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1-2ft (Waist High)
NW 8kt
1.8 m @ 5.8s W (264°)
1.0 m @ 7.7s SW (234°)
0.3 m @ 10.3s E (85°)
First light: 6:51am Sunrise:7:19am Sunset:5:09pm Last light:5:38pm
Current: 6.3 (6:40am) Min: 7°C - Max: 16°C

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Lakes Entrance

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Surfers tow dead whale out to sea to protect Angourie from Great White Sharks

Gemma Sapwell

Surfers have used a boat's anchor to drag a "monster" dead whale 50 metres out to sea to protect Angourie from great white sharks feeding on its carcass.

Watch: The Difference Between Oceans, Seas and Billabongs | Did You Know?

Ben Matson

We all know Australia is “girt by sea” … but if you want to be precise, it’s actually more girt by oceans.

Steph Gilmore win J'Bay, takes ratings lead

"I don't know why I never came here until now!" - Steph Gilmore

WSL to relaunch air shows, dates announced

Stu Nettle

An old idea refloated.

Watch: Season Collective

Stu Nettle

Follow Damo Hobgood and Mick Corbett through tasty Salina Cruz to top heavy Right and bluebird beachies in southwest WA.

The science of flex with Professor Marc in het Panhuis

Stu Nettle

Introducing a machine that measures flex, foam that can't break, and the amazing promise of gradient materials.

The road to Firewire and beyond

Nev Hyman

The search for flex (and creative control) leads to the birth of surfing's most innovative board company.

Watch: Toloka

Stu Nettle

The Forgotten Island of Toloka.

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