Onshores continue, Sunday pick of the period

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 22nd July)

Best Days: Friday morning Perth, Saturday morning Perth, Sunday both coasts, Monday through Tuesday in the South West


Lots of swell yesterday with poor onshore winds in the South West, and lighter, workable winds around Mandurah and Perth.

Today the swell was on the ease as onshore winds continued in the South West, while Perth and Mandurah saw better morning winds with 2ft sets.

This week (Jul 23 – Jul 24)

Poor surf is again expected across the South West tomorrow with a front bringing a fresh to strong S/SW change, and a late increase in S/SW groundswell.

These onshores will also be in across Mandurah and Perth, so tomorrow's worth giving a big miss.

The groundswell from the frontal system should peak overnight in the South West, and ease Friday from 6ft+ across exposed spots, 2ft in Perth and building late across the North West to 3-5ft.

Winds will persist from the S/SW across the South West, while Perth should see offshore E'ly breezes.

This weekend onwards (Jul 25 onwards)

The weekend's S/SW groundswell pulse is looking a lot better now, with a strong polar front generating the swell due to be backed up by a secondary system pushing closer and just under the state Friday evening.

A good couple of S/SW groundswell pulses are due, the first building strongly Saturday afternoon with a secondary pulse for Sunday morning.

Margs should build to 6ft+ later in the day Saturday with 1-2ft waves in Perth, with Sunday easing from 6ft+ and 2ft respectively.

Winds will finally improve over the weekend across the South West, with S/SW tending S/SE breezes Saturday and then E/NE tending variable winds Sunday. Offshore each morning around Perth.

Into next week the weekend's swell is expected to continue to ease under E/NE-NE winds.

A moderate to possibly large SW groundswell is due Wednesday from a vigorous polar low firing up in the Heard Island region, but this may be with strong and unfavourable N/NE winds. We'll have a closer look at this Friday but.