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Occy's Right

Conditions have changed however, and whether it's due to dredging in the bay, changed weather patterns, or rose coloured glasses, it's a fairly rare thing to see it break these days. This morning it was on though and a swag of local lads got their fill. All photos by Ben Degnan.

The Italian Connection

The Gold Coast has never known such style! Earlier in the week Italian surfer and photographer, Marco Delledonne, and his amico, Paolo D'Angelo, headed out to Duranbah for a surf.

A Celebration of the Female Form

Stu Nettle
Why aren't women performing as well as men in the surf?

Occy to Appear on Dancing With The Stars

Stu Nettle
With sawn-off legs creating a low centre of gravity he was like the punching clown you couldn't knock over.

Occy's Loyalty Divided at Jim Beam Surftag

Stu Nettle
We'll all be friends once we get back to the beach...I hope.

Occy's Wardrobe: Part 1 in a very long series

Stu Nettle
No company went brighter than Billabong in the mid-to-late 80's

Occy in the Archibald

Stu Nettle
I don't really see Occy as owned by a multi-national corporation