Watch: Wunderkind // The Filipe Toledo profile

Stu Nettle
Swellnet Dispatch

Filipe Toledo is the new Mr J'Bay. It's a scenario more unlikely than a Trump presidency, but with back-to-back wins, yet another one man highlight reel, and gushing praise from a previous Mr J'Bay ("He's surfing as good as a human can," said Shaun Tomson), there can be no dispute. The 'beachbreak specialist' is the king at the king of all pointbreaks.

If you wanna dig into his history, check this eight minute clip from the WSL. It's one of the better ones they've produced, and shows Filipe as a "ferocious surfing warrior" but also a fella well aware of his heavy water shortcomings ("It's a big problem for me").

If he's to carry the yellow jersey to the end of the year he'll have to overcome this deficiency. Succeed or fail it'll be great theatre.


velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno commented Friday, 6 Jul 2018 at 2:01pm

Sensational speed and ability.

He sounds like he has a wonderful family, and having children young means a lot of joy and energy for him in his 20s and 30s as he's in his prime and able to keep up with them!

For the surfing world, it means when Felipe has Kelly-like elder status in his early 40's, there will be more Toledos entering their early 20's. Think about that for a minute.

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JosephStalin's picture
JosephStalin commented Sunday, 8 Jul 2018 at 12:24pm

I like my Brazillians like my Croation soccer teams transported Siberia GULAG

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