A few option this week before a large pulse on the weekend

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West Australian Surf Forecast by Guy Dixon (issued Monday 24th August)

Best Days: Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, Thursday, Friday, hopefully Saturday morning.


Saturday morning a solid pulse fill in across the South West with the surf coming above the forecast size. We had 6ft+ peaks that looked close to 6-8ft at times under a tricky south/southeasterly breeze. The protected locations were offering the best surf, while the more exposed locations, although bigger were affected by the wind. 

Sunday saw the swell ease back to the 3-5ft mark but was a lot cleaner under a light east/southeasterly breeze. There were fun options right along the coast of the South West, despite lacking a little in the size department.

As for the Metro beaches, winds were light northeasterly on Saturday morning and allowed for fun 2ft peaks at Perth, slightly bigger at Mandurah. The surf faded back to the 1ft mark with occasional 2ft sets on Sunday while light east/southeasterly winds kept conditions all lined up.

This week (Monday 24th - Friday 28th):

Conditions are immaculate this afternoon right along the coast from Perth to the South West under a light offshore flow. The surf isn’t huge, but there are really enticing 3-4ft peaks on offer across the South West and 1-2ft peaks at the Metropolitan beaches.

We have been tracking a pair of fronts moving across the Indian Ocean in the past few forecasts that are looking promising for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday is looking to see the surf kick to an inconsistent 6ft with the occasional 8ft set. Wednesday’s pulse is looking equally as strong now, so we should see surf of a similar size holding throughout morning, easing slowly during the afternoon. Metro beaches are only looking at 2ft sets as the swell direction is a bit too acute to provide more action.

Regarding winds, the best windows of opportunity fall on Tuesday and Wednesday morning under light/moderate northeasterly breezes (likely east/northeast for periods), tending northerly and easing late each day. Metro beaches will see a very similar air flow pattern, although generally lighter.

The surf will fade throughout Thursday, easing back to around 5-6ft across the South West and 1ft for Perth and Mandurah. Winds are looking good right along the coast however, light east/northeast for the best part of the morning and early afternoon, tending light northerly late in the day.

A fresh pulse off a low latitude frontal progression is looking to fill in on Friday morning bumping the size up to around 6ft+ for the South West, while the Metro beaches aren’t expecting much off it.

Winds will be light south/southeasterly and workable in the morning for the South West tending southerly but remaining relatively light  and easy enough to find protection if need be in the afternoon. Metro beaches will be light easterly in the morning, tending light onshore, but not strong enough to be of any significance.

This weekend (Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th):

There is still some serious size on the cards for the weekend, with winds being the only limiting factor (as per usual for this season). We have been mentioning a large and strong front moving across the Heard Island region in the past few forecasts with a healthy sized fetch of 50-55kt winds. As this system moves east of Heard Island, it is likely to divide and create two distinct fetches and two pulses as a result (moving in quick succession).

Saturday is looking at building steadily throughout the day, reaching the 8-10ft range late, with a few rogue 12ft sets on dark across the South West.

A second pulse will move through overnight providing Sunday morning with surf of a similar size, easing slowly throughout the day.

Luck is not on our side this season in terms of wind when the large swells arrive. The latest model run shows a window of light winds on Saturday morning. Despite being north/northwesterly, this is likely to be the best and only opportunity for a wave of the entire swell event. Otheriwse, the remainder weekend is likely to be plagued by strengthening northwesterly winds ahead of a front in the afternoon, swinging west/southwesterly and strengthening further throughout Sunday.

Metro beaches will have less luck with winds with light/moderate north/northeasterly breezes on Saturday morning and no real options on Sunday. As for size, they are most likely on set to pick up 2-3ft of groundswell, however the strong onshore breezes will add a short range swell into the mix.

Next week (Monday 31st onward):

Monday is set to see the surf hold in the 8-10ft range across the South West with a short range west swell of the back of a more local front. The surf will have short period and low quality across the South West, however due to the swell direction, Perth and Mandurah will see a kick to around 3ft+.

The details are pretty much irrelevant as strong southwesterly flow will be dominating the entire coast all day and there will be virtually no options for a wave.


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Craig Tuesday, 25 Aug 2015 at 1:14pm

Thumping sets..