Kane Brown

Kane Brown
Wave of the Day: Sunshine Coast dreaming
Kane Brown
Wave of the Day: Another way to a happy Monday

Further Than The Sun

It's been a couple of weeks since Cyclone Sandra served up her joyous bounty. Spinning slowly in the Coral Sea the main beneficiaries of Sandra were surfers north of the Queensland border - we've all seen the photos of Kirra and Noosa.

In an effort to escape the crowds Kane Brown and his mates headed further north beyond the Sunshine Coast. Their effort was well-rewarded.

All photos by Kane Brown / Liquid Movement.

Sunshine Coast

I know there's been waves, you know there's been waves, everyone on the East Coast knows there's been waves so I won't bore you with scene setting or any written carry on. This session was sent in from Kane Brown of Liquid Movement fame and was taken on Saturday just after the wind swung westerly. Fella in the box seat is Ziggy Alberts.

All photos by Kane. Check Liquid Movement.