Onshores continue ahead of an improving weekend

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 19th Aug)

Best Days: Saturday afternoon protected spots in the South West, morning around Perth, Sunday and Monday all coasts, Tuesday morning protected spots from the north wind


Nothing to really talk about with small swells with onshore winds persisting across all regions.

This week and weekend (Aug 20 -23)

There's no real change to this week with onshores due to continuye through tomorrow from the SW and then kick in back from the W/NW Friday.

An increase in W/SW windswell from a cut-off low pushing into and across us this evening is due tomorrow across most coasts, to 2ft+ in Perth with junky 3-4ft waves across the South West.

The secondary cut-off has now changed its dynamics with the fetch around it not being as well aimed for the South West and more towards Perth. This system will push across us Friday and with this we should a late kick in W/SW windswell again across Perth, but the South West won't see any real size till Saturday to 4-5ft or so.

As the low moves across the South West region later Friday we may see winds tend variable creating workable conditions for super keen surfers. The swell will be weak and average though.

Saturday afternoon's long-range and very inconsistent SW groundswell is still on track but winds will limit options. A strong S/SE breeze is due across most locations, with the mix of windswell and groundswell building to an infrequent 6ft+ in the South West while Perth should see easing 2-3ft of mostly windswell.

Into Sunday all swells will ease much better E/SE winds, best around the Margaret River region.

Next Monday onwards (Aug 24 onwards)

Offshore winds are due to continue into Monday with a small reinforcing SW groundswell only to 3-5ft or so across the South West with no real size in Perth.

Our better and larger groundswell pulses from Tuesday afternoon have unfortunately been downgraded. The polar frontal progression generating the first pulse is now due to be weaker and less consolidated resulting in only a slight kick in size Tuesday afternoon and then better pulse Wednesday to 6-8ft in the South West and 2ft in Perth.

Winds are looking a little dicey as well with a fresh NE tending N/NE breeze, limiting surfing options.

The swell will ease as winds continue to strengthen from the N/NE due to a deepening low off the coast.

Longer term nothing another long-range SW groundswell is due into the weekend but again in the 6-8ft range. More on this Friday though.