Gold Coast "Endless Surf Wave Lagoon"

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Gold Coast Parkwood "Endless Surf Wave Lagoon"
$35m Project is set to open by 2023

Mayor kicks off proceedings ..."Fits the Bill Perfectly!"
Destination Gold Coast ..."Essential to Diversify"



"The Wave Park would be the Biggest Drawcard for Goldie in more than 2 decades."
"We want to make sure that Parkwood becomes the Home of GC Sport!"

Parkwood have been angling a wavepool for 3 years.
Surrounding Creek / Lakes are financially secured & up zones are in place.
"We will spend the next few months working with the community...
...and local council on getting the project approved."
Earlier free range approvals as good as stamp Water Park / rec on site!
Manager points to main Lake *Next to existing Golf Course & future Hotel.

Parkwood Site / WavePool ~ Qld Local history links

10 May 2020 (re: Courier Mail Paywall article )

May 2020 : Parkwood "Top Golf Director" signs to Surf Lakes

May 2020 : Surf Lakes " Enginuity Solutions" were to begin site works during 2021

Sept 2020 : Sunshine Coast Council approve Sanad "Endless Surf Wave Pool"
swellnet link

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truebluebasher Friday, 12 Mar 2021 at 1:58pm

Parkwood wasted no time for Wave Pool Promos.

Parkwood Wave Lagoon logistics...
Enough Water is secured by Parkwood.
Site is shrouded by hills so Wind is less a factor...

Flooding 1/20 year events will turn into a Mud Bath.

Site Access - Parkwood never, likely can't run a shuttle to GC #1 Transit Hub!
Long way from the Surf & not far from > (GC Uni / Hospital Tram Hub)
It's also hidden in a residential pocket...not a Qldurr Hwy Tourist Wave Pool
From Brisbane > GC 2 main roads are nearby to entice Brizzos from beaches.
Tram looks accessible but [ 714 ] Bus link (Hrly) + a/h ends before Park Close.
Napper Road Bus stops are about 1km paved walk to site. (Not Grom friendly!)
Highly unlikely to score a free shuttle bay at OZ # 1 Emergency Hospital.

Parkwood Country Club Boomer's offspring run a plush Jock's / Lycra Gym Hang.
tbb has checked out the site for Wave Pool machinations.
Very surprised by flocks of 'early birds' & after work recreation scene of all fit types.
Pool is already onsite so a Wave Pool wouldn't be outta place here!

Sure you may need high netting near tees but it wouldn't kill the vibe.
Walkers may vote to extend early open & leisurely evening yuppie surfie hang.
It does sound odd...but WSL jocks are also slotting a Wave Pool into a golf course.
Anyone for a Resident Man on Man Tennis / Golf / Surfing Pro...

Hours / Pricing
(Golf) 6 am - 10 pm ( floodlit mini golf) Wavepool could operate the same hours!
Wave Pool noise should have a buffer to houses > closer to Hotel guests.

Parkwood geared down prices & fits into Urbnsurf Corp Jock atmosphere.
More open to discounted packages with a host of bundled offsets.
eg: Board friendly Surf Tram > Free Shuttle will keelhaul the Boyz to the Yard.

Repeating the Parkwood Manager : "Biggest drawcard on Goldie for 20 years"
If that's true, then quality, price & transit must be accessible & open to all.
A lot rides on Tram shuttle access to GCCC / Oz #1 Emergency Hospital Cash Cow.
Crackin' open the GCCC Bank Vault takes friends in high places, that does!
Our dodgy Mayor's on Board! "The Bill's fit perfectly!" Something like that!

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truebluebasher Friday, 12 Mar 2021 at 2:14pm

swellnet link to Surf Lakes Gold Coast fishing expedition > (re: Parkwood Site)

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 4 May 2021 at 9:08pm

A few more News Promos

Endless Surf President Paul Chutter : " They share our passion for Pushing Technological Boundaries, putting Endless Surf as the Heart & Soul of their Development in order to build a vibrant community hub. The Venue's existing High-Performance Sports focus will lend itself to this World-Class Surf Showcase and help develop the talents of a whole new generation of Local Surfers."

Paul is the son of CEO Geoff Chutter (5 decades in the Job)

Luke Altschwagger : "If all goes well it could be open Open in as little as 2 years."

* $200m Mixed Development
* Surf Pool as the Centrepiece
* World Class + Flexible Waves for all types of Surfers.
* Easy Transport Access...( re: tbb transport review above! )

5th April GCB : "Detailed Investigation + Community Consultation"...(Usually 1 Month)
Qld Govt approve GCB [f] as Consult.(92 Comments so far...mostly daft...well they are!)
Possibly bump it up with in house Golf / Tourism Site [YES / NO] ... even The Club itself.
It need not be by Surfers but focused on surfers as complimentary to Club / Parkwood.

If anyone can get behind the GCB cool to share the Plans if any!
Anyhow, report is to show that it seems more than just a Promo & there is a move on...
Crew know that's news within itself for a GC Wave Pool development.