Friday morning the pick of the period at swell magnets

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 9th December)

Best Days: Friday morning in the South West, Wednesday morning in the South West


A new SW groundswell showed across the coast yesterday but it came in a little undercooked with 5ft sets in the South West and no decent size around Perth or Mandurah, along with less than ideal winds.

This morning cleaner conditions were seen on the backside of the event, with 3-4ft sets in the South West and workable waves for keen surfers.

This week and weekend (Dec 10 - 13)

A further drop in surf is due tomorrow with offshore winds across Perth, and SE breezes around Margs early, tending more S/SE through the morning.

A small kick in SW swell from a relatively weak front due for Friday is still on track, and so are the favourable winds.

This swell won't really impact Perth with tiny 1ft sets due, while Margs should see 4-5ft sets under morning offshore E/SE tending E/NE winds and afternoon sea breezes.

The swell is expected to ease into the afternoon and further Saturday morning from 3ft+ but with average S'ly tending SW winds. Therefore make the most of Friday morning at swell magnets in the South West.

Onshore winds and small weak levels of swell are due Sunday, while a new small W/SW swell is due to fill in Monday but to no major size. Maybe 3ft around Margs and 1ft in Perth through the afternoon but with S'ly tending SW breezes again.

Longer term there's still nothing too significant on the cards besides small to moderate pulses of SW swell from weak frontal activity through the Indian Ocean. Winds should improve into Tuesday and Wednesday, swinging offshore and the most size is expected Wednesday morning to 3-4ft across the Margaret River region.

More on this Friday.