Poor winds and decent swell to end the week, better next week

Craig Brokensha picture
Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 10th June)

Best Days: Friday/Saturday morning/Sunday morning protected spots in the South West, Tuesday and Wednesday all coasts


Pumping waves across most locations yesterday (if you could escape the strong offshores in the South West) with a mix of easing and new reinforcing SW groundswells. Today the swell has dropped away with clean conditions continuing across all locations.

This week and weekend (Jun 11 - 14)

There's been no real change to the W/SW groundswell due across the state into tomorrow afternoon, peaking Friday morning, generated by a cut-off low in the Indian Ocean earlier this week.

The South West should peak at an inconsistent 5-6ft+ Friday morning with 2ft+ waves in Perth and 4-5ft sets in the North West.

Winds will unfortunately be poor as the swell builds tomorrow with a fresh to strong N/NE tending N/NW breeze and then Friday will see a S/SW change push into the South West around dawn, tending more S/SE through the day/afternoon.

Perth may see an early variable breeze, but more than likely a light SW tending fresh S/SW breeze.

Saturday will see the W/SW groundswell easing with average S/SE winds across most locations.

A small kick in SW groundswell is due through Sunday across the South West to 4-5ft or so, with 1ft waves in Perth and winds will improve slightly, swinging more SE. This will only favour protected locations though.

Next week onwards (Jun 15 onwards)

One good and inconsistent pulse of SW groundswell is due to build through Tuesday and ease through Wednesday across the state, generated in the west and then south of the Heard Island region over the coming days. A couple of broad fetches of W/SW gales will be generated through our medium range swell window, with the South West expected to offer inconsistent 5-6ft+ sets Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning with 2ft sets in Perth and 3-5ft waves up in the North West more so Wednesday.

Winds are a little hard to pin down at the moment with a funky cut-off low forecast to develop to our west early next week. We should see an infeed of E'ly offshores Tuesday, that may swing more NE Wednesday, but we'll review this on Friday.

Beyond this the cut-off low will block our main swell window with a slower period of waves due into the end of the week.