rave.

Parkwood had whiteshoe upzones for a Rocket to the Moon but never for an outta this world Wave Pool.
Day after the public submissions they typically upzoned the Surf Village into a Tsunami sized Surf City.
Council told them they're dreamin'...
None could sleep with Bob & Roary & Huey while livin' next door to Alice. (Sleep near a Wave Pool)
Parkwood thought by Spinnin' the Wavepool 180 degrees...they'd win favour...(Another Coughing fit!)

Both State Govt & Council are demanding Qld's full gamut of Planning requirements.
tbb can say without doubt these postings are the most nightmarish for any Wave Pool developer.

Rebrand : "Try'n really hard not to build a wave pool in my Neighbour's back yard Dunny for dummies!"

tbb last reported Council buckpassing Traffic Plan for Main Roads to insist on Space Shuttle [P] bays.
This report sees council sharpening their poison pens & ruling with finer tooth combs...ain't No Free Ride.
Seems like whatever Parkwood do's never gonna be enough...
tbb has never seen next level Planning Docs' redos of this magnitude...
1,000's of Govt officials & Council Officers & $Gazillions riding on the outcome!

Surf City's Retrofit Surf Village will set #1 Global Precedent for not so neighbourly VIP beach parties.

22nd June 2023 Gold Coast City Council (Review) Further advice onto 4 April (This can't be good!)

*Extent of Residential Accommodation
~ Short term Wave Pool Accom' is fine...(Tick)
Important as Council let slip they'd rubber stamp a Tourist accom Wave Pool in yer neighbourhood!

~ Wave Pool Brainwashing of Residents requires full cycle Brainwashing...we're not convinced!
Council are saying that it's absurd to sleep where you compete. (Res in Sports / Events Zone)
Surf Stadiums for are fine for Covid Patients but will drive Long Covid Patients mad!

Recap : Wave Pool in yer Neigbourhood is fine if no one sleeps or stays more than a couple a days!

GCCC refuse to reimagine a precedent for a wave of electric sheeple suicide machines.
Hey Doc! : Keep having a recurring dream of DJing WSL CT events from my balcony...well durr! WTFU.
Doc prescribes : Backward swan dive from balcony into the Wave Pool mosh as the best cure for that!

*Special Events & Operational Management Plan
Parkwood has not applied for "Special Events Precinct"
Should Developer not provide O&M plan then Council will enforce their own zonal restrictions
Note Council refers to neighbourhood as a 'Surrounding Site Context'...improvement on customers!

*Staging Plan & Construction
Council reckons the project Stages lack sequencing detail. (Hint : Stage 1 is the guts of the problem!)
Stage 1 Wave Pool needs a stack more detail (Were mostly talking 'bout 'Operational Detail')
Therefore negating the sequencing of following stages as just pie in the sky!
So what are council's concerns or (Don't Ask!)
Flood / Car [P] / Visual + Acoustic amenity-Barriers / Built Form / Landscaping / Lighting / Evacuations.

*Visual Amenity
Ok! This next bit refers to tbb's site visit & what it was that Parkwood are developing near the creek.
Basically Parkwood are developing a Massive Retirement Complex alongside current proposal.
These are the massive Creek Engineering works that tbb saw on the site visit & reported on above.
However they also front the Wave Pool & are now central to Wave Pool getting around it!
In context the Retirement village is further a field but Council says the Flood Lights will spook them!
So it looks as if they too have gotta be considered in the Wave Pool sight'n'sound spectacular!

*Flood Emergency Management (This might take a bit & some!)
Parkwood were too smart for their own good > deploying the City's best Flood engineers!
tbb earlier explained > Gold Standard lakes, bunding & Car [P] Flood Storage to meet Target Levels.
It seemed they were on top of that apart from (Evacuations) This is actually a thing for this Flooded site!
Council are not being nothing but wise in applying following conditions...they have studied the plans!

*Evacuation Plans (Sub Heading...not Official)
Council seem to nod at Burchill minion's cleverness but it's not the end of it...
Where are the Evacuation Plans for yer rather smart last minute lower level Flood Storage Car Park

(a) Justify Rate of evacuation of Lower Car Park
Council wanna see that Car Park can be evacuated faster than Flood Tide inundation
Will the shared exits bank up traffic stranding these evacuating Vehicle Owners in rising waters.
Further onto this is the Main Road Exit being under water trapping those evacuating!
Requiring Flood Evacuation Drill/s to time table & marshal Flood Events.

(b) Justify Time Available to Evacuate Lower Car [P]
Example of [P] Flood rise rate 880mm/hr (Ok! Crew will read that's High Risk & Frantic response)
And yep...there are faster onsite Flood flows for evacuees to risk for survival.
Flood evacuation plan needs to consider Q100 > 10.5m levels (Council considers Q2000).
Repeating this is strictly in regard to evacuation / operations of Parkwood Surf Village relative to build.

(c) Proposed "Immunity" of Lower Car Park (Lynch Pin for entire development & council knows it!)
Council reckon that once the Bunding is overtopped it will escalate rising flood in Car [P]
Very concerned of risk & injury to drivers.
Council want Parkwood to rethink & recheck & recalibrate levels as to evacuation plans
Again...council think it's too clever by half...(Here in Oz ...We call them Floody Idiots!)

(d) Frequency of Evacuation
Concerns of being able to operate the facility during the Evacuation of Seniors & hemmed in residents.

(e) Number of People using the facility and needing to be evacuated.
Council wanna see a breakdown site Timetable of a complete (1,130) Nite Event evacuation

(f) Child Care Centre
This site is 15m AHD ( Above required height) But council want 100mm raised Floor to max level.
Note this is the 2nd (Q2000) Recommendation to achieving higher level be considered! (Unusual!)
Council are proposing Flood adaptability for underage services > could lead to higher service fees.
Note: Hospitals are 100% All Risk Compliant & looks certain that Prisons / Care are headed that way!
Councils will soon zone premium land banks > Corridors for Frontline Health / Ed / Services.

Council are imposing Text messaging for rapid response Parental pick-up Evacuation
Duty of Care Staff to stay with child until roll is marked off...all very next level serious!

(g) Period of Isolation
Consideration of Isolated Event attendees during Flooding

(h) Ability to Shelter in Place
Emergency Power / Switchboards / Sewage Reticulation / Medical / Communication / Security / Fire

(i) References to Flood Access
Council explain that Ambos can't access with 500mm water...(Huge problem here)
Basically don't prescribe Flood Evacuation routes no fit for Ambos!

(j) Use of Flood Warnings & Location of Gauges
Again very interesting promotion of BOM app...being aligned to on site gauges.
Stages or Precinct managers / Flood Wardens can still coordinate evacuations from isolated pockets.

*Health and Regulatory Services (Amended Acoustic Report required)...from 12 May
Council feel the developer did well with average level Audio reports but wants a Qld Standard!
Refers to a 2013 Qld Rating system particular to lowest level (Background Creep) evening noise
In this case very relevant to Wave Pool impacts on Residential sleeping.

In closing the Council limit further consult by agreement or request.
Seemingly the Council have provided what they need to Developer to finalize plans!
Developer need not enquire further but the door is always open!

Council never refer to this hybrid in exact terms but often states it runs outside of the norm.
Meaning the Developer needs to argue their case across many fronts.
It also means further response from council at this highest level...

Residential Wave Pool must first win over the locals...(Good luck with that...never gonna happen!)
Tick every single box but then collect & tick each new box when required! (Read above!)
Not impossible but requires a vast amount of Highest level Professional Govt / Council / Planners.
Sure! If one is successful in retro fitting a Wave Pool into neighbourhoods ...the rewards are stupendous!
New precedent will change the world as we know it...yer neighbourhoods be up for sale for anything!

GCCC PD Online > Parkwood Surf Village Access Code [ OTH/2021/51 ]
Once you access a file you get 1 hour between visits...
Either visit many submissions quickly or make a choice & camp as tbb demonstrates here!
So no links...gotta go back to entry page.
(eg: Sunny Council allows Wave pool Hot links! (vs) Goldie Council no Wave Pool Hot links!)

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 19 Jul 2023 at 2:43pm

Countdown to Gold Coast Wave Pool Decision...

9th Aug 2023 { Decision }

29th Aug 2023 ( Copy of Decision to Submitters )

26th Sept 2023 [ End date for Submitter's Appeal Period ]

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 9 Aug 2023 at 9:46pm

9th Aug 2023 { Decision / Submitters / Appeal }
All these set dates have now been wiped from the Timeline.

Not a surprise for Wave Pool Development...All say Aye!

The Govt / Council gave them a pretty big to do list requiring expensive Grade A upgrades.

tbb is just posting in case any others were expecting a decision today...

Recap : No Decision > All previous locked in dates have been wiped!
In case any think there is a delay in files...Nope!
tbb double checked today's Council Lists > This development site never came before council today!
Gonna have to ignore above Dates > no longer apply...unless this resurfaces sooner than later!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 11 Sep 2023 at 1:43pm

29 Aug 2023 ( Reason for delayed decision )
Developer has reduced allotments from 6 > 4. (Not # Units but stages)
(161 page reply Doc) Covers all above Council / Govt requests!
Mostly Technical back-pedalling to all which tbb raised in recent reports.
Wavepool Res' / Visual Impact / Staged Traffic / Acoustics / Flood -Traffic Evacuation.
In short...Parkwood asked for a change of application from 6 > 4 allotments to bring it on home!
tbb is not advising any to trawl thru this lot...very much Local's site specific planning detail...

29 Aug 2023 Additional [P] Plans
Unusually shares or hints at Lineup Detail
12 / each side + another 6 boards are partly shown the entry near the grass ready to go.
Acoustic reports are run for 2/3/6 wave sets.
Reads as Left / Right + Intermediate + [L] or (3/4 along each take off zone)
It then alternates by rotating next 12 surfers each side as other 12 rotate behind.
Seemingly rotating 24 surfers/side for given Hourly 10-12 wave total
Crowded pool would mandate extra Lifeguard duty...crowding the foreshore less so.
Also affords same Wave Counter [L] Instructor to do both jobs at same wade depth entry / takeoff

Gold Coast City Council (Planning Online) Developments after 2017 [OTH/2021/54]
(Not re: 6 July .../51 sorry) Ends in .../54
View File of Wave Pool line-up A92335403

Revised w/e (vs) week (vs) Pool Time Table of Surfer's Line-Up

Hrs....6....7.....8....9....10....11.....12.....1....... 2........3.......4.......5.......6......7.....8....9...10
w/e..32 49 65 81 113 130 146 162 146 162 146 130 113 97 81 65 32
m-f..26 39 52 65 ..91..104 117 130 117 104 ...91....78.....78 65 65 52 26

11% Less surfers on week days...(Reasons)
Possibly to reduce Crowd noise early & late at comply with Acoustics.
Developer was fairly or unfairly targeted over peak (School-Work) traffic impost.
Crew can read of 40% reduction in surfers > mostly at Peak Traffic Hours.
Possibly to lower the impact of larger onsite residential / Child Care peak traffic.
Crunching these numbers + Reducing Allotments may be required for 'residential' compliance.

19 March 2019 - 3 allotments
30 Sept 2021 - 4 allotments
23 April 2023 - 6 allotments
30 Aug 2023 -4 allotments
Simplifying the Configuration

Parkwood share that it doesn't alter T&C...
Developer was struggling to meet compliance / costs
Supervision / Servicing of each precinct costs were mounting.

Easiest fix was to reduce visiting surfers + Precincts for better compliance.
Basically each stage they knock off the less Security / Wardens
More direct Flooding Evacuation Coordinance
Reducing Transit Hub Precincts
Residential Body Corp Staging compliance (Laws are often changing)

Recap :
Each delayed decision date was stalled by Developer altering the project!
No mention of New Decision Date.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 17 Oct 2023 at 9:50pm

September update continues with new Design Renders + New Name.
'Palm Valley' Gold Coast ENDLESS SURF
Presents as Golf Course Resort style Sand Trap

Fantastic detail of Surfer's Various Boards but no Lifeguard/s Boards / Tower
Fish > Round Tails > [L] Boards > Paddle-Boards ( Lots of Boards...)
Massive stacked Bar bosses Surfer Entry > No Life Guard Tower

Custom larger head high peaked shouldered L/R Wave
Right wave has bigger beach
Left wave beach / Combo (New) Skate Park
3x L/R line-up + 3x reform L/R
Unusual free swim Mix bathers near Fibreglass Boards exit + Volleyball

Some Side view Diagrams of Wave Machine / Water Treatment (Mostly Acoustic)
Amended Acoustic Report
Car Park Review

* Council Rubber Stamps "Reconfigured Lot Changes" > State Development
Council say there was an incorrect Nature of Change (Required separate add on doc!)
1 into 4 lot reads
1 into 7 lot 'staged subdivision comprising 2 / 2 standard format lots + 5 Volumetric lots
Council insist this is a minor change not requiring "Re-Notification"

Not sure how or if the community is up for this level of dodgy-ness...
Sounds like this is being buck passed to avoid a red flag..
tbb is missing something here...
234 Short term
234 Multiple Dwellings
468 Total is what tbb is counting...did they just double their units without regazettal?
Perhaps coz it's not needing regazettal ... is this a White shoe Paper-bag slip?

Files under...Titling Solution?
1. Shared Facilities without a Community titles Scheme as it's not flexible for ongoing development.
2. Flexi Wave Pool lot for Flexi integrated re- upzones
3. Solution : BMS (Building Management Statement) Enforced Bodycorp within a Bodycorp! FFS!
4. Fully rorted Fees & Charges secondary to Park wood Surf Village...
This goes on & a Bodycorp Pyramid Scheme

1.Parkwood International Golf Resort.
2 Parkwood Surf Village
3. BMS 1/2/3/4
BMS > 4 > 1/2/3
Surfer lives @ #1 Wave Pool Lot 40 / BMS 4 / Surf Village / Parkwood Golf Resort
Resident Caddy Shacked Surfers would pay 4 lots of body corp + be governed by 4 Tiers of Boomers.
That's where all this future = Allotments arise...from future re-allocations within > within!

Qld Govt / Council are rubber stamping Parkwood Surf Village as a Prototype hi density Wave resort.
All this without the locals having a say or a look at the flexi plans as they don't officially exist yet!
Council...Nothing to see here...just stamp it if ya would please!
Prepared by # Goldie White Shoe Brigade ... Hickey Lawyers...(This be yer Goldie Gold Dusting!)
This is the icing...reason for the Year long hold up...little by little then this...sneaks thru!

312 pages New Plans ( Final?)
Not many secrets from Endless Surf...just the standard manual...
Makes one wonder...very little about Wave Pool / Safety
100% Re-Development Driven
Whiteshoe prototype for BodyCorp Pyramid Scheme to on-sell endless flexi Golf Course rorts.
Meaning wave pool gains in value as plum real estate for 10 storey + Wave Tub in the Basement [P]
VIP Share 1m square Wave tub with 5 x 10 storey body corps!

We shall see...need to hear from Endless Surf angle on Future for site!

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hillsintas's picture
hillsintas Wednesday, 25 Oct 2023 at 11:17am

This just came across my news feed.

A Coral Springs-based company is ready to make a splash in west Orange County with plans to build a surf park at the site of a soon-to-close landfill on Avalon Road.

The developers behind the project say the public venue would include a 15-acre pool capable of creating waves as high as ten feet. And in addition to plans for a restaurant and shops on the 44-acre property, the concept is envisioned to drive professional and collegiate surfing competitions to a city roughly 60 miles from the nearest beach.

A company called Ocean Sports Development submitted a preliminary application to Orange County on Sept 21 for the property at 7902 Avalon Rd. in Horizon West. Located just east of S.R. 429 and across the street from Orange County National Golf Course, the property has for years been used as a private landfill for construction and demolition debris. Gregory Lee, an attorney with Baker Hostetler who is representing the applicants, told county planning staff at a meeting Wednesday that the facility is set to close soon.

Located just east of S.R. 429 and across the street from Orange County National Golf Course, the property has for years been used as a private landfill for construction and demolition debris. (Orange County records)
Located just east of S.R. 429 and across the street from Orange County National Golf Course, the property has for years been used as a private landfill for construction and demolition debris. (Orange County records)
“This (surf park) would generate waves for recreational use,” Lee said. “We also believe that this facility could accommodate some special events related to surfing. This would be a great opportunity for economic development for our community.”

The project, which requires a land-use amendment, is pending final approval by the county.

Ocean Sports Development plans to invest “several million dollars” on the landfill excavation effort while the development of the surf park is expected to cost $45 million, Anthony Brown, the company’s chairman told GrowthSpotter. Plans include a beach volleyball court, playground, a pavilion, a surf shop, and an academic center for educational programs.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 21 Nov 2023 at 8:56pm

thanx for sharing hillsintas as this here mob have also kept quiet...

Can skip this boring comment thru to Council Decision...(End)

Getting towards the end of Pyramid Body Corp Schemes...
If tbb is reading this right...
Parkwood seem to saying if Council / Govt don't tick the Pyramid Body Corp they'll walk!
Might sound like a hollow threat but if Parkwood pull this off...other Golf Courses will light up Duties!

Council flick passed it to Govt who are hell bent on Traffic Set-up.
As in Micro detailing Bus / Taxi / Cycle / Parking through out .
Also entries from main let up on this...Volumes of this & Pyramid Bodycorp!

tbb warned...ain't one word on Wavepool apart from exploiting it's flexi up-zone rort zone.
Twist yer brain...but maybe the flexi wave height allows for flexi buildings to suit...
Only Goldie Whiteshoes could dream up Pyramid Wave Pool Body Corp on wavering levels.

tbb shared that Transit was the main game with other SEQ wave Parks
Sunny Transit was more international > This Wave Park is more Interurban -Town-scape Connect
A lot more detail thru whole Park like a Leggo Town with the Micro Body Corp Villages...Ped Xings!

Council & State seem ready to tick off Pyramid Body Corp if Parkwood tick off on Traffic Plans.
So we are closer to a decision & they have flagged that...
13th Nov was last Doc...

14th Nov 2023 (Decision)
Again came & went with no extra info...
Seemingly waiting for Parkwood to commit to Transit for Govt to tick & flick for Council Approval.
Recapping...Wavepool is one year behind due to 2x Squishy Res Development upzones

Nov News of Relevance started to rise up...
Read #10

{Breaking News }

Call out for Crew assist on Qldurrz Pay Wall Lock out...

21 Nov 2023 Gold Coast City Council "Planning Officers" Approve Parkwood Surf Village.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 23 Nov 2023 at 9:32pm

Planning Officers ...think this was 6 for (vs) 1 against

GCCC Planning Committee Wave Pool
[5:00-1:50:00] Parkwood Surf Village Session (Click > Vid plays Ok) Checked 23rd Nov)

[0:30] Voting ... Mayor is in support
10 Yes (vs) Young / Tozer [No] (News claim only Young voted against) = 11/1
Young (Eco/Whistleblower) "Wavepool is Better in a Theme Park"


Interesting fact that it was Council that Flipped the Wave Pool 180*
Meaning they raised a Red Flag on the residential noise impact
Then being instrumental in flipping the Pool > to drive up-zoned residential component.
Pretty much ticks this as being a hybrid Golf Course > Flexi Re-Zoned Wavering height Pyramid Bodycorp!
Plan B...Build the Flexi Zone around the Pool then conveniently run outta money...Wow...never expected that!

10:am 4th Dec 2023 : Full Council =(14) +Mayor Vote for final Tick of Approval ...
Wave Pool Electorate councilor is up on murder charges...Spooky huh! ... (2026 Open Date)

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 24 Nov 2023 at 2:02am

Mop up of date
2 WSR Female Councilors state that project is backed by WSL Pros that will surf the pool.
tbb has stated the strange absence of Goldie Pro Surfers support for this WavePool.
Hard to trace any Endless Surf Pro Surfer/s and also for this Gold Coast Wave Pool.
Recently suggesting that the approval may see a Caddyshack Pro sign up as Resident Pro...

If crew know of any Parkwood / Goldie Surf Pros...please do Share!

Unless WSR Councilors know something other...tbb has no idea which Pros are publicly backing this?


Revisiting Submissions (For / Against)
28th Aug - 7th Sept 2022 Submissions
Presented as is, but there are many more that seemingly were absent as Box Ticking.
tbb raised what a councilor also questioned as to "Pro Forming"
Said he clocked another Development with similar high Yes count but was "Pro Formed" or Ring ins!
Where either Developer of Objectors hub Generic Print off Submissions that one > box ticks...

{Important} If Form invites a 'one line Comment'...this is then accepted as a genuine individual response.

Ok! We all got that...cause this ups the game in favour of Established Developer...with Printing on tap!
Clocking 1,000+ Supporters is base line. (Recall Goat was caught out on Sunny for same Club ties!)

During the Planning meeting these Submissions were referred to twice...tbb can now share full figures.
Much better...can even associate the geographic Form Voting Patterns.
Recapping these figures Group as final Submission tally to Initial & (Only) Responses

28th Aug - 7th Sept 2022 Parkwood Surf Village Submissions ( Total & Final)

1,076 = Support
182 = Object
1,258 = Total

Breakdown from Wavepool residents outward to Oz > International (Surfing Crew would guess such!)
350 = Local Residents
60 = Direct site locals objected
180 = Boycotted Submissions (Don't get me involved...I drink there!)
85 = Are then presumed to be Club Members that simply ticked [yes] boxes (No Comment)
5 = Locals came out in full Voice to support Wave Pool based on initial online submissions

Radiating out from Wave Pool centre Theme Park > Noise > Critters
Surrounding Group of Locals then Voted against Lights > Parking > Traffic
122 = Surrounding > Neighbours Enviro Groups / Town Plan Objectors

15 = Gold Coast raised full voice independent worries! (Same likely Vote again if asked!)
Obviously more...but these were locked independent supporters...Luv it! Want it! Bring it now!
1,000 + Regional outward Oz Supporters were linked to Club Supporters > NRL Titans / Oz Golf Courses / Villa Links
Expanding but dwindling further Oz wide to overseas...
7 o/s = Supporters from Saudi Arabia > France > Ireland > US > Canada...
Canada was likely from Endless Surf Rep / Family supporter!

Anyhow...tbb is happy to bookend such robust detail on submissions...that was key!
So these General over all figures package the micro detail local figures above ...So Stoked!

Coz always thought that this Goldie proposal was the Hybrid that breaks thru...
And if so then how...feel free to track the path of real life neighbourly respondents outward!
Most Wave Pools are on new turf but this sucker had to bully it's way into a posh neighbourhood.
So these submissions represent Cold Hard Fact of a gutsy Wave Pool makeover in a boomer enclave.
This is the Gravy Train on the Ship that just come in...breaking the mould! Game on!

Crew all know Goldie Tourism is competitive & this Wave Pool companions iconic WavePools.
1984 Wet'n'wild + Dreamworld being the first with Stand up Surfing Lessons (Both Main stays)
Trying to pull a teen away from them Quality Family Wave pools is no easy task...they be crowd favs!
tbb thinks Parkwood might be better off teaming as one World Wave Pool Empire! Why Not!
Goldie odd ball Wavepool Trio would be wise to exploit the Silly Sunny Wave Pool War.
May trip over awkwardly bundled weird Grom /Teen Wavepool packages to share Waves of family patrons!
Like a triple treat Wave Park Ticket...good for any Park or member/s of Family/s...very GC that is!

Other crucial issues thought dealt with...were still outstanding...
Zoning from Recreation > Sport
Flooding of Wave Machine > Risk of Stagnant Flood Water with inoperable mechanics.
Also the Noise from Wave Machine itself was oddly unanswered
All basic Questions going unanswered

There was twice talk of Council officer milking these Golf Course Infill proposals as a passion!
Just sharing if any thought this was guided too much...then Yes! Most likely the case!
All Councilors were singing from same song to revamp struggling Golf Course Directive.
Often enough reeled off their problem Golf Course coming good after Aged Care infill...thank God!
Like! Never...not on my Electorate...hate to be a loser with a struggling Golf Course...that's disgusting!

We see these Golf Course re dos but Oz Councils / State Govts will drool over this upgrade...Yes Please!
Flexi Upgrade Pool Zone / Stamp Duty / Pyramid Body Corp / Rates Bonanza...(Pigs in the Trough!)
This could be the next Sacred Cow to stain your Town...stop drooling!

tbb believed the process & Council meetings were thorough but only for pushing new boundaries.
Almost wanting to explore how far they could expand upon an upgraded redo...within a neighbourhood!
When ya look back at it...this is the Oz prototype for All struggling Councils as all is now ticked off.
So yeah! tbb sees that they pushed the envelope to test new boundaries to tick more off each time.
In other words...
GCCC + Golf Course could package this neighbourly Flood Model for Bucks with all boxes ticked off!
Solid Gold for your Town...just say the word...we'll mail the blue prints!

tbb was surprised that officers couldn't answer the simple question of Session start times
16th April Start 6:00am 26 Surfers -32 w/e (Above)
11th Sept Start 6:00 am 26 Surfers -32 w/e Above)
The fact that Council officer pretended not to know this was odd. coz he knew much trickier shit easy!

Can only mean they intend on opening earlier...(Above tbb said he visited here at dawn & it's busy)
Councillor Young Motioned 5:00 is a cut off time for earliest 1st Surf session.
Reckon they will lock that in...tbb has no doubt they will meet a dim lit 5:00 start if so desired!
See Goldie has the Climate which allows this...being by the coast is light enough most mornings

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 4 Dec 2023 at 9:57pm

[Breaking News] Gold Coast Wave Pool + WSL CS : 30,000 Rave (Approved)

/(C`= Surf Comment

4th Dec [37:40] Planning & Environment Committee
Conflict of Interest : Hickey Lawyers "Titling Solutions" @ Wavering Pyramid Bodycorp
Mayor ( Ruled Ok ) > Cr Gates ( Leaves Room > Excluded from Voting! )

Cr W Owen Jones [Changes]
* Access to Noise Monitoring Logs
* Hours ~ 5 am earliest Start
* Emergency Exit Gate Logs
* Resident's Right of Reply Strategy > Noise Complaints etc...
* Offset [P] + Non Reflective Roofing
* View / Landscaping

[45:45] Cr Peter Young speaks against Development
* Concept is fine
* Overbuild inside a Recreation Zone
* Dangerous Precedent for Major Tourism upgrade for other Golf Courses.

[48:50] Cr M Hammel speaks for Development
* Traffic Upgrade
* Acoustics
* Visual Amenity ~ ( Direct Neighbours-working with Developer )
* Hydraulics / Flooding - Zero Impact

/(C` [52:20]
"Our Surf Breaks are being Loved to Death!"(re: Cr Pauline Young Clubbie)
" Alternative to Surf Breaks!"
" Training Ground for Next Gen World Title Champions!"
" Gromz can Train when Beach Weather is poor!"
" Not confident Surfers!"

[53:30] Close
General Submissions Deadline / Golf Commitment / Flooding-Dam-Spillway
" Wave Pool for Locals / National / Internationals!"
" Oz Olympic Team train at Waco Wave Pool!"
[factcheck] Oz Team (Irukandjis) Trained at Surf Ranch / Urbnsurf > (Never Once surfed Waco )
" Important for National Surf Teams Training!"

[57:00] Final Wave Pool Voting (2 dudes in left window count Votes)
(11) Votes For: Includes Mayor ( Local Councilor is absent on Murder Charges!)
(2) Votes Against : Cr Peter Young (Sustainable) + Cr Daphne McDonald (re: Palm Beach Reef)
*Wave Pool Development is Carried & Approved!
[57:30] Mayor calls CEO > Was teed up & Sprang to his feet....
"I just wanna say on behalf of myself & Senior Team, no matter how Councilors Voted on this matter I think we can all agree the Officers have done an Exceptional Job with this...there are many many hours of work put into this...Working with the Community & working with the Developer & working with Councilors in this room. Just wanna say thank You for your outstanding work team...all of whom are out the back!
Mayor : "Well Done!"

Translation : "Gold Star Blue Chip Flexi Up zone Code for Pyramid Bodycorp Rort."
Coming to your Neighbourhood soon!


That should be the end of the matter...but this is the Gold Coast...just as crew expect....5/4/3/2/1...
Enter the Conflict of Interest Councilor Gates...Like Wot! Now...
[57:58] > [58:50] Declarations...Now says her Donor is a cheap arse & wants a Vote...
[factcheck] Hickey Lawyers is #1Whiteshoe backer of many ways for many decades!
Mayor : " Isn't it outside the Period? "
Cr M Hammel : "Minor & Outside the Terms!"
Ruled that Cr Gates did not Vote!


WSL Mega Beach Rave

4:22:00 (WSL Rave) 8 Dry Docked Councilors voted for (vs) 5 against (WSR Councilors)
Cooly Rocks / NYE Surfers Festivals are Open / Free / Inclusive to all
WSL Gig tells everyone to Fuck Off from their VIP beach and locks out Cooly Traders from Beach Crew!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 7 Dec 2023 at 1:57pm

Parkwood Village Surf'n'Golf Resort

The Club Parkwood (Pool renderings)

Wave Pool Mag

Pacific Longboarder

Endless Surf

Urban Developer


9 news TikTok (Prices)

Parkwood Surf Village
Goldie Wavepool (Stats) Exclusive to #1swellnet

Cost : $300m ($200m mixed use + $90m Wave Pool + $10m Golf Course renewal)
Open : Early - Late 2026
GC Heart of Sport / Surf HQ : (World Class Surf Break/Venue)
Surf Lagoon Size : 4 Hectares (vs) ES34 Munich 2 hectares
Pool Model : ES48 = Chambers (vs) ES34 Munich
Custom : Near limitless flexibility from Beginner to seasoned Goldie Locals
Pool Length : 300m (vs) ES34 Munich 180m long
Ride Length : Split Peak 12 seconds > Single Run 25-26 seconds (vs) ES34 Munich 8.5secs > 17secs.
Wave Height : 2ft Long Board Cruiserz > 6ft Spitting Barrels / Big Turns / Airs
Waves / Hr : 13 of each > ( L + R rides per session )
Session Cost : Beginner $39 Lesson > Pro $139/hr
Memberships : As pool progresses...
Swimming / Wading : Integrated Inshore Beach/Reef Atoll as such...(Both Ends)
Bodysurfing : Not permitted in similar ES model or any Global Surf Lagoon best suited to Bodysurfing.

Pool Surrounds (Notes)
* No Lifeguard /Tower (Beach Club Bar bosses the Pool)
* Hazardous Line Up return options
1.Highest swell-line lips the wall? 2. Thru Beginners? 3. Exit alongside Bathers?
Note : Zero Shade on scorching hot paved lineup rotation

Goldie ES48 is awaiting Inclement Wragge's Ungodly Wavepool Naming after Blustery Pollies!
Goldie locals Hot Tip : {Wavepool God ~ Flipper}
On account of Goldie Council 'flippin' the Pool for new Wavering flexi zoned Pyramid Body Corp Rort!

Goldie's smaller but older beer buddy brews Surf Town frothies in Munich.

WSL World Surf Lagoons (Standard Procedural Operating Theatrics)
All rubber suited Patients must be strapped to transfer boards whilst ramping Ambulance Bays.
Keep Patient's flailing arms free for Air Waving + Clear the Patient's Airways for Medicare Claims [10]

Refreshingly mandated Wave Pool Bully Rules...
tbb's thought bubbling wave whispering unfathomobile will not be reimagined in any shape or form.

Goldie companion Bonus ~ Oz Wavepool Wraps
Some self doubt 'bout Oz being behind in wave pools...just ignore that!
Victoria has 9 Wave Pools > more than other celebrated Hot Spots.
Qld / NT / Vic / NSW 'Wave Pools' have held Olympics / International Events as recent as last month!
Which vital respected US crew just surfed which thunderous NSW wave Pool...think all should know that!
40yr Goldie 30m bodysurf wave (vs) KSWC+SurfLakes+WaveGarden+Endless Surf+AWM = (None)
Just saying...don't believe the Hype!

dastasha's picture
dastasha's picture
dastasha Friday, 8 Dec 2023 at 7:31am

The perfect wave every time.

From the first light of dawn to the last golden rays of sunset, embrace the luxury of surf life at Parkwood Village Surf Co. Here, you'll ride waves that feel as if they were custom-made just for you, aligning perfectly with your style and prowess."

So dishing up orders of small, soft and fat... eh

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 16 Jan 2024 at 5:27pm

[ FOR SALE ] " $1m Goldie Wave Pool Shacks + throw in some semi detached bricks'n'mortar plots!"
Intro Review of Gold Coast Wave Pool real estate speculation...
Goldie Local crew is obliged to offer wot migrating crew think they're meant to invest in...
Happy to take yer money for a tour!

L J Hooker : "Newly proposed Wavepool for Parkwood will boost the GC!"

Ray White / Homely : "Breaking News for the Suburb~GCCC $300m Surf Park Village...
PVG Surf Resort as the centrepiece the City's first Wave Park!"

Republik : "With PVGC at yer doorstep and exciting plans for a Wave Park!"

Retirement Coccoons
(Just a short Buggy Ride to Wave Pool Shack...Winner!)
"Even more appealing to the Un-Retiring is World Class integrated Golf & Surf Resort...
Endless Surf Lagoon at 9th/18th holes...just a short walk or buggy ride from retirement apartments!"

(Mad Wax Winner!)
Living Choice: "Popular precinct is also set to become the Venue for a World Class Wave Pool by 2023"
Guess there's no regulation for floggin' off Retro Timeshare Tunnels

Is this even possible & how would they go about it?
Ya could dig up tbb's drydocked rusty unfathomobile to reverse barrel-roll yer timeshare tunnels.

Reversing Tube Time...
Roll back up the inside of the lip to counterweight peel back of breaking wave to iron out a wave wall
Bodybasherz teasing out the tail for a wave salute...difficult Anti force hyperlink flowing up the whazoo!

Promoting Tube Time...
Easier forward weighted upper lip whip roll promotes the wave to barrel sooner & for longer.
Lip whippin' rolls extend yer tube time...only bodybashin' is highly illegal in State lineups & wavepools!

So is Goldie tbb now promoting highly illegal Timeshare Tubes or merely speculating.
Lets just say...all are less free each day to ever know...not that many or any ever care to surf as free!
Gold Coast once chimed their lives to the Burleybarrelometer, also drowned out by human race!
re: (Above) 28th Aug 2022 Burleybarrelometer...very few know wot tbb is talkin' bout..Surfjustsurf!

Summary...(Local Goldie Insight!)
Firstly tbb ran an intro on Perth Wave Pool real estate...might need an update!

Crew would expect Goldie Real Estate to Click Bait the latest greatest Wave Pool & Burb giants have!
In time it seems a few more will slowly market the wave pool as a premium recreational hang!
Nearer to opening we would assume future airbnb rentals to promo the WavePool.
Noting there are still surprisingly a few big players slow to warm to the apathy mostly!
Harcourts / Re-Max were late to the burbs so will naturally come on board later.
Hillsea will likely upgrade the Wave Pool next Parkwood audit...

Here's a few Big Ticket Combos flying under the radar

Surfers Paradise > Endless Surf Parkwood > Wet'n'Wild
Interesting that Whitewater West are behind both transit aligned parks
Parkwood has first shot at Goldie Waterpark themed Crowds...possible combo a/h packages
Hodad / Gromz / Teens + Yuppies will be drawn away from Wet'n'Wild to new Pro Wave Pool.
Might see a push to lock in both at reduced combo family passes..just saying it's feasable on Goldie!

Griffith Uni (Neighbours) Surfing Australia Resident Pro Bede Durbidge
Again this being a Qld Govt Surfing kicker from nothing special...just coz!
This being the obvious under the radar sleeper that will likely easily gel.
Local tbb would expect Griffith Uni > Wave Pool to attract loads more Surfing Uni Students.
Also be nothin' to run a local Wave Pool Shuttle with discount Wave Park [L] schools real popular!
Thereby naturally seeking out Wave Pool Industry Slots & research...seemingly a perfect match
Here's some Local Griffith Uni projects that would cross over into Endless Surf Wave Pool.