The Rearview Mirror

Three fins before the Thruster

Stu Nettle

Think Simon was the first surfer to stick three fins on a board? Swellnet goes in search of Thruster pre-history.

Forty years since man-on-man surfing was launched at the Stubbies

Stu Nettle

"It was the breakthrough pro surfing needed, and it was so good we're still using the same system today." - Andy McKinnon

Nev Hyman on three fins before the Thruster

Stu Nettle

" It might seem simple in hindsight but a quantum leap needs to happen before people realise that three fins are better than two." - Nev Hyman

MC Boards rail against Pauline Hanson

Stu Nettle

Twenty years ago a scowling surfboard shaper waved his stick at a horrible ginger politician. Are we tripping yet? Are we still...?

Life's A Beach: How to cash in on a subculture

Stu Nettle

They made Bad Boy clothing, splashed it all over Johnny Boy Gomes' arse, then found their natural home in UFC fighting. Life's A Beach clothing company made an art of cashing in.

Looking back at Nev Future Shapes

Stu Nettle

Between a cottage operation and world domination, Nev Hyman ran his forward thinking board business.

A short history of Headworx

Stu Nettle

"Rip Curl did it later with a much bigger budget, but in a way Headworx started the Search thing," says Murray Bourton about his pioneering surf brand.

The art of Gash

Stu Nettle

"Like communist propaganda posters, the Gash colour palette was simple with large swathes of black and red. Lots of red. Much of it dripping."

Revist the Gash Surfboard ads of the early-90s.

That time MP went windsurfing at Currumbin

Stu Nettle

It's a little known fact that MP, the greatest surfer of his generation, was a keen windsurfer. By all reports he was equally gifted with a mast and boom, though it's hard to say because very few photos exist of MP windsurfing. In fact, these may be the only ones.

Tom Curren x Greg Webber

Stu Nettle

A Greg Webber experiment is picked up by Tom Curren and mysteriously ends up in South Africa. Twenty years later the ideas are being resurrected.

Board Bazaar - September 2015

Stu Nettle

A Brewer that couldn't be given away, a KFC coolite, and a seizure-inducing McCoy Lazor Zap.

All these and more in this month's Board Bazaar.

Board Bazaar - August 2015

Stu Nettle

A tip top original Hot Buttered Drifta, classic Insight banana board, and an isometrical stringer....wot?

Welcome to this month's Board Bazaar.