Strong but inconsistent SW swell to end the week

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Tuesday 7th July)

Best Days: Wednesay exposed spots, Thursday onwards

This week and weekend (Jul 8 – Jul 12)

Exposed spots have been best, with a small increase in inconsistent S/SW groundswell the last few days, easing back through today and further tomorrow.

The trades are due to weaken further into tomorrow and remain light into Thursday and Friday before strengthening again through the weekend.

Our inconsistent but strong SW groundswell is still on track for Thursday and Friday but the size has been downgraded just a touch. There are actually two pulses of groundswell, generated by a couple of vigorous polar fronts pushing through the Indian Ocean late last week and into the weekend.

The first and least consistent pulse is due to build through Thursday, building to 6-8ft+ across exposed breaks during the afternoon/evening, and holding a similar size into Friday morning. A drop in size is then due into the afternoon and further Saturday from 6ft+, with a reinforcing S/SW groundswell slowing this trend into the afternoon before easing further from 4-5ft+ Sunday morning.

Next week onwards (Jul 13 onwards)

Into next week there's nothing too major on the cards besides small to moderate pulses of S/SW groundswell from background frontal activity in the southern Indian Ocean.

Some stronger but unfavourably aligned polar activity should generate some good but inconsistent S/SW groundswell for next weekend. We'll have a closer look at this on Thursday though.

16 day Bali Forecast Graph
16 day East Java Forecast Graph
16 day Sumbawa Forecast Graph


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mick-free's picture
mick-free Thursday, 9 Jul 2015 at 11:11am

Still nothing here yet......maybe running late

Craig's picture
Craig's picture
Craig Thursday, 9 Jul 2015 at 11:13am

Should be seeing something by midday, give it a few hours.

mick-free's picture
mick-free's picture
mick-free Thursday, 9 Jul 2015 at 11:25am

perfect conditions at the wind and a little volcano bubbling away