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History of Surftown (Munich)
Originally born from bypassing greedy Toll bridges 1156 > Surfing the Isar River began 1158
Noting this same era of Euro SUP River Surfing aligns with ocean SUP Chinese / Portuguese Surfing Trade
1100's Surf routes by Tide / Waves / Rivers spanned Asia to Europe flowing to #1 Rafting Ground Surftown
12,000 Trade Rafts were surfed down The Isar each year with weekly Surf Taxis from Vienna - Munich.
Untamed Isar River would freeze to a standstill then Glacial waves of gravel would (Peak) flood 1,050 m3s
Hydro Dams / River Mills / Weirs were constructed to regulate the flow & collect Cargo taxes
Mid 1880's 142 locks / Weirs / Flumes + 260 Paddle Wheels creating 2,162 HP.

Surfers would detour rafts down Europe's Largest Flumes 18m drop @ 40km/hr over 365m .
Munich was branded Little Venice with 100 canals spanning 175kms.
These deviations slowed the flow leading to poor water quality and 19th century Cholera outbreaks
1851 Rail + several Sewage Plans 1883 Water Supply lines > 1898 Rafting Canal detour > last Vienna Raft 1904

One Century Later...
2000 Surftown Raft Safari (Fri/Sat/Sun) Capacity 10 Rafts day or 30 Rafts /wk.
Cost AUD $280 Isar River- Wolfratshausen > (30kms) > Thalkirchen / Munich Landing (6km/hr + 3 weirs > #1 @ 40km/hr)
2014 UNESCO recognize Rafting as Cultural Heritage (Many Nations are reviving heritage raft tours)

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Downtown Surftown
1700's Euro Royals Seaside Bathing
1800 Nude bathing ban
1800's Military Swim Schools bossed out locals & women into streams & Private Bath Houses
1836 Cholera Outbreak led to Weir Waves shaping up The Floucher male Naturist bathing reserve
1850 New Raft Landing / Rail / Sewage blockages / Expo Chems led to 1854 Cholera Outbreak
1869 ~ 5 public baths + 8 Private Baths
1860-70's Blocked Sewage leads to 1873 Cholera Outbreak leads to Women's Bathing concerns.
1870's Mad King Ludwig's Venus Grotto wave pool equally aerates water mid Cholera outbreak .
1877 Women's Bathing Reserve opens on Left Bank Weir.
1901 Engineer Muller donates 1st Grand Public "Indoor" Baths (Still open)
1883 Mangfall water pipeline provides clean drinking water
1905 Undosa Therapeutic Wave Pool Starnberger acts as a bubble curtain for high divers!
Over the next few decades other Wave Pools followed ... 2 Germany / 2 Hungary / 2 UK
1926 Modern Sewage Holding ponds.
1957 Sylvenstein Dam

Munich Flow Boardriding started with Anchor Ropes like Aqua Planing / Water Skiing / Wake surfing.
1960's Rafting Canal Launch (Flosslande) crashes thru Munich's 1st Boardriding Flow wave

1972 Munich Swimming Stadium > All 29 Olympics Records were Broken + 20 WRs
Same year...
It's likely some international media bodysurfed the summertime central English Wavegarden
Flosslande '60's crew likely grabbed their gear to put on a downtown Eisbach weir show.
2001 Isar River is listed as Eco Moderate for marinelife + suitable for swimming.
2001 Flosslande held 1st Surf Comp
Videos show crowds bodysurfing many waves in the Wave Garden circuit. (Should play Ok!)

2010 Authorities permitted Eisbach boardriding
World Champions Surf Eisbach

2014 Munich Airport World's largest Flow Wave /AUD $20,000 Euro Flow Champs
2017 Outdoor / Indoor City Wave
2018 Flow Wave Pool in a Multi Story Munich Mall
2018 Surftown's Flow Waves inspire UNIT Floating Wave also operating in Germany.

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1980 Cosima Wave Pool AUD 2022 $65m
Award Winning Design for Disabled Access also used by Naturist Club & Night hours.
1980 -2000 Another one in Munich & other German Wave Pools have similar design.
Kinda like W'n'W in first gear...does the job & breaks small but sharply along the shoreline
Munich seems to run with a theme > City Wave Flow.

Just 4 hrs drive west Theme Park Resort Psychedelic Nite Glow Wave Pools with Cocktails & Bands
Of interest being Rulantica is White Water West of (Endless Surf) Keep that in mind!

[ Surftown ]
March 2019 Sketches of Perfect Swell
Nov 2019 Wavegarden
March 2020 Wave Garden Hybrid (Note the central divider...that's a key component)
May 2021 Approval
Endless Surf win the Contract
June 2021 Surftown Talk
July 2022 Soil Turning
Aug 2022 German Promo Vid

Sept 2022 Investors

Dec 2022 Winter Earthworks + Foundations (Similar mainframe progress photo below)

July 2023 Construction Photos (These are all first look of a Endless Surf Designs)
We're at the guts of it...this is why tbb is running this timeline here & take a deeper dive!
Tryin' to score as many mid design photos to share the detail.
Pre concrete base ... Top secret photo > shows the guts of the Pneumatics
Concrete path on the left is where surfers wade into the lineup >
See elevated shallow end Base flows back toward the pool (Read below)
(Notice the Photo Shop blocking the Pipe Organ)
4 cranes + A very tidy site compared to Brazil Perfect Swell & for such large construct
Post concrete base shows the speed & neat site works
Notice Wall holes are all spaced in order but not evenly
This dish represents just one side...again...check how tidy it is!
Double Happy Ending
Overhead Shots (Explained)
Notice more surfers waiting outside the Pool & few in the lineup?
Why leave potential customers wait in the cold line-up when they can be buying extra merch!
Surfers rotate onto grass knolls then move onto central concrete bays to Central Wade / Wait area
You can see sets of 3 Pro/ Intermediate / [L] on each side (See Hot Tubs > Sell a tonne of Wetties)
German style Queue like Eisbach Flow Hang but the wave Queue should rotate 6x faster.
Just like Eisbach there is ZERO paddling...did ya notice that...check it paddle outs to line-up.
Note the waves are slightly offset which prevents crowding or late racing to line up.
From above ...Pool is shaped like a dish coz surfers have gotta keep rotating in/out (Giant Drip Tray!)
Pretty much know they need to divert more water back to the pool but extra merch spend covers it!

However...Goldie Theme Park Gromz know that Concrete Ride walk-arounds are murder on ya feet...
Return Summer surfers will need lotion to soften yer feet ... then you'll slip off yer boards.(Big problem!)
Reckon they'll go thru some Winter Booties...make a fortune!
Also wear out the Leggies real fast....might wanna cut back on the hire or double the fee to cover it!

Note 3 surfers per L/R per wave > Pro hugs the wall > Intermediate trail face > [L] Witewater.
[L] Softie is meant to bounce off Waders in the bays!
Does that back set of steps look a bit disabled ramp but Robot entry or some shit!
Can see over to the right looks open to the street....again like they're stealing the Eisbach crew!
Owner is a German surfer & would be well wise to Local surf Hang culture...we're seeing a local hang!
This very much resembles a Munich Surftown Raft Landing.
Add some Comp lights in Airport Precinct just like urbnsurf...

Photos will show that Viewers / Photographers can access 360 degrees of pool.
On top of that another 180 degree elevated walking deck...
Marketers will love unlimited detailed zoom angles to sell next level micro merch.

o2 LOGO Sell out!

Job : Tech Director + Free Staff Surf Slots

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