2020~Olympics ~~~ /(C`..[oi.oi.oi )

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#1st Unofficial Olympic Surfing Supporters Page.
Team Australia site

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Oi! Oi! Oi! Welcome to swellnet crew's Oz Olympic Surfing tribute.

TOKYO 2020 (Intro)

Olympic Qualifying ISA

WSL (Intro)

Tokyo Olympic Surfing Channel

Australian Surfing History re: Australian Olympic Committee

1900 Olympic Sport of Life Saving
1956 Olympic "Surf Competitions" were held in Australia / Surf Research.

Adaptive Surfing Paralympic inclusion?

Australian Unofficial Olympic Surfing Archives exclusive to #1 swellnet.

13th July 2014 : Olympic Surfing / blindboy

22nd Oct 2015 Tokyo Olympics reject Wave Pool

2016 Logan begin planning for 2032 Olympic Whitewater Venue
4th Aug 2016 : It's Official, Surfing is in the Olympics / Stu Nettle
# # August 2016 : Surfing in the Summer Olympics.Tokyo, Japan / Surf Nation
4th August 2016 : Fanning Eyes Olympics / Tracks

1st June 2017 : Women in Surf : Our Future re / Olympics / Canon.
11th August 2017 : Surfing in the Olympics will actually be Awesome / SW mag.
13th August 2017: Why Aussie legend Peter Townend coaches Chinese / espn
18th August 2017 : AIS to lead Surfing's Charge to Tokyo Olympics / ausleisure
16th Oct 2017 : Fanning Targets Olympic Games / Olympic Channel
21st December 2017 : ISA/WSL reach agreement on Tokyo Olympics / Stu Nettle

25th January 2018 : [NEWS] Surfing Australia completes historic readiness Camp.
1st March 2018 : Surfing deserves Extra Olympics:Fanning / The Standard
9th March 2018 : Meet Australia's Olympic Surf Team / BeachGrit
13th March 2018 : World's Top Surfer: World Title bigger than Olympics / NBC
21st March 2018 : Team Australia sign to train at The Surf Ranch USA
18th-23rd June+August 2018 -Team Australia's first Official Wave Pool Training
28th June 2018 : Surf Ranch to build in Tokyo for their Olympic Dream / Stu Nettle
11th Sept 2018 Steph' lends supports for Wave Pools as Olympic Ideal

2nd April 2019 : [NEWS] Aussie Surfers sense golden opportunity.
29th April 2019 : [NEWS] Surfing to make Australia an Olympic Superpower again.
9th May 2019 Qld Premier GC a perfect Host for 2032 Olympics Surfing
11th May 2019 : SLSA GC bid for 2032 Olympic Demo inclusion
26th May 2019 : [NEWS] Olympics on surf champs Gilmore's mind / ACT Times
8th June 2019: 'When Sally met her Olympic Hero' / 10 Daily
12th June 2019 ; Oz Team Announced for 2019 ISA World Surfing Games AOC
14th June 2019 : Paris Olympics rejects wavepool / Stu Nettle
26th June 2019 : Surfing a step closer to permanent Olympic inclusion / Stu Nettle
27th June 2019 : Tahiti offers to host Olympic Surfing in 2024 / Stu Nettle
24th July 2019 [NEWS] ONEYEARTOGO2O2O WSL Oz Pro (Channel 7)
26-31st July 2019 Qld Olympic Mayors GC says yes to 2032 Surfing

7th Aug 2019 : Olympic Surf Forecast / Stu Nettle
15th August 2019 : Surfing Australia's Pathway to the Podium for Tokyo 2020.
19th August 2019 : First Tokyo,now Paris rejects the wavepool advance
26th August 2019 [NEWS] [ TEAM AUSTRALIA ] Come and ride the Wave (SA)
27th August 2019 If Sally is so Happy~Swellnet crew are Happy~Go Team Oz!
28th August 2019 'Sally' backs Gold Coast 2032 Olympics Surf Comp
28th August 2019 [NEWS] Sally models Green & Gold Surf +Oz Beach Flag
28th August 2019 Sally undergoes AIS Balance Tests @ ACT Uni
7th September 2019 Team Australia @ ISA WSG Miyazaki
9th September 2019 Swellnet congratulate Team NZ on 1st Surf Olympian.
12th September 2019 Swellnet congratulate Team Oz on ISA Aloha Cup Relay win!
14th September 2019 Swellnet congratulate Team NZ on 1st men's Surf Olympian
20th September 2019 Fitzgibbons frothing over Olympic shot
26th September 2019 WSL / KSWC @ Coolum Olympic wave pool venue
9th October 2019 swellnet congratulate Oz Surf Olympians Steph & Sally

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Welcome crew...feel free to request a timeline error/contribution/removal.
Archived links are for study purpose & are 'unofficially' Olympic related.
Should any linked advertising contravene guidelines here or other just say!
Go Team Oz!

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Congratulations Owen Wright into the Top 10 @ #8.
Ryan Callinan slips from # 9 to 11
Julian Wilson slips from # 10 to 11

All 3 surfers will compete for Australia in World Surfing Games.
7th -15th September 2019 Miyazaki Japan

Live Comp Site: ( Please check to see: swellnet webcast with ISA )

[IMPORTANT] 1st 2020 Oz Surf Olympians will merge from 2019 ISA Games.
The highest placed Mens & Womens surfers will win Gold Tickets (in 1-2 weeks)

Oz women competing in 2019 ISA Games.
2- Sally Fitzgibbons
3- Stephanie Gilmore
12- Nikki Van Dijk

11- Bronte Macaulay will be seeking a top 10 qualifying

ISA Surf Comp site ...Welcome to Miyazaki Japan
All breaks Guide*****

Epic Lefts / Rights + Rad Tunes ***** (Hot Surf Flick!)

tbb is baking himself inside an Olympic wax cake...bit of a rub & out pops tbb genie!
Message from Huey!..."Surf's Up!" ( Race is on for the Golden Ticket )

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>>tbb is baking himself inside an Olympic wax cake...bit of a rub & out pops tbb genie!
Message from Huey!..."Surf's Up!" ( Race is on for the Golden Ticket )

pure gold tbb

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ojackojacko scores a medal for standing alongside one of them drug cheats.

7-15 Sept/19 ISA World Surfing Games features 240 athletes from 55 nations
(Record 103 women surfers are competing)
Sally Fitzgibbons is a 2 x WSG Gold Medalist & currently WSL # 2
Sally is wearing her smile bigger & brighter than ever...see above (Need Sunnies)

Full Australian Roster is announced for ISA Games : see here...

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swellnet crew send best wishes across the ditch...turn it up!
ISA Kiwi Team...

ISA / WSG Schedule
Sept 7 Parade of Nations + (Start of Open Women)
Sept 8 -9 Women's Division cont...
Sept 10 Open Men start + Open Women + Aloha Cup
Sept 11 Open Women's Final + Open Mens Cont...
Sept 12-14 Open Mens cont...
Sept 15 Open Men's Final + Closing Ceremony

Please thank Newsie for (WSG )Schedule & NZ wrap...here

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ISA Miyazaki...WSG

( Australia's "Nikki Van Dijk" set to go for Gold )

swellnet crew are cheering for Nikki...Go Team Oz Chix!

Surfing in Japan

Miyazaki Surf Cams (Various)
These surf cams run 1 ad up front > Live feed + various Surf Labels

Click > Kisakihama Surf Cam...for Contest Site.

Scroll down to bottom & click Contest Site Map

Note: No swell with Typhoons #13 Ling Ling + #14 Kajiki hovering offshore.

Okuragahama web cams...Miyazaki (No ads...more distant surf cams)

Hitotsuba Hotel web cam...Miyazaki

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Mon 9th Sept 2019 ISA Women's (Day 3)
Swellnet congratulates Team NZ on very 1st Surf Olympian.

Good News All Oz Chix survived Day 3
Bad News (All) US & Aust surfers battle it out in R/C

New messy swell gives all an even chance.
World's best surfers are scrapping it out in R/C
Men would be wise to take note...
Surfing is very competitive...up on WSL standard.
Some WSL competitors are surfing 6 heats/day...
Those with best rides can't buy another.

Great insightful Commentary
First Olympian (NZ)

Click North button for off screen heat results
ISA /WSG Live Comp Site Link.

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kookfactor commented Monday, 9 Sep 2019 at 6:07pm

Team looks strong, so thinking the girls are favs...boys not so much. but thanks for update.

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kookfactor steps onto the podium-'nother Olympic toke bag. Wait...You get a Salute!

Yeah! For some twisted reason all the best scoring chix end up in the R/C.
R/C is a graveyard for all WSL Top Hot Chix...The claws are out it's cut throat.

Spoilt Pros have got no idea on how to slum it with upstarts in the slop...
(2 OK quick waves) But short heat times leave posh Pros a wave short...it's over!
tbb warns of same deal for Lazy Posh Pro Men...you heard it here 1st @ swellnet.

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ISA Womens

Norm'Guide..."Buy me a Pony"

"WSL is #1 Olympic Qualifying platform"...(not any more mate!)
WSL spoilt A-Listers need a training camp just to get up to ISA speed.
Viewers jaws dropped as Hot WSL Pin-Up girls fell from the dart board.

Another wake up call in 1st year of women's well above equal Pay
WSL women surf less heats than men but both surf less than ISA.
WSL Women's Finals combo heat scores are down on previous years.
Despite grooming best swells, ample rest/recovery & longer heat times.

WSL chix were 10mins down, a wave short & all at sea in plain sailing waves.

ISA surf better for free & more heats in one day than an entire WSL month .

Femlins & retired Pros spanked the WSL elite squad & was not funny after day 1.
(Total 13 WSL surfers) v (Best 13 'non' WSL) = 16 'non' WSL finished in Top 26
Only 1 WSL surfer would have survived without generous ISA repechage rounds.

Retired Pros deserve higher Pension Payouts from WSL Pro's glowmesh purse.
Bingo Hall Pro brings all the gromz to the yard...Go Grandma! Go Grandma!

Olympic Qualifying Years/WSL Title is now Trash. Hottest surfers kill for Gold.
Those saying opposite- surf well beneath best in WSL & now too slow for ISA.
tbb has long said this & it took all of 10 minutes for World to shake heads.
WSL Top 10 is now outed as a show pony for Barbies. Go for Gold instead!

World can now plainly see that WSL never represented world's best surfers.
WSL Top 8 Olympic Qualifying clearly denies better less paid women surfers.
Barbie model can not continue if Surfing is to present it's best in France & so on.

tbb made it all up! Surfing elites continue palming out yet more stickerz.

Team Oz -Nikki/Steph/Sally ripped & got so close...swellnet crew are stoked!

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poo-man commented Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019 at 3:29am

TBB you're the expert on the Olympics by the look of it. So I'm confused! The media in NZ are trumpeting that Ella Williams has qualified for the Olympics. But she didn't even go very far in the comp and she's clearly behind Paige in the pecking order in NZ. I just can't figure out the qualification conundrum at all. It's so convoluted. She qualifies despite Paige's years of CT experience and out of such an average performance ? Just baffling really.
Then the other interesting thing was how many of the CT girls just didn't cope with the 20 minute 4 man heats very well. Sofia Mulanovich comes through and wins despite being out of the big time for years. Well done to her.


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truebluebasher commented Saturday, 14 Sep 2019 at 2:32am

poo-man dodged the copper medal...

Firstly! 20 surf chix go to 2020 Olympic Games
WSL-Top 8 + ISA 2020-Top 6 + ISA 2019-Continental -4 + Pan/Am-1 + Host -1

They dropped a secret at ISA 2019 qualifying that was only outed on comp day.
ISA 2019 ("Top 30") was the new 'cut off' for highest placed 4 Continental Surfers.

NZ Ella finished #29 being the highest in Oceania- (NZ,Fiji, US Samoa, Guam).
'Continental Qualification' covers any/all 'white flag independent nations'.
Folks say it's skewered to give Goat an extra shot-Pan American Games? Not OZ!

Since Ella is competing for NZ then she Qualifies as [P] Olympian.
Either way Ella will always be recorded as 1st Surf Olympian. (aside OZ 1956)
(Top 30) Africa, Asia, Europe also scored gold tickets alongside Ella on same day.
Ella was simply dealt a timely heat that aligned Top 30 bingo card for gold ticket.

Yes! Ella can still lose her gold ticket.
2 NZ women surfers must finish Top 8 WSL or Top 6 ISA 2020 to qualify ahead.

But! Some Pros may double Qualify + Only 2 chix per Nation can Qualify.

Meaning WSL countback...9,10,11,12 etc. becomes the default battleground.
Paige must climb ladder to at least Top 10 to 'scoop' a Gold Ticket + #1 NZ rank.

But guess what! Sponsors will ultimately decide who goes to Olympics!
Positions are decided by National Team heads as weird 'injuries' list start to mount?
No way could tbb lead poo-man thru Sticker world...(Sponsors vs National Pride).
Already injury deals were branded out of place & others will appear as cop outs!

Oz recalls when Stevens was pushed Oops! While stepping down for Thorpie..

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poo-man commented Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019 at 8:35pm

Ok that makes a bit more sense TBB. Still can't see how qualification based on finishing 29th in anything means that much though ha.


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truebluebasher commented Sunday, 15 Sep 2019 at 12:12am

Norm'guide..."Surfing Olympians are in a league of their own."

Olympics seem to be corrupting every aspect of WSL.
Note surfers voted to change format to 4 eliminations in first 2 rounds?
Equal pay sees women surf less rounds in premium events that pay more.
Women earn a lot more per session & their final/s combo scores are down.
WSL men surf lesser paid Red Bull Airborne,Triple Crown,Heritage Heats...
1st 2019 comp the Women's Winner earned way more than equal per heat.

New Tech affords WSL to leave Base Camp & does so quite often without notice.
Big Wave Tour is out vs Rock'n'Roll Red Bull Airborne & Challenger Xerts in.

Hawaii can't compete in Olympics nor qualify via ISA Pan Am /Oceania entry.
WSL Hawaiians can only qualify as WSL Americans or ISA 2020 Americans.
Naturally Hawaii vs USA Olympic Comp is the main game within WSL rankings.

ISA state WSL surfers & Host must compete in 2019 and/or 2020 / Pan Am
Meaning 1 of 2 for world or 2 of 3 for Americas (re: + Pan Am)
All of this is open & under review.

WSL injury Flags now get waved selectively as Olympic qualifiers draw nearer.
WSL Champs swan Olympic WSL injury Wild Cards over younger, ready competitor
High ranked Men & Women injured surfers flip lesser ISA for golden casket tickets.

ISA crew surf 6x / day for free...WSL are flat out doing that much surfing in a month.
We now openly hear of injured WSL surfers throwing ISA heats to ride out repechage.
Only way a Team can scoop 3 medals is to split up & reunite in final.
Problem being the heats are shorter & waves are less groomed.(WSL meets real world)

Sponsors will soon nudge National Teams to wave thru Hot Shots.
This practice is no stranger to Olympics but sure messes with WSL rankings.

Have ISA nations teamed to rid Pros to promote 2nd string Olympic opponents.
Coincidence that all lowest rank national surfers scored Gold Tickets to Olympics
Who here thinks these deserved surfers will be asked to take one for the Team?

Not sure if Surfing requested all this Olympic Hoopla, but they sure got it!
Careful what you wish for as it may come back to bite you...Welcome to the Club!

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davetherave commented Thursday, 12 Sep 2019 at 5:39pm

just watched a young lady goofyfooter at deebs today who was as good as i can remember. hope they have her on the radar- this girl very very special- who r u- blue/green bottom board- two thumbs up - u were rippin big time.


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truebluebasher commented Saturday, 14 Sep 2019 at 1:25pm

ISA (Sunday) Final Day
R/C 10/h1 NZ B Stairmand + 10/h2 BRA Toledo > (4) > R/C 12 > (2) >Final
R7(USA) Slater v Andino v (BRA) Ferreira v Medina >(2) > Final

Weekend Deluxe Edition- swellnet congratulates NZ Billy Stairmand
World's first men's Surfing Olympian.

Norm'Guide recaps ISA + Aussie's week...
Injuries + R/C have admittedly been used as strategies
eg: Dropping an injured surfer into R/C affords full team into Final
This being the only way a team can clean sweep Gold,Silver,Bronze
Only thru R/C can Team also obtain Max team points.

Aussie Men Heat Results
Round 2- J. Wilson (Out)
Round 2- O. Wright (Out)
Round 4- R. Callinan (Out)

(Current Team results all)
BRA 1st / USA 2nd / Japan 3rd / NZ 6th / Aust 12th

Current Highest Heat Combo ( All )
Aust- Steph Gilmore [18.20]

Aussie's / 2nd in Women's Teams (US 1st)
6 - Sally Fitzgibbons
7 - Stephanie Gilmore
11 Nikki Van Dijk

NZ Ella Williams is 1st female Surf Olympian.


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truebluebasher commented Saturday, 14 Sep 2019 at 10:03pm

Spam was removed from this space...thanx swellnet.

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thermalben commented Saturday, 14 Sep 2019 at 2:01pm

Thanks TBB, was a spambot, now removed.

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truebluebasher commented Saturday, 14 Sep 2019 at 2:22pm

Judge scores a [10] Very sporting of you thermalben...let the Games Begin.

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poo-man commented Sunday, 15 Sep 2019 at 5:51am

How’s the heat coming up today?
Kelly, Medina, Italy and Kolohe in one 4 man heat. You’ll be unlikely to ever see something like that again. Compulsive viewing I say even if the conditions are wild and woolly. That barrel that KS follow found yesterday in the wild conditions was remarkable


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poo-man commented Sunday, 15 Sep 2019 at 5:52am

And NZs Billy Stairmand has been on fire too also qualifying for next years Olympics


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poo-man commented Sunday, 15 Sep 2019 at 5:53am

How’s the heat coming up today?
Kelly, Medina, Italy and Kolohe in one 4 man heat. You’ll be unlikely to ever see something like that again. Compulsive viewing I say even if the conditions are wild and woolly. That barrel that KS follow found yesterday in the wild conditions was remarkable


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truebluebasher commented Monday, 30 Sep 2019 at 11:39pm

ISA Final [ 1.Italo 2.Andino 3.Medina 4.Murakami ]
Note: Italo had passports stolen missed 1st Round, rejoined repechage with 8 mins left.
God sees Italo's Final Hail Mary & judges it a [10] Italo is crowned World Champion
Italo: ("From trash to 1st !")

Positions changed for those beneath final's Nations somehow?
Possible some extra brownie points deal...game changer?

Team Relay (Aloha Cup) Swellnet congratulate Team Australia Victory

Teams ( All ) 1.Brazil/ 2.USA/ 3.Japan/ 4.Peru/ 5. S.A./ 6.Aust/ 7. NZ

Teams (Men) 1.Brazil/ 2.USA/ 3.Japan/ 4.NZ/ 5.Can/ 6.Indo/ 7.S.A./ 8.POR/ 22.Aust

Teams (Women) 1.Peru/ 2.Brazil/ 3.USA/ 4.Aust/ 5.S.A./6.C.Rica/ 10.NZ

NZ/Canadians can knock off Hosts & score Olympic Team Bronze? (Check!)
Bronzed Aussie Chix are also looking good !
Sign the Bronze Medal ANZAS treaty!
Cross breed Kiwi Groms with Oz Chix cousins & Go for Gold!

Other notable final day elimination results... NZ Billy Stairmand +Toledo + Kelly.
poo-man: "Kelly's barrel was remarkable!"

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poo-man commented Sunday, 15 Sep 2019 at 6:55pm

I watched quite a bit of that today. There was some high drama and some really good performances. Actually quite cool to see compared to CT events and the crowd was huge. Well done to Italo he was on fire but so was Billy and KS and others. I remember KS getting 5th in Japan in 1990 so here he was 29 years later and 5th again. Kolohe was on fire too. And what about Australia? That's a pretty poor result given the quality of the team


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truebluebasher commented Monday, 16 Sep 2019 at 12:49am

Kookfactor: "Team looks strong, so thinking the girls are favs... boys not so much."
Oz Team coach nailed it!
Oz Girlz 4th (Copper) + Oz Boyz 22nd (Fade to Grey)